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SAeOeM IS sAli 




'SAe'beAl If jAtt j» ^t 


SURNAMES ^ ^ ^ ^ 

Ctiix) A "06 

bAite AtA CtiAt: 

m. 11. triAC All Soill 1 A TtiAC 





KJ vj 


— o 



§ 2 

§ 3 

§ 4 

§ 5 

§ -i 

—Native Names 

—Classification of Irish Names 
—foreign names in ireland 

— cognomina 

—interchange of names 
—declension of names 


§ I.— GA]- Lie SURNAMES 






§ 7.— e^URNAMFS 01" FEMALF.S 

§ 8.— surnames in tiif spoken language 
§ 9.— Interchange of Surnames 
;§ 10.— Anglicisation of surnames 

.. V 







.. 15 

.. 17 

.. ^ .. 

. . 21 


.. 23 

.. 24. 

.. 27 

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explanatory note 40 

Names of Men . . .42 

Names OF WOMEN 47 

surnames 50 

c s 


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New Edition (EngHsh- Irish) of " Stomnce 5'''^^''^^^^ ^T 
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The transfer of the Post Offtce and other public 
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But apart from its utility in the public services, which 
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My thanks are due to my friend, Utpce^nx) "po^i^-OA, 
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occasions, in reading the proofs. 

p^'ORAIS T)e t)lltt) 
Kilmallock, May 26th, 1922. 

stomnce sAer)eAt is sAtt 



By Rev. P. Woulfe 


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New Edition, Paper, 2/6 net, by post 2/8 
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§ I — Native Names 

The Ancient Irish, like the Greeks and Hebrews, were 
called by only one name, as Aonguf, T)iAtvmAi'o, "Oorh- 
riAit, &c. ; but, for the sake of distinction, a cognomen 
derived from some personal peculiarity, or a patronymic 
formed by prefixing rriAc to the genitive case of the 
father's name, or 6 to that of the grandfather, was 
sometimes added. Surnames in the modern sense 
were unknown in Ireland before the tenth century. 

This usage necessitated a large number of names and 
led to the formation of a very varied and interesting 
Gaelic personal nomenclature. The Annals of the Four 
Masters alone contain nearly two thousand names, 
and perhaps as many more might be collected from 
genealogical books and other sources. 

Some of these names, no doubt, lived only for a short 
time and have long since entirely disappeared ; but we 
have names, like Act), AfvC, CiAn, ConCoDAjA, T)iA|\niAiT), 
•Ooitin^lt, X)onn6Atf, GoCAit), 605-411, &c., which 
have been in uninterrupted use from the earliest period 
of which we have any record down to the present day ; 
while many others, though long obsolete as Christian 
names, are still preserved in our surnames. 

^ 2 — Classification of Irish Names 

Irish personal names may be divided according la 
lorm into several classes : 

1. The first and oldest class consists of names lormed 
by the union of two independent elements or themes,* 
both nouns and generally monosyllables, as : 

Aon-gup t (one-choice). mAon-5<NL (gift-valour), 

blAc-riiAC (blossom-son). iTlu5-p6n (slave-seal) 

DpAn-5At (raven-valour), niuiii-seAp (sea-choice), 

CAic-n»A (battle- hero), mxip-CA-o (sea- warrior), 

Cac-aI (battle- ruler), fnu]A-5AL (sea-valour), 

PaoI-ca-6 (wolf- warrior), niAll-sup (champion-choice), 
plAic-seAp (dominion-choice), Cuac-aI (people-ruler), 

I eA]i-5vif (sea- choice), Cwac-saI (people-valour). 

2. The second class comprises names formed by the 
union of two nouns, the first of which governs the 
^econd in the genitive case, as ; 

Cu-CACA (hound of battle), 

Cu-niApA (hound of the sea). 

"OonnpLeiOo (Brown- inan+ of the mountain). 

"Oub eAnuiA (Black-man of eAiiiAin). 

"Oub-j'ice (Black-man of peace), 

mAol-AnpAi-6 (chief of the storm). 

The second noun sometimes takes the article, as . 

Cu-An-At)nAi5 (hound of the fair). 
510IIA HA ilAOtii (servant of the saints) 

A large number of names of this class are compounds 
of TTlAot. or 5»c)tLA, and the name of God or a saint, as : 

mAolbpisTjo (servant of St. Brigid), 
mAolpATjpAis (servant of St. Patrick). 
gtollA Cjti'opc (servant of Christ) 
SiotlA "Oe (servant of God). 

*Such names are termed dithematic The first element I^ 
called the prototheme, the second the deuterotheme Some 
themes are exclusively protothemes, others exclusively deutero- 
themes; while others canbe either protothemes or deuterothemesw 
Names containing only one element are termed monothematic. 

t In order to show more clearly the composition of the names, 
the themes are separated by a hyphen, 

tOr Lord of the mountain. 

Ceite was used in the same way, as : 

Ceile Cpiofc (spouse of Christ), 
Ceile poA-OAitA (spouse of Peter). 

T)ut> is frequently compounded with a word, or place- 
name, preceded by the numeral "oa, two, as : 

*Out)--OA-li)OiiteAnn (Black of the two Burrens), 
•Otib-'OA-c|iioc (Black of the two territories), 
X>vjb--OA-inbeAp (Black of the two river mouths), 
•Oub--OA-leice (Black of the two sides, or halves), 

pe^p was similarly used, as : 

■peA]t--oA-c|iioc (man of the two territories), 

Cu, a hound, and figuratively a warrior or chieftain^ 
enters largely into the composition of names of this 

3. The third class, which comprises only a few 
names, consists of names formed from two nouns 
connected by a conjunctive particle, as : 

Cij-5An-TTJACAitt (motherless hound), 
•OAl-|ie--oocAip (difi&cult division). 
■peAji-5An-Ainm (nameless). 

4. The fourth class, which is very numerous, com- 
prises names formed by the union of a noun and a 
qualifying adjective, as : 

^|fO-5Al (high valour), X)xib-cij (black hound), 

CiA|t-mAC (black son), "Oub-siollA (black lad), 

*Oonn-ceAr«n (brown head), pOTin-bA|t|t (fair head), 

*Ou5-ceAnn (black head), -plAnn-CAX) (ruddy wa.rrior)» 

Or the adjective may follow the noun, as : 
t>Aift^-fMonn (fair head), Cu-T)ub (black hound), 

"bitAn'-oub (black raven), giollA-'oub (black lad), 

CeAnn-x>ub (black head), mAol-CAOin (gentle cnief). 

5. The fifth class comprises " pet" names,* or 

shortened forms of the dithematic names already 

described, as : 

t)Aiiipe, t^Aijie, t)A|if»A for t)Ai|t]ipior»n or "pionnbA^tft : 
pionriA, "ptonnu, "ptnniA for "pionnbAjtit, or some other 
name commencing with pionn-. 

* Ordinary "pet " names are : Pat and Paddy for Patrick, 
Tom and Tommy for Thomas, Will and Willie for William, 

Sometimes no trace of the second element remams, 
and the " pet" name is then undistinguishable from a 
monothematic name (next class below). Thus, for 
instance, Aott may be a shortened form of Ae-OJein, 
Aot)$Ai, or AcOtuj;, or it may be a monothematic 
name and originally bestowed directly. Besides, the 
" pet" name may be either the prototheme or the 
deuterotheme. t)|\An, for instance, may be short for 
t)iAAn<iij or "bfXAn^At, or for Af\ct^iAAn or pAotb^AATi or 
T1i<Aiit)|\-An ; or it may be a monothematic name. " Pet " 
names are usually found with a diminutive termina- 
tion, especially -An. (See be^ow, Class 8). 

6. The sixth class consists of monothematic names, 
that is, names which contain only a single element and 
at the same time are not reduced forms of dithematic 
names, as : 

"bpeAC (speckled, spotted), gtiAine (noble, generous), 

"bitoc (a badger), ReAnti (a spear), 

Ca-oIa (fair, beautiful), SeA^^^Ac (a foal, flighty), 

CAom (gentle, loveable), Sio-oa (silk, silken), 

Colm (a dove), CeirheAn (dark, grey). 

7. The seventh class comprises derivatives, that is, 
names formed from other names, and from nouns and 
adjectives, by the aid of prefixes and suffixes, as : 
Prefixes : Ain-eiflif Suf&xes : Cac-ac 

Am-jein X)ijnAT)-AC, 

Ain-rhi|ie, "blofC-AX), 

Aic-jein, l/Afeii-AiT)*, 

Ap-JAl, *OotAC-Ai-6e, 

An-ltiAr», Scol-Aige, 

Corh-5An, l,A05-Aiiie, 

eoTh-5All, Ciaii--6a, 

*OiO-CTI, *Otlb-T)A, 

•OlO-TTJAfAC, t)ttt«A1X)-eA"6, 

*Oo-CA]icAC, Rim-eATD, 

615-ceAttcAC, 5lAif-Tie, 

eo-5An, Coin-neAC, 

"PAiit-ceAllAC, CriAim-feAC, 

Rd-bA^CAC, Colp-CA, 


S«-it)ne, Ctioig-teAC. 

♦When the suffix is added to a dissyllabic name or word, 
contraction usually takes place. 

8. The eighth class consists of diminutives. These 
are formed by the addition of the following termina- 
tions, viz. : -An* ( eAn), -x^^Anf (-eAsAn), -ein, -in, and 
-o5(-e05), as : 









The same root word, or " pet" or mono! hematic 
name, has often several diminutive forms. Thus many 
have diminutives in -A-n and -AgAn, as : 







"bf AnAgAn, 
tliAllASAn ; 

some in 

-Sn and 

-in as : 



Cf onAn, 
5lAf An, 

Cf oinin, 
Oifin ; 

and a 

few in 


and -05 as : 




tnocol 11165. 

A large number have three forms of diminutive, 
viz. : in -^n, -In, and --AgAn, as : 




CiAf in, 


ClAf AJAn, 

0-6fA5An ; 

*-An had originally the force of a patronymic, like the 
Greek -ides, and meant " son of." 

■'■ -A5An is a double diminutive from -65 and -An. 

jMany of these diminutives are " pet" names. Thus 
Ar.cATDAn (little storm) is best explained as a pet diminutive of 
niAolAnfAitt (chief of the storm) ; gAOicin of mAolj;AOite 
(chief of the wind) ; Sleibin of "Oonnfleibe (Lord of the moun- 
tain) ; Co5AT)An of Cu co5ai-6 (hound of war) ; tlAOiriAn (little 
saint) of 510IIA riA ii<^om (servant of the saints). 

also in -An, -65, and -A^An, as : 

-Ao-d, -Ao^Ati, mAOT)65,* Ao'6A5An, 

Sojim, 5o]^TnAn, 5or"i05. BottmAsAn ; 

and in -An, -in. and -65, as : 

CAtttiA, eAttriAn, eijinin, meAfinos. 

There is also a diminutive form in -n^c (modern 
-n-Aic) used in the names of females and corresponding 
to -An in names of males. 

Examples : 

Male, Female. 

-Ao-oAn, Aox)nAC, 

CiAtiAti, CiArtriAc, 

X)AniATi, "OAninAC, 

5obAT», gobnAc, 

0-6]tAn, O-OApriAC, 

OfATI, OfnAC, 

■R-onATi, TlonnAC. 

Some names take the article, as : An CaIIdac, An 
CofnAfhAC, An X)u^Ai,zA6, -An 'peA|\'oot\CA, An 5^0^^^ 
•out), &c. 

§ 3 — Foreign Names in Ireland 

Probably all the names in use in Ireland before the 
fifth century were of Gaelic, or at least Celtic, origin ; 
but from thai period onwards foreign names have been 
borrowed from time to time from the various nations 
with which Ireland was brought into contact, directly 
or indirectly, in the course of her history. 

A number of names of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew 
origin came in with Christianity. They were almost 
exclusively Biblical names and the Greek and Latin 

*The names of saints are sometimes preceded by mo, my, a 
term of endearment, and at the same time take the diminu- 
tive termination -65 as : mocAonios moceAllos, mocolm- 
65. When the name begins with a vowel, the o ot mo 
is elided and the tn incorporated with the name, as tiiAO-ods, 
ft)e, &c. 

names of saints ; but, strange to say, they were not 
adopted, to any considerable extent, as Christian 
names by our Gaelic ancestors. The few instances of 
their use recorded in the Annals and elsewhere show 
that they were, for the most part, borne only by monks 
and ecclesiastics, who had, we may not doubt, taken 
them at their monastic profession or ordination. 

Adam must have been in use and, in its diminutive form, 
Adamnan, was borne by the celebrated Abbot of lona. 
Abel was somewhat of a favourite, and we have several 
instances of its use in the Annals. Noe gave name to 
two Irish saints. Joseph occurs once, as do Aaron 
and David. Of the names of the prophets, Daniel 
is of rather frequent occurrence ; and we had also 
Abdias and Habacuc* 

New Testament names are represented by John, for 
John the Baptist, always a favourite baptismal name 
among Chiistian nations, and an occasional Philip 
and Thomas. Of saintly names, we had Augustine, 
Dohat, Hilary, Januarius. Liber, Martin, Natal, &c., 
all exceedingly rare. 

John (C6inj is apparently the only one of all these 
names that attained permanency. Patrick, the name 
of the national apostle, came into general use only at 
a comparatively late period, and its adoption ev^en 
then was due to Danish and English influence. It 
is only in the thirteenth century that we first find 
it in use among Irishmen. Michael, another name 
of the same class, which now bids fair to rival in 
popularity the name of the national saint, was until 
a few centuries ago extremely rare in Ireland. Mary, 
the name of the Blessed Vn'gin, was not used at all 
until long after the Anglo-Noiman invasion. Martha 
occurs once, in the eighth century, as the name of an 
Abbess of Kildare. 

*See Annals of the Four IMasters at the year 539 where a 
strange story is told of an Irishman of this name, which is 
scarcely surpassed by the adventure of his Hebrew namesake, 
•as ] elated in Daniel, XIV., 32 ct seqq. 


Strange as it may appear, it was the very reverence 
in which these names were held that prevented their 
more widespread adoption, our ancestors preferring to 
be known as the servants, rather than the namesakes, 
of the saintly men and women who bore them. Hence, 
instead of directly adopting the name of the saint, 
they formed from it a new name by prefixing to it the 
word rriAot* or ^loUAf signifying servant or devotee, 
and names so formed were common in Ireland — those 
formed with mAoi fiom early Chr'stian times. The 
following is a list of such names: J 

rriAol t)eAn6in (servant of Benignus), 
rriAol Com (servant of John), 
rriAol 1ofA (servant of Jesus), 
triAol ;gitAic (servant of Cyriacus), 
rriAol 11lA]icAin (servant of Martin), 
rriAol itlicil (servant of Michael), 
rtlAol n*lui|io (servant of Mary), 
iriAol ■pAX)|iAi5 (servant of Patrick), 
niAol peA-OAip (servant of Peter), 
iriAol l^oil (servant of Paul), 
niAol ScAclAinn (servant of Secundinus), 
510IIA A-oAtiiTiAtn (servant of Adamnan), 
J^ioIIa e6in (servant of John), 
510IIA lof A (servant of Jesus), 
J^ioIAa SceApAin (servant of Stephen), 
51 oil A lilA|icAiTi (servant of Martin) 
510IIA illicit (servant of Michael), 
510IIA n"Uii]^o (servant of Mary), 
^ioIIa l!)A-o]iAt5 (servant of Patrick), 
510IIA peAX)AiiA (servant of Peter), 
j;ioIIa p6il (servant of Paul), 
510IIA SeAclAitin (servant of Secundinus), 

♦niAol originally meant bald, hence tonsured, and when pre- 
fixed to the name of a saint, the tonsured servant or devotee 
of that saint. It is now confused with the old word ttiaI 

(Old Celtic maglos), a chief, and consequently has sometimes 
also that meaning, as in niAolAnpAix), chief of the storm, 
triAolcAoin, gentle chief &c. 

t 510IIA is probably derived from the Norse " gisl," a pledge 
or hostage. It only became common during the Danish period 
when it was largely used by the Northmen, on their conver- 
sion to Christianity, to form Christian names. In this connec- 
tion it signifies servant or devotee. At other times it has 

Many of these scriptural and saintly names, and 
others of the same origin, were again introduced as a 
later period by the Normans, when they passed into 
more general use. Hence, names of this class have 
sometimes two forms in Irish, according to the date 
and channel of introduction, the older form being used 
exclusively for the saint, and the more modern one for 
ordinary individuals of the name. Examples: 

Older Form. 

Later Form. 









SeAn, Seon, 









mA1|^cin, &c 

The British missionaries who accompanied St. Patrick 
to Ireland, and the Saxon saints and students who 
frequented the Irish schools, have left us a few names; 
but probably the only one that still survives as a Chris- 
tian name is that of St. Beircheart (anglice Benjamin) 
of Tullylease. 

Owing to intermarriage, and other alliances of friend- 
ship, many Danish and Norse names passed into Irish 
families during the ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries, 
and some of them became very popular. A few still 
survive as Christian names, and they have left us 

to be translated youth, boy, lad, &c., as; 5iollA"oub, the black 
youth, SiollApuAX), the red-haired lad, 5'otLA tia tieAC, the 
horse-boy, &c. 

I In the case of names like the present, in which the second 
element is a proper name, the initial letter of the second 
part may be a capital, or it may be written small 
and the second part itself joined on to the first, as 510IIA 
pA-oitAis or 5iollApA-o|iAJ5, mAol tilui]ie or rriAolnitJitie. 
After 51 oil A it is better to separate the second part when 
it commences with a vowel, as 510IIA Io^'a, ^ioIIa lAfACCA. 
Similarly Cvt UIaxj, but genitive CoT»t>lA-6. 


several important surnames. The following are the 
principal names of this class : 

«A1iaIc Oifctn. 

"bjlUA-OAtl, Oiuitt, 

CAt^ltJf, UA^nAll, 

*Otib5All, TliiAi-6)ii, 

eATlflAC, TlUA'6|lAC, 

5otl1A1-6, SlOCfi'pAlX), 

loriiAii, SicfCAC, 

toclAinn, SoTriAiple, &c. 

In the same manner Norman and English names 
became current in Irish families during the thirteenth 
and subsequent centuries. These have now almost 
completely supplanted the old Gaelic names. 

The names borne by the Normans and by them 
introduced into Ireland were oi three kinds : (i) names 
of Scandinavian origin which their ancestors had 
carried with them to Normandy ; (2) names of Germanic 
origin which the Frankish conquerors had brought 
across the Rhine and which had ousted the old Celtic 
and Latin names from France ; and (3) Biblical names 
and Latin and Greek names of saints,, which the Normans 
began to adopt about the beginning of the ejeventh 

Together with these came in a few Celtic names from 
Brittany, a small number of Anglo-Saxon names, some 
Danish and Norse names from England, and one or 
two British or Welsh names. These were nearly all 
very rare and most of them soon died out. Of the 
Anglo-Saxon names, only two, Edmund and Edward, 
and these owing to special circumstances, survived. 
Alfred has be^n revived in recent times. 

At the period of the Invasion, Frankish names were 
by far the roost popular among the Normans, but 
Biblical and saintly names were coming rapidly into 
favour. The foUov/ing is a list, in order of frequency, 


of the more common names borne by the early Anglo- 
Norman invaders, the Biblical and saintly names of 
Latin and Greek origin being printed in italics : 

William, Robert, Richard, /o/m, Walter, Roger, 
Ralph, Adam, Hugh, Henry, Thomas^ Nicholas^ Gilbert, 
Geoffrey, Elias, Peter (Piers), Osbert, Reginald, Jordan, 
Simon, Alan, Stephen, Philip, David, Arnold, Alexander, 
Laurence, Baldwin, Herbert, Martin, Maurice, Godfrey, 
Andrew, Alfred, James, Samson, Turstein, Warin, 
Ailward, Daniel, Edward, Gregory, Bernard, Benedict, 
Hamon, Matthias, Michael, Gerard, Gervase, Lambert, 
Wilkin, Patrick, Edmund, Edwin, Hubert, Ivor, Joseph, 
Oliver, Mark. 

The following in alphabetical order were al) very 
rare : Abraham, Adelard, Ailmer, Antony, Augiistine, 
Brian, Clement, Constantine, Estmund, Eustace, Everard, 
Gocelin, Isaac, Leonard, Luke, Matthew, Miles, Milo, 
Odo, Osbern, Osmund, Pagan, Ponce, RanduJf, Redmund 
Rodulf, Silvester, Turold, Ulf, Vincent. 

The following names only came in, or at least became 
])opular, at a Jater period : Bartholomew, Christopher, 
Francis, Gerald, George, Paul, Roland, Theobald. 

Women's names among the Normans were all, or 
nearly all, of the Biblical or saintly class, as : 

Agnes, Alice, Amelina, Anastasia, Annabella, Cather- 
ine, Cecily, Christina, Dorothy, Egidia, Eleanor, Evelyn, 
Frances, Honora, Isabella, Johanna, Matilda, Margaret, 
Susanna. The name Mary does not seem to have 
come into use in Ireland before the end of the i6th 
century. Brigid only began to be used about the 
same period. 

The Anglo-Normans had several diminutive suffixes, 
viz. : -el, -et, -ot, (-at), -in, -on, ( -en), -oc, -uc, -kin, 
and -cock. These were generally added to the short- 
ened or " pet" form of the name, as : Martel, dim. of 
Martin ; Benet, dim. of Benedict ; Davet, dim. of 
David ; Adamot, dim. of Adam ; Milot, dim. of Miles ; 
Baldin, dim. of Baldwin ; Dobin, dim. of Dob (Robert) ; 


Baldon, dim .of Baldwin ; Gibbon, dim. of Gilbert ; 
Paton, dim. of Patrick ; Davoc, dim. of David ; Jonoc, 
dim. of John ; Mayoc, dim. of Matthew ; Aduc, dim. of 
Adam ; HobuG, dim. of Hob (Robert) ; Philbuc, dim. 
of Philip ; Robuc, dim. of Robert ; Tomuc, dim. of 
Thomas ; Adkin, dim. of Adam ; Bald kin, dim. of 
Baldwin ; Hobkin, dim. of Hob ; Hod^kin, dim. of 
Hodge, Roger ; Tomkin, dim. of Thomas ; Alcoc, dim. 
of Alan ; Simcoc, dim. of Simon, &c. 

Not infrequently we find a double diminutive suffix, 
as: — elin, -elet, -inet, -eJot, sometimes contracted 
to -lin, -let, -net, -lot, &c. Examples : — Gocelin, 
Hughelin, Hughelet, HugheJot, Haraeiin, Hamelet, 
Hamlet, Robinet, Robnet, Tomeiin,, &c. 

Religious motives have frequently led to the intro- 
duction of names of foreign saints. The Spanish 
name lago (James) was brought to Ireland in the thir- 
teenth or fourteenth century by pilgrims from the 
shrine of St. James at Compost ella, and other names 
of foreign saints, as Aloysius, Alphonsus, Dominic, 
Agatha, Monica, Teresa, &c., have been adopted from 
time to time from similar motives. In England, a 
large number of new names from Holy Scripture was 
introduced by the Puritans, and some of these have 
found their way into Ireland, 

It may be remarked that many foreign names found 
at present in Ireland are merely modern substitutes 
for Irish names which they are supposed to translate, 
but with which they have often little or no connection, 
as Cornelius for ConeoD-AtA, Denis for "OonrKiAt), Daniel 
for 'OorhtiAtt, Eneas for Aon^tif, Eugene for eo^An, 
Hugh for Acd, Humphrey for ArhtAoit!), Jeremiah and 
Jerome for "OiAiAmAi-o, Malachy for ITIagI SeAttAinn, 
Justin for SAe|Ai!)|AeAUAe, Mor imer for mui|\6eAfCA<::, 
Moses for inAO'665, Myles for ITlAolrhuijAe and ITlAot- 
m6\\'6A, Roger lor 1\\^A^t^\\L Terence for CoitvoeAibAC, 
Timothy for €^-65 and ComAtcAt, etc. Charles was 


an extremely rare name in Ireland until the early part 
of the 17th century when it began to be substituted 
in honour of Charles I., for several Irish names, such as 
CAtAl, CAtAoi|\, CopmAc, etc. Similarly, in the case 
of women's names, we have Abigail and Deborah for 
5obn-Aic, Agnes for TTlot^ and iLlriA, Dorothy for T)oitveAnn, 
Gertrude and Grace for 5f^"^^^5 Mabel for meAt)t), 
Penelope for pionnjuAlA, Sarah for Sojac-a and SAt)t!>, 
Winefred for tin a, etc. 


A cognomen, or epithet, was frequently added to a 
name to distinguish different individuals of the same 
name. These cognomina were of three kinds : — 

1. An adjective conveying personal description, 

as Co|\tn-AC Cay, 'OoriiriAll X)Sr\, 605^11 "RwAt). 

2. A substantive in -ac, denoting place of birth, 

residence, fosterage, etc.. Act) TTl u 1 trine A(i, 
'OorhriAlt CAorriAnAC, Com C^cAnAC. 

3. A noun in the geniiive case, usually with the 
-1/ article, signifying place of origin, residence, 

or some other connection, as "bjMxin ^n T)oii\e, 
UAt)5 ^n cfl^ibe, Conn r\A mbo-Cc. 

§ 5 — Interchange of Names 

A marked feature of our Irish name-system was the 
frequent interchange of names of the same or similar 
meaning. This was doubtless due to the fact that our 
ancestors paid attention to the meaning no less than 
to the form of their names. 


The following classes of names are to a greater or 
less extent interchangeable :— 

(i) Variants of the same name, as Ao-OAti and 
m^o-Oos, Colm^n and tnoCoimos, 1-oe and 

(2) A name and its diminutives, and the various 

diminutive forms among themselves, as : 
■pionntJAiAp and pionncAn, PaCati and peiem. 

(3) Names of the same signification, though differ- 

T^^l ^" ^^^^' ^^ ■ ^^^t^nno"" and pionnOAivix. 

(4) Different names used for the same individual, 

as : CAx^tAc and irioCu-OA. 

§ 6— Declension of Names 

The declension of names follows the ordinary rule-, 
for common nouns. The following points mav, how- 
ever, be noted : — 

1. Many names belong to more than one declension. 

2. A few names have in the course of time chan- ed 

their declension. ^ 

3. Names of the fifth declension which form their 

genitive case by adding 6 or n, generally drop 
these letters in the spoken language. 

4. Diminutives in -0^ are masculine and invariable. 

5. In the case of compound names, the part to be 

mfiected depends on the nature of the com- 
pound. Sometimes both parts are inflected, 
as CO -DUO, gen. Con-ouit:) ; sometimes "the 
second only, as -OubCu, gen. "Ourx^on. Whan 
the second part is already in the genitive case 
the first alone changes, as Cu WIa-o, gen. Con 
V\lAt>, ConulAt). 

6. The nominative case is sometimes used for the 

genitive, and vice versa. 
A perusal of the list of surnames will show the genitive 
form of most names. 


§ I — Gaelic Surnames 

Gaelic surnames comprise surnames of Irish, Scottish- 
Gaelic, and Manx origin. 

Irish surnames came into use gradually from about 
the middle of the tenth to the end of the thirteenth 
century, and were formed from the genitive case of 
the names of ancestors who flourished within that 
period, by prefixing (also written tl^) or m^c (some- 
times written TTIa^*), as : 

6 "bjiiAin, niAC Ao-OAgAin, 

hAOX)A, IDaC CA|ltA15, 

O neill, triAS Ui-oiti. 

literally signifies a grandson, and 1T1ac a son : but 
in the wider sense which they have acquired in surnames 
both now mean any male descendant. The only 
difference between a surname commencing with TTIac 
and one commencing with C is that the former was 
taken from the name of the father and the latter from 
that of the grandfather of the hrst person who bore 
the surname. TTlAe-surnames are, generally speaking, 
o+ later formation than 0-surnames. 

Surnames were frequently formed, not from the real 
name of the ancestor, but from some other designation, 
as rank, trade, occupation, etc., as : 

6 ^obAnn (descendant of the smith), 
6 hlcGA-OA (descendant of the healer), 
IUac All t)Ai]fo (son of the bard), 
niAC A-1 cSaoiii (son of the craftsman). 

The Gaels ot" Scotland belonged by race and language 
to the Irish nation, bore the same or similar personal 
names, and formed their surnames in the same manner 
as the Irish from the names or designations of their 

*rnA5 is used before vowels, the consonants C, 5, "t, tl, and 
R, and the aspirated consonants X), *0, f, til, &, and C, but 
not always even before these. 


ctncestors. Scottish-Gaelic surnames are, however, 
of much later date than Irish surnames. The instances 
of the use of are very rare.* 

The Manx language is closely allied to the Irish and 
Scottish-Gaelic. Manx surnames were formed in the 
same manner as Irish surnames, by prefixing TTIac. 
0, however, was not used. The modem spelling is 
very corrupt, niAc being generally represented by an 
initial C or K. 

The Danes and Norsemen who settled in Ireland in 
the ninth and tenth centuries took surnames after the 
Irish fashion, by prefixing O or TTIac to the genitive 
case of the namis of their ancestors; but the surnames 
so formed are in nowise distinguishable from the sur- 
names adopted about the same time by Irish families. 
What are called Danish surnames are merely surnames 
formed from a Danish eponym, which, however, owing 
to the interchange of names, was, at the period when 
surnames were formed, no longer a sure indication of 
nationality. The following are examples of this class 
oi surname : 

' 6 llAllAltc, in AC -AtTllAOllJ, 

bpUA-OAIH, triAC lOTTlAip, 

o *otib5Aill, rriAc Oiciji. 

Mai y Scottish and Manx surnames are of this hybrid 

♦Down to the eighteenth century, the Irish and the Scot- 
tish Gaels had a common literary language, though the spoicen 
tongues had diverged considerably. In that century Scottish 
Gaelic broke completely with the Irish and began a literary 
career of its own. The spelling of surnames in modern Scot- 
tish Gaelic is consequently somewhat difterent from what it 
would be in Irish. The Scottish surnames included in this 
book are given in the Irish spelling. 


§ 2 — Surnames of the Sean-Gaill 

The surnames brought into Ireland by the Anglo- 
Normans were of four kinds : — • 

1. Patronymic. 3. Occupative. 

2. Local. 4. Descriptive. 

I. The Norman patronymic was formed by prefixing 
Fitz (a corruption of the French " fils," Latin " filius"), 
denoting " son of," as Fitz-Gerald, Fitz-Gibbon, Fitz- 
Herbert, Fitz-Simon. The English added " -son," 
as Richardson, Williamson ; or merely the genitive 
suffix " -s," as Richards, Williams. Welsh patrony- 
mics were formed by prefixing " ap" or " ab," from 
older " Map," cognate with the Irish m^c, which, when 
it came before a name beginning with a vowel or h, 
was in many instances incorporated with it, as Ab 
Evan, now Bevan ; Ab Owen, now Bowen ; Ap Howel, 
now Howell and Powell. 

English surnames in " -s" and " -son," and Welsh 
surnames in " Ap" were, however, at first extremely 
rare ; they became common only at a much later date.* 
The type of patronymic most common amon-g the 
Anglo-Normans was that in which the father's name 
appears in its simple and unaltered form, without 
prefix or desinence. Fitz seems to have been dropped 
early.t The great bulk of Anglo-Norman patronymic 
surnames are of this type. 

*The early Anglo-Norman invaders, coming as they did 
Irom Wales, were called t)fAeAcnAt5, or Welshmen, by the Irjsh ; 
but Welshmen they certainly were not, at least to any appreci- 
able extent, as the almost complete absence of Welsh Christian 
names from among them amply proves. English surnames in 
" s " and " son " were peculiar to the Danish districts in the 
North of England, from which few, if any, of the early invaders 

t Nothing is more common at the present day in certain 
])aits of the country than to hear a man designated no matter 
what his surname, as Maurice William or John James, meaning 
Maurice, son of William, or John, son of James, This is but a 
survival of the Norman practice. 


The names from which these patron3^mic surnames 
were formed were of Norman, Anglo-Saxon, Norse, 
Danish, Flemish, Breton, Welsh, and even Irish origin * 

2. Local surnames were taken either from specific 
place names, or common local designations, or some 
local landmark ; and the language in which they occur 
may be either Norman-French or English. If the 
surname was from a specific place name and the 
language Norman-French, the local element was pre- 
ceded by " de" ; if English, by " of," familiarly pro- 
nounced " a," as : Robert de Arcy, David de Barri, 
Torkaill of Kardif, Samsun of Stanlega. The local 
element may be the name of a country, province, 
count5% city, town, village, or even farmstead. Sur- 
names derived from places in Normandy alone denote 
Norman origin. 

When the source of the surname was a common 
local designation, or mere landmark, the Normans 
prefixed " de la," " del," or " du" ; the English " atte," 
which became " atten" before a vowel, as Henry de 
la Chapelle, Richard de la Felda, John de la Hyde. 
Robert del Bois (du Bois), Robert atte Brigge, Gilbert 
atte Wode, Walter atten Angle, Simon atten Ashe. 
The local element may be either Norman-French or 
English or Welsh, f 

3. Occupative surnames are those derived from 
office, profession, trade, or occupation generally. They 
were originally all common nouns, and usually Norman- 
French. The definite article " le," the English " the,"" 
was generally, but not always, prefixed, as : le Archer, 
le Baillif, le BotiJler, le Boucher, le Erchedecne, le 
Marescall, the Miller. 

4. Descriptive surnames are those which convey 

* The name Colnmn which occurs in Domesday Book is an 

I A small number of surnames — perhaps not more than thirty — • 
are formed after the Norman fashion from Irish place-names. 
These, howcve/, were not brought in by the invaders, but taken 
by them from places where they settled in Ireland. 


persona] description, and they are of various kinds 
according to the different ways in which a person can 
be described. They are generally Norman-French 
or English, but we have a few surnames formed from 
Welsh and Anglo-Saxon nouns and adjectives. 

Physical peculiarities are represented by " le Gras," 
" ie Cxrant," " le Pel it," " le Brun," " le White," " the 
Black" ; mental and moral by " le Prut," " le Curteis," 
"le Salvage," "I'Enfant," "the Babe" ; animal char- 
acteristics by " le Bacoun," le Veel," " le Wolf," "the 
Fox" ; nationality by " I'Engleys," " le Fleming," 
"le Lombard," le Waleys." 

Many of the early Anglo-Norman families assumed 
surnames after the Irish fashion by prefixing tTlAC 
to the names or other designations of their ancestors, 
as : 

triAC i?e6|iAif, ITlAC An l1lileAX)A 

triAC Seoinin, UIac ad RnDi^te ; 

but most of them retained their original surname in an 
hibernicised form, as : X)aIat:uv. for Dalton, ReAmonn 
for Redmond, lloiiveAbAjAT) for Herbert, etc. Tht 
Norman Fitz was replaced bv ITIac, as tTlAc ^e^jAAiic, 
ITlAc Siotniiin for FitzGerald, FitzSimon. English 
surnames endinsj in -s and son are similarly hiberni- 
cised ; but Anglo-Norman patronymic surnames which 
had neither prefix nor filial desinence have the same 
iorm in Irish as the Christian name. The diminutive 
suffixes -el, -et, -ot, -in, -on, -oc, -uc, -kin, and -cock are 
represented in Irish by -6il,* -eit), -oto, -in, -tin, -oc 
(os), -uc (Ac),-cin, and -coc respectively. 

The prefix " de" of Norman surnames is represented 
in Irish by " "oe," as -oe t)u|\c for de Burgh, -oe toif 
for de Laci, etc. -oe is sometimes incorporated with 
the local part of the surname, as 'OAcun for de Autun, 
"DeAbnuf for d'Evereux, etc. "oe also sometimes 
stands for " de la," as *oe ITIuiaa for " de la Mor ; or 
perhaps its English equivalent " atte Mor." " de la" 

* Or gaI. The usage is not uniform. 


itself, in the few instances in which it survives, is in- 
corporated with the second part of the surname, as 
'O.AtxMci'o for " de la Hyde," *OAtATnA|\^ for " de la Mare." 
•oe, pronounced "oo, is possibly for the Norman " du," 
the equivalent before masculine nouns of " de la." 
The Ene;lish " of" is, of course, represented by "a" 
in Irish, but "a" is sometimes a worn down " -oe," 
as in A t3t^c, a IIojaa. The English " atte," or " at 
the," is also represented in Irish by "oe, as -oe tDoi-o 
for " atte Wode," at the wood. The n of the extended 
form, " atten," is attracted over to the second part 
of the name, as "oe Hoj^Ia for " atten Angle," at the 
corner ; "oe llAif for " atten Ashe," at the ash. 

The Norman defmite article " le" and the English 
" the," used with occupative and descriptive surnames, 
are both represented in Irish by T>e, " le" having ap- 
parently been translated into its English equivalent 
" the" before the surname was hibernicised, as -oe 
p^oiu for " le Whyte," the White, T)e Iilaca for " the 
Blake," the Black, -oe t)orc for " the Fox," *oe tniLC> 
for " le Wolf," the wolf, "oe t)Aiteif, x>e t).Aitif for, " le 
Waleys," the \^'elshman, etc. 

There was, almost from the first, a strong tendency 
to drop all these enclitic particles, and in many instances 
they had actually been dropped before the surnames 
to which the\^ had been attached attained an Irish 
form ; hence many of these surnames have no prefix 
in Irish.* Norman diminutives, it should be remarked, 
like Blanchet, Porcel, Russel, never took the article 
and consequently never take " -oe" in Irish. 

*This is true of nearly all English surnames which came in 
after the fifteenth century. In my list I have inserted -oe in 
every instance where I had the authority of old Anglo-Irish 
records or the present spoken language for its use. "oe should 
not be used before surnames derived from personal names. 
Norman diminutives, or Anglo-Saxon or Welsh nouns or ad- 


A small number of surnames are substantives in -Ati, 
-e-dC, indicative of nationality, place of origin, fosterage, 
etc., as bfveAtriAC, CAorhAnAc, X)^ireA(i, niuirhneAC, 

A few are descriptive adjectives, as X)Sr\, tDe^g, 
^t^r? t^i^t, tlAicne, etc. 

We have also a few surnames derived from place of 
residence, as An TtlACAipe, da iDtvig-oe. 

These three classes of surnames are merely cognomina 
substituted for the real surnames which are now lost 
or forgotten. Families bearing these surnames may 
be of either Irish or English origin. 

§ 4— -Alternative Form of Surnames 

Most of the patronymic surnames given above (§§ i- 2) 
have a second form obtained by dropping or TTIac 
and postfixing -At (-eA6) to the nominative case of the 
name of the ancestor,* as t)f\iAin or X)\\^AnA(:, 
t)|\oin or X)i[yAnA6y tluAlt^in or lIuAtlAnAC, \T\ac 
Swibne or SuittneAC. 

This form is also used in the case of surnames of 
foreign origin, as Ceicmn or C6icinneA6 (C^icneAC), 
"O-Aifpg or "OAijAfi^e^C, "O^lAcun or X)Al.AzuuA6y peicix) 
or peici-oeAC, The prefix -oe is dropped when -a6 is 
postfixed, as "oe "bupc or X)u\\>ca6, -oe H6ifce or Tloif- 
ce^e. Surnames ending in -6a and ei|\ change these 
terminations into -e<vt and -6Af\ before -aC is added. 

The foregoing forms when standing alone have an 
indefinite signification and cannot, unless defined by 

♦When the name of the ancestor already ends in -ac (-gac) 
the termination is not repeated, as CcaIIais; or CeAllAC, 
O CinnfCAlx^s or CinnreAlAC. 


the context, be used to indicate a particular individual.* 
To make them definite they must be preceded by the 
Christian name or a title, or turned into one of the 
forms mentioned in the remainine: paragraphs of this 
section, as: "Oon'irjAtt t)fiAin, Co;\mAc Tn<ic CAniiAijg, 
pA-Of4.i5 Con-oun, ^Atnonn "oe tjufic, X\aIt;ai[\ C-AominAC, 
An cGAfp( 5 "OoriinAitt, An "Ooccuifv toinjpt; 

The forms in ~a6 may also be made de^finite by pre- 
fixing the article and can then be used for a particular 
individual without the Christian name or title f The 
form has then the force of the English Mr. when the 
Christian name is not expressed, as ^n b^fif.Ac, Mr. 
Ba ry ; aw t)Li|\c^C, Mr. Burke; An X)\\^Ar^At, Mr. 
O'Brien ; ah SiuGneAci, Mr. MacSweeny. 

Another v/ay of indicating a particular individual, 
without using the Christian name, is to prefix m^c 
to the genitive case of the surname, as m^c Ui X)^^A^r^, 
Mr. O'Brien, XYiAC tli C^oirh, Mr. O'Keeffe, in^c iriic 
an t)^ifT), Mr. Ward. In this construction surnames 
commencing with ITl-dc are sometimes treated as if 
they commenced with 0, as : TTI-ac Ui Je^jA^iic, Mr. 
Fitzgerald, XWac Hi 55tJi5ne, Mr. MacSweeny. 

We have also corresponding forms of -^c- surnames 
with the article, as : ITIac An t)feAtnAi5, Mr Walsh, 
rriAC An t)u]\CAi5, Mr. Burke ; TTIac An Roiruig, Mr. 

*[n the case of surnames in 6 and mAC, the name alonr^ was 
former;y used as the title of the chief of the name, as 6 tleill, 
(The) O'Neill, 6 •DomnAill, (The) O Donnell ; and it is still 
used as an honorary title in some families, as O Conco1:)Aiti 
*Oonn, The O'Conor Don, rilAC X)iAiiTnA"OA, The MacDermott. 

[This -AC fo m with the article was formerly used, in the case 
of surnames of foreign origin, to signify the chief of an Anglo- 
Irish family, and corresponded to the use of the surname alone 
in the case of nat ve Irish chiefs. 


§ 5 — Synopsis of Types of Surnames 

It will be convenient to summarize here under 
different types the surnames of which we have so far 

Type I. 










r 6 tDjiiAin. 

-< (3 VlAO-OA. 

L neill. 

C O t)|\VlA-OA1tt. 

< 6 "OubsAiU. 
[_ hAnAilc. 

f 6 ^olDAnTl. 

\ 6 hIceA-DA. 

{rriAC AO-DA5A1T1. 
rriAc CAiitAi5. 

til AC lotVlAlfl. 

rriAc mA5iiuif. 

triAC "peoiiAip. 
^ niAC Se6niin. 

/ A PaoI. 

\a ppi'r. 

niAC An tJAIjIT). 
fllAC All CSAOip. 

niAc An niileA'OA. 
tllAC An Tli-Qiite. 






Ill C AC, 






x)e "bAl. 
•oe t)upc. 


T»e t)Aileif. 
t)e "bofc. 
•De "Paoic. 



f Ar\ rhACAi|te. 
\ nA t)iii5X>e. 

r "b pi An AC. 
< "btincAC. 
(^ TloifceAC. 

f An birAnAC. 

tAn "buiiCAC. 
An R6ifT:oAC. 

rriAc ni l!)piAin. 

niAC Ui CAOiiii. 

mAC niic An l!)Aipx> 

11"lAC Ul gCApAllc. 

XVI. -l ITIAC Hi Suibne. 

rriAC An DpCAcnAij 
mAC An "bupcAis 
^ mAC /, n Roifcis. 


§6 — Declension of Surnames 

In surnames of Types J, II, III, IV, V, and VII, 
the name or designation of the ancestor is in the genitive 
case and remains unchanged in the declension of the 
surname, except that its initial letter is sometimes 
aspirated or eclipsed, if a consonant, or has h or n 
prefixed, if a vowel. With this exception ITIac and 
C alone change. 

0. or VIA, and ITIac are thus declined : — ■ 



Nom. and ace. 


1 Ui 


1 ui 



6 Ua 

1ft Uib 


A Ul 

A til. 

Nom. and ace. 


mic, meic, mACA 


mic, meic 




m AC Alb 


A lt!lC 

A rhACA. 

C, is the usual form in the nominative case, tli in the 
genitive. When the name of the ancestor begins with 
a vowel, h is prefixed after 6 in the nominative case 
singular,* and n in the genitive plural. sometimes 
aspirates p in the nominative case singular, and always 
eclipses in the gen. plura.1, if the name commences 
with an eclipsable consonant. Hi causes aspiration in 
the singular. VOac sometimes aspnrates the initial con- 
sonant of the name in the nominative case singular. 
The in of m-AC is itself frequently aspirated in the nom. 
case singular after the Christian name ; always in the 
genitive case, and sometimes in the dative, 

♦There are a few exceptions. 



(a) t)|MAn 6 iiAifc 

Nom. and ace. iDpiAn 6 hAipr 

gen. AiTim "DttiAiti t^: Aif.c 

dat. A5 bpiAn ^ ^ ^,^,^ 

Voc. A "bpiAin 111 Aif.c. 

(b) "biAMn "OoirtrsAJci. 

Nom. and ace. t)]i;An 'Dcr;''mA'ill 

gen. Ainm "DpiAin U^ *6ctT3r!Aill 

dat. A5 "b^iiAn 6 'Dottii'saiII 

voc. A li)]iiAin til *0o:r.7iAil.l. 

(c) t3|MAn ITiAC "OotfiriAitt. 

Nom. and ace. bpiAn HIac 'OomnAilt 

gen. Aintn iDitiAin fhic 'OotiitiAill. 

dat. A5 t)|tiAn TTIac "OoninAilt 

voc. A t)|iiAin fllic "OorhnAill. 

The plural forms of 6 and ITIac are now met with 
only in place-names derived from clan or famil}^ names, 
as: til CinnfeAlAij;, tJi "OfvotiA, CuiL Dpinn^ tTlAinirciii 
•oU6|\nA, 1 nUtb tAot;A:|^e. The modern collective 
plural of surnames of these types is formed by pre- 
fixing ITluitinceAp, ClAnn, or Siol* to the genitive case 
of the name of the ancestor, as : 

m-uinnceAn 'Dao-.jiII, the O'Boyles ; 
mtJinnceA|i eili-oe, the O'Healys ; 
m«innceA]i UasaHai^, the O'Reillys ; 
rnvjinnceAn Riiah^c, the O'Rourkes ; 
ClATin AriilAoib, the MacAuliffes ; 
ClAnn An t)A«fA-o, the Mac Wards ; 
ClAnn *0iA|imA-OA, the MacDermotts ; 
ClAnn CS1C15, the MaxSheehys ; 
Siol mt)]iiAin, the O'Briens ; 
Siol sCgaHaij, the O'Kellys ' 
Siol moii-OA, the O'Mores ; 
Siol Ui-6i|t, the Maguires. 

TTIuinnceAtA is used in the case of C-surnames ; CtAnn, 
with a few exceptions, is confined to TTlAc-surnames. 

*m^^lnnceAt^ and ClAtin cause aspiration, Siol eclipsis. 


Slot is now used only in literature, muinnreA|\ and 
Cl-dtin are sometimes prefixed to the gen. case of the 
surname, as : tTluinnceA|\ tli Ce^tlACAin, the 
O'Callaghans ; ClAnn ITlic Conm^fA, the Mac.\^amaras. 

The following examples show the declension 9i sur- 
names in -AC (Types X, XIV, XV) : — 

(a) An CAorh-dnAC. 

Singular. Plural, 

Nona, and ace. ati CAomAriAC tia CAomAriAi^ 

gen. An CAomAriAis ha sCAomAriAC 

dat. leif ATI sCAOitiAriAC leif riA CAoniAncAib 
voc. A Caoitiatiais a Caottiatica. 

{b) An clufCAfAC. 

Nom. and ace. ati clOfcAfAC tia hlufcAfAis 

gen. An lufCAfAij nA nlufcAfAC 

dat. leif An IwfCAfAC leif nA hlufcAfCAi^ 

voc. A IWfCAfAlS A InfCAfCA. 

(c) An SAt)A0ifeA6. 

Nom. and ace. An sAbAoifeAC nA sAlJAoifis 

gen. An cSAbAoifij nA SAbAoifeAC 

, . f-oo'n cSAbAOifeAc leif nA SAbAoifBACAib,! 
■ \leif An sAbAOifeAC 

voc. A SAbAOtpS A SAbAO fCACA 

Surnames of Types VI, VIII, XI, XII are not de- 
clined. All these surnames form their collective 
plurals like surnames in -aC, as : ha t)Atv6iT)it:, the 
Barretts ; ceAc riA mt)iipcAC, the house of the Burkes. 

Surnames of T5^pe IX follow the rule of adjectives. 
They form their plural like surnames in -aC. 

Surnames of Type XIII are invariable. The plural 
is formed by prefixing iniiinnceA|\. 

In surnames of Type XVI., triAc alone changes. 


A personal epithet, or cognomen, comes between 
the Christian name and the surname, and, if an adjective, 
agrees in case with the Christian name, as : 'OoriinAtt 
t)4n "bttiAin, bo "OorhriAilt "Daiti t1i "biAMin. 

Sometimes the father's name, in the genitive case 
with TTIac prefixed, is inserted in the same position to 
distinguish persons of the same name and surname, as : 
T)otr>nAtt niAc X)onu('.A'6A t)t\iAin ; or the patronymic 
may follow the surname, as : *Ootrin^tt O t)|MAin itiac 
*OonneAt)A. TTIac always aspirates in this case. The 
mAc is now usually dropped, but the aspiration remains, 
as : PxSt)|\ai5 UAit)5 O15 CoriAiti. 

When two Christian names are used, the second is 
put in the gen. case, with its initial letter aspirated, 
• — iriAc being understood if the father's name, and ^lotiA 
if the name of a saint, as : Se^u peAr>A^\\, O Tleilt, 
John Peter O'Neill* 

In the case of a double surname in English, as Patrick 
Sarsfield O'Donnell, Hugh O'Neill Flanagan, the first 
surname assumes the -ac termination, thus : p^-o^Aig 
SAipf6AlA(i "Oomn^itl, Act) 11iAltAC O piAtinA^Ain. 

When a personal cognomen of the ancestor appears 
in the surname, it agrees in case with the name of the 
ancestor, as : SeAn ITIac itlmpif RuAit), UAt)^ tn^c 
CotiAiti C15. 

An agnomen used to distinguish different branches 
of the same family agrees in case with the surname ; 
in other words, it is in the same case as WIac or 0, as : 
ITlA^rmf triAC 'OiAiAtnA'OA Ru^t), Concoli)4i|\ 'Oonn. 

§ 7 — Surnames of Females 

Instead of and ITIac, Hi and Hie respectively are 
used after names of females in surnames of Types I, 
II, III, IV, V and VII. Tli is an abbreviation of ni 

* This rule is not always observed by present-day Irish 


(from inge^n, a daughter) and T or Hi (genitive case of 
or Via) ; and Hi c of Hi tllic. 

Examples : — 

/pA-ot\Ai5 6 *OoTrinAill, Patrick O'Donnell 
\r"nAi|to ni *OorhnAilL, Mary O'Donnell 

/ SeAH hOgAin, John Hogan 
\ Ciblm til OsAin, Ellen Hogan. 

j'SeAmvjf rriAC Seomin, James Jennings 
\Caic tlic Seomin, Kate Jennings. 

fpA-o^iAig triAC An $oill, Patrick Gill 
l^triAipe nic ATI $oill, Mary Gill. 

f eo5An ITlAC Ao-oAgAui, Owen Egan 
\mAi|\e nic Aot)A5Ain, Mary Egan. 

The unabbreviated form Tli lilic is used in some 
places, as : 

/seAn mAC ati t)Ai]^it), John Ward 
\mAi|\e ni rhic ah X)S,^\\-o, Mary Ward. 

His is the form corresponding to ITIas, ^s : 

/concobAp triAs UiT)i|i, Connor Maguire 
\ SoftCA His Ui-6i]i, Sarah Maguire. 

Surnames of females are sometimes, like those of 
males, formed directly from the name of the ancestor, 
as : 

Caic tli cSeoinin, Kate Jennings 

t) pi 51-0 tli cSuibne, Brigid Mac Sweeny 

mAifie tli Pa|icaIaiti, Mary MacPartiand. 

It will be seen from the foregoing examples that in 
the surnames of females, except those formed directly 
from the name of the ancestor, the part of the 
surname following Hi or riic is in all cases the same 
as that after Hi or itlic in the surnames of males. The 
reason of this is obvious, m and Hie being contractions 
of Tli tli and Hi itlic respectively.* 

♦Hence eiblin tli OsAm, not eiblin ni hOsAin, is the correct 


In surnames of Types VI, VIII, XI, XII and XIII., 
the form of the surname after names of females is the 
same as after those of males, as : 

/seATi "bAHoi-o, John Barrett 

\ pei5 bAttoi-o, Peg Barrett. 

/SeAn "biAun, John Brown 

\mAitie bjAtin, Mary Brown. 

{ReAmonti -oe Uoifce, Redmund Roche. 
mAijie x>e Roifce, Mary Roche. 
/ eAmonn ha "b-fiij-oe, Edmond Bride 
\ eiblin riA 13^15-00, Ellen Bride. 
Surnames of Type IX, being adjectives, are aspirated 
in the nominative case, as : TTlAii^e ^l^f, Mary Green. 
Surnames of Types X and XIV, that is, all surnames 
ending in -Ad, may be either substantives or adjectives. 
When the surname is an adjective, its initial letter is 
aspirated in the nominative case after names of females, 
as ; 

/SBAn "bjieAtnAC, John Walsh 
\caiz: t)|\eAcnAc, Kate Walsh. 
/ SeAn CA^itAC, John MaL,cCarthy 
\siobAn CAjicAC, Joan MacCarthy.* 
The following forms corresponding to Type XVI may 
be used as equivalent to the English Miss when the 
Christian name is omitted : — 

insBAn til "bjAiAin, Miss O'Brien. 
InseAn An CApcAig, Miss MacCarthy. 
iTijeAfi rilic An X)h\\X), Miss Ward. 
InseAn An $eA|iAlcAi5. Miss Fitzgerald. 
In^eAn An t)iiiicAi5, Miss Burke 
ln50An An Roifci^, Miss Roche. t 

♦This was hrst pointed out to me by the late Canon O'Leary 
(An rAcAijA poA-OAiA), who, when the first edition of this book 
was passing through the press, kindly sent me the following 
note on the Introductory Chapters which he had read : 

" I have just one remark to make. In the case of women's 
names I have heard ' SiobAn 6a]acac, not ' SiobAn Ca^icac,' and 
' Caic li)]ieAtnAc/ not 'Caic t)|ieAtnAC.' That is to say, 
when the surname is an adjective it agrees with the noun like any 
adjective. When the surname is not an adjective I have heard 
exactly what you say, i.e., ' peij "bAfioi-o,' not ' peis t)A|i6i-o.'' 
Instead of ' niAi]te t)iicAcnAc' I have heard ' mAi]\e An t)]i©AC- 
nAi5,' where the surname is treated as a definite noun." 

tBut not IngOAn -oe buj^c, InsoAn -oe Roifce, &c. 


The same construction may be used to express Miss 
with the Christian name, as : 

mAi|ie, InjeAti Hi t3|iiAin, Miss Mary O'Brien, 
eiblin, InseAii An "biJiiCAis, Miss Eileen Burke. 

Mrs. may be similarly expressed, as : 

"beAtJ Ui t)|tiAiTi, Mrs. O'Brien. 
"beAn An "DtJi^cAis, Mrs. Burke. 
"beAn rilic An t!)Aiti'o, Mrs. Ward. 
"beAn SeAin t1i b^tiAin, Mrs. John O'Brien. 
beAn tAi-65 lilic An IJaiht), Mrs. T. Wayd. 
beAn CAmuinn x)G Rdifce, Mrs. Edmund Roche. 
iriAiite, be An rilic An bAijix), Mrs. Mary Ward. 
Caic, beAn SeAin T)e bujic, Mrs. Kate Burke, or 
Mrs. John Burke.* 

In the case of a v/idow, t)Ainc|\eAc (t)Atnc)AeAii)x\c) is 
to be used instead of t)eAn, as : 

"bAinciieAC SeAin Ui bjAiAin, Mrs. John O'Brien. 
bAincjteAC eAtntnnn -oe bujtc, Mrs. Edmund Burke. 
bAincpeAC An bjieAcnAij;, Mrs. Walsh. 
mAijie, bAinct^GAC An Roifcij, Mrs. Mary Roche. 

Married women retain their maiden name in Irish. 
We may therefore say : niAifie 11i t)|AiAin, be-An SeAin 
•oe t)u|\c, Mrs. John Burke, nee Mary O'Brien. 

rii and Hie do not change in the genitive case. 

- § 8 —Surnames in the Spoken Language 

Surnames are varioush- corrupted in the spoken 
language, ana deviate in many important respects 
from the standard or literary iorm. but it would be 
impossible within the limits of a short introduction 
to deal with this aspect of the subject in detail. The 
corruptions and variations of O and 111 ac, as they affect 

*But not beAn "bjieAcnAC, beAn "oe biipv:. bcAn -oe Uoii-ce, 
&c. which are incorrect. 


a large number of surnames, may however be brieilv' 

0, or Ua, is corrupted as follows : 

1. Sometimes shortened to A, as : A "OeoiiAin for 

"Oeop^in, A 5"^^ ^^^ ^ 5^'^- 

2. Sometimes altogether dropped, as : CAoitiAin 

for O CAom^in, C^CAf Aij for C CAtAfAiJ. 

3. Sometimes replaced by the gen. case t1i, as : lit 

"pioinn for O "pioinn, Ui t^ojAiive for O 

4. Sometimes prefixed to surnames to which it 

does not properly belong, as: O 'Oiotinn for 
"Oioluin, 5oS<^^" ^^^ E^S^ti, Roifce for 
■oe UOifce. 

The following are the corruptions and variations of 
Tn^c and niAj : — 

1. c or 5 attracted over to the name of the ancestor. 

This happens when the name of the ancestoi 
commences with a vowel or V\ or with t, Tl, 
or U, or with a consonant aspirated alter ITl^c 
or TTlAs. The name or the ancestor is then 
treated in all the forms of the surname as if it 
commenced with C or 5. Plxamples : — 

in AC CA|tcAin for IIIac Aucaiii 
iriAC Ceo5Ain for ITIac eo5Ai.i 
triAC Coicip for mAC Oicip 
ITlAC St^Aic for ITlAS Raic. 

Hence such forms as : X)Af An Coiri|\i5 foi 
t)Af Ati Oic|M5 ; An Ceo^riAC for ^\n cGo^riAC ; 
nA CeojiiAij for r\A hQot,uA^t;. 

2. tn in some places always aspirated after the 

Christian name, as : GojAn itlA^ Aco-a, 
S^Atnuf t11a5 P Loinn, "OoriiTiAtt \T\ac Suibne ; 
and sometimes entirely dropped, as : Se-dmuf 
'ac ContAAoi. The c of ITiac is also very 
frequently aspirated, as (^Amonn 'ac S1C15. 


3- Sometimes takes the form ITIa, ITIa, Til 6, the 
c or 5 being attracted over as above, as : tTl-A 
5toinn for TTIa^ "pioinn, TTIa ^^o'^"^^" ^^^ 
TTIas pionriAin, TTIxi ^^^'^^t^ ^^^ 1TIa> lli-Oit^, 
t1lA 5t^Ait for mA5 TlAit, rh6 ^uDaih ior nug 

4. Takes the form a when m is dropped and c or 

5 attracted over, as : Ua-O^ a CionnpACcAis 
for UAt)5 IT) AC lonnjAACcAig. 

5. Sometimes c or 5 alone retained, as CAiGifcin 

for ITlAC /Aiti)ifcin, Cuitcin for TTIac Uitcin, 
5ionn$Aite for TTIa^ pionngAile. 

6. Sometimes made ITIa^, iIIa^, as : TTIas CoCtAin, 

7. Sometimes ltl6c, til 65, and then, by the drop- 

ping of the initial m, oc, 65, uac, ua^. When 
in this case c or 5 is attracted over, the final 
form is the same as in O surnames. Ex- 
amples : — 

6 CAcrhAOil for rriAC CAttriAOil. 

6 CeACiriAHCAi5 for 1TIac Gacttiaiicais 

O Ceoinin for niAC Seoinin. 

O Civi|ACAiTi for TTIac Siti|ir:Ain. 

O CoiiiTiAill for niAC *OomnAi1,t 

O ConncA-OA for rriAC "OonncATDA. 

O CtqicAin for niAC CujicAin. 

6 5]itA-OA for ITIA5 RlA-OA. 

6 5)iiiAi|ic for mA5 RuAiftc. 

O ^ubAin for ITIA5 *6vibAin. 

Ua Coibicin for ITIac "hoibicin. 

Ua 5oiiieACCAi5 for tllAg OiiAeAccAij. 
S. In a few instances simply replaced by 0, as : 
C p 1,1 bin for ITIac pilibin, O SnipCAin for 
TTIac Siu|ArAin, O Suibne for TDac AStiibtie. 
9. Frequently replaced by the genitive case lilic 
or 'ic, as : SeAmuf H'lic Seoinin for SeAtnuf 
TTIac Seoinin, SeAmur 'ic An "PfVAnncAi^ for 
S^Amuf TTIac An ppAnncAig. 
JO. In Omeath, TTIac 510IIA is corrupted to TTIa'i, 
as TTIa'l pADjAAij; for TTIac 5iottA pA-o|\Ai5, 
rriAl Come for TTIac 510IIA eoiUe. 


Corruptions and variations of individual surnames, 
especially when they are reflected in the anglicised 
form, are noted as they occur in the lists. 

§ 9. — Interchange of Surnames, 

1. Some Irish families have two surnames, each 
derived from a different ancestor, or one derived fpm 
the name and another from a designation of the same 
ancestor, as : — 

inAol|tuATiAT)A and mAC *OlAlimA-OA, 
rriAC ConmAtiA and tTlAC Sio-oa, 
rriAC 510IIA pA-oiAAtg and mAC SeApcA, 
rriAC Siomoinn and triAC ad Ui-oipe, 

2. Some families of foreign origin have two Irish 
surnames, one an hibernicised form of the foreign name 
and the other a patronymic formed from the name or 
a designation of the ancestor, as : — 

Con-oun and rriAC rriAijeoc, 
•OaIattia^ia and rriAc "hoiiieAbAiitx), 
•oe t)u]ic and niAc UilliAtn, 
ScoTTOun and rriAC ati rh iLeA-OA. 

3. Nearly a dozen families have two surnames 
one commencing with and another with m^c, followed 
by the same ancestral name ; but whether both surnames 
are derived from the same ancestor, or from two 
different ancestors of the same name, it is impossible 
to say. Examples : — 

CAOCAin and rriAC Caocaiii, 

6 Co-olACAin and mAC Co-oIacaiti, 

O 5cA|t5Ani and mAC geApsAin, 

4. A few families have besides their surname a 
cognomen which is sometimes used instead, as : — • 

*Ouinnfleibo and tllcAC. 

All these double surnames were used interchangeably, 
so that the same person might be called indifferently 


by one or the other, irrespective of the anglicised form. 
In the majority of cases only one surname is now 
retained ; but as the anglicised form is, in many in- 
stances, derived from the one that has become obselete, 
there is often apparently no connection between the 
anglicised form and its present Irish equivalent. Thus 
the surname Fitzpatrick is derived from ITIac ^ioILa 
l:^A•q|^A15, but the present Irish equivalent of Fitz- 
patrick in many parts of the South of Ireland is ITIac 
S6A|\tA or ITlAc SeAt|A^, a new surname which the 
Fitzpatricks took from an ancestor named Geoffrey 
or S4A|AtA \Wac 5io^tA pADpAig. Similarly the Bir- 
minghams are called in Irish ITIac pe6pAif from an 
ancestor named Piers de Bermingham. 

Besides the interchange of totally distinct sur- 
names, our Irish name system admitted, with con- 
siderable latitude, of the substitution one for another 
of different forms of the same surname, and even of 
different surnames of the same or somewhat similar 
meaning. Hence we find the following classes and 
variants of surnames sometimes interchanged : — 

1. Surnames of the same si,crniri cation though 

differing in form, as : 

rtlAC CAjilviif and X^^AC CacaiI (CA]tluf and CacaI, each:= 

Charles) . 
trtAC AH i11at)ai-6 and 6 mA"OAf6in (both from mAX)A-6, a dog). 

2. A surname and its diminutive, as : 

tHAC t)|iuAi-oeAT)A and tUAC t)iitiAi"o{n. 
Lacctia and Vacctiaiti. 
ScAtinAil and C SCAtinlAin. 

3. Surnames derived from difterent diminutives of 

the same root, as : 

<3 t)]iAT»Ain and 6 "btiAtiASAin, 
<3 CiAtiAiti and 6 CiAttAsAtti, 
"OubAiti and *Oui5in, 
6 piACAin r.nd 'poitin. 


^, Surnames derived from different genitive forms 
of the same name, as : 

6 "peA^ASvirA and ^reAjijuif. 

P'AJC and 6 peic. 

mAC AD t)peiccAiriAn and mAC An "biteitim. 

5. Variants of the same surname owing to aspira- 
tion, attenuation, and interchange of letters, as : 

mAC T)oninAill and mAC *6oTrinAill. 
"bpolcAin and 6 "bitoileACAtn. 
O *OeA]iAni and *Oioiiaiti. 
C niACAin and inocAin. 

6. A standard or literary form and a corrupt or 

spoken form, as 

(3 mutp^eAfAin and 6 "biiiofAin. 

(3 CAOinx>eALbAin and O CAoinliobAin. 

1iei-oittfce6il and 6 "Oiiifce6il. 

7. An older form and a more modern one, as : — 

mAC An xXipcinms and rriAC An Oitvcinms. 
mA5 Ai|AeACCAi5 and mAS OiiieACCAis. 

A discrepancy (similar to that mentioned above) 
between the anglicised form and its present-day Irish 
equivalent often resu)^s from the interchange of these 

§ 10. — Anglicisation of Surnames 

The various ways in which Irish surnames have been 
anglicised may be enumerated under the following 
head!: " 

1. Phonetically. 

2. By translation. 

3. By attraction. 

4. By assimilation. 

5. By substitution. 


I. Phonetically. — This was tile method almost ex- 
clusively adopted when surnames were first anglicised.* 
The surname was written down more or less as it was 
pronounced, but without any regard to the Irish spell- 
ing, as : 

O'Brien for 6 t)|iiAin, 
O'Callaghan for O CeAllACAin, 
O'Donoghue for 6 T)onncA-6A, 
O'Planagan for O "piAnriASAin, 
O'Neill for 6 tleiUj 

The same Irish surname often gives several very 
different anglicised forms owing to dialectical varia- 
tions and the vagaries of the phonetic system em- 
ployed to represent them, as : 

CottAij, Coffey, Cowie, Cowhey, Cowhig, &c., 
"OtibcAij, Duffy, Dowie, Dooey, Duhig, &c. 

On the other hand, very different Irish surnames 
have sometimes the same anglicised form, as : 

Coffey for 6 CobcAts, 6 CAtbA-oA, O CAcbuA-oAis, 

In many instances the anglicised form has in course 
of time been contracted, as: O'Hare for OTIehir, O'Kane 
for O'Cahan ; and not unfrequently only a part of the 
original form is retained,, as Ryan for O'Mulryan. 
Most surnames have been mutilated by dropping Mac 
.or O', and Mac when retained in usually, but im- 
properly, written Mc or M'. 

*Most Irish surnames were aijglicised during the second half 
of the 16th century (1550-1600), and appear for the first time in 
in an English dress in the State documents of that period. The 
anglicisation seems to have been the work of Anglo-Irish govern- 
ment officials possessing, in some instances at least, a knowledge 
of the Irish language. The present anglicised forms, generally 
speaking, date from that period. 

t It may be remarked that the anglicised form was in most 
instances originally much nearer the Irish pronounciation than 
at present, owing partly to a change in the sound of the English 
letters, and partly to the corruption of the Irish forms. Thus 
O'Brien and O'Neill were originally pronounced O'Breen and 
O'Nail. ' 


2. Translation. — During the last arid the preceding 
century, many families rejected the old phonetic render- 
ing of their surnames and adopted instead an English 
surname which was supposed to be a translation of the 
Irish surname. These " translations" are, in most 
instances, incorrect. The following are examples of 
translated surnames : — 

6 "bt^uic 

C "biitiACAin 

6 Cax)aih 



C tyiiA-OAin 


ITJac Con^vAOi 


rriAC SeAin 


^ Ryder, 
Salmon andl Fisher, 
Carpenter, Freeman 

The translated form sometimes takes an English 
termination, as : 

6 *0|iAi5neAin 



3, Attraction. — A surname of comparatively rare 
occurrence is often attracted to, and confounded with, 
a better known surname of somewhat similar sound 
existing in the same locality, and instead of its proper 
anglicised form assumes that of the better known or 
more numerous surname. The following are examples : 


attracted to 

C "blActriAic, 

6 t)pAoin, 



O niAoil 6eActAiTin, 

Blawick, Blowick, Blake. 

O'Breen, Breen, O'Brien, 

O'Dughierma, Dooyearma, MacDermott. 
O'Hoghegan, Mageoghcgan, 

O'Melaghlin, MacLoughlin. 

It must be remembered that a surname of com- 
paratively rare occurrence in one district may be quite 
common in another, and vice versa, and that conse- 
quently the attracting surname in one locality may be 
itself attracted in another. 


4- The custom of assimilating Irish to foreign 
names is old in Ireland. During the Middle Ages 
Irish scholars writing in Latin, instead of latinising 
the Irish names with which they had to deal, often 
simply substituted for them well-known Latin names 
of somewhat similar sound or meaning. Hence we 
find such substitution as Cornelius for ConCo^Af, 
Eugenius for eog-dn, Thaddaeus for Ua-Oj, Mrgilius 
for pe-Afv^Al, etc. This practice was weU known in 
the sixteenth centur}^ and was frequently followed 
in the anglicisation of Irish Christian names. Nearly 
all the anglicised forms of this kind existing at present 
were alread}^ in use in the time of Elizabeth, the onl}' 
important exceptions being Jeremiah for "OiAt^mAiT), 
and Timothy for Ua-o^, which only came into use about 
half a century later. 

The extension of the practice to surnames is of still 
later date, few traces of such anglicisation being foimd 
earlier than the middle of the seventeenth century. 
The principal cause of the change of these names, ac- 
cording to O'Donovan, was the ridicule thrown upon 
them by English magistrates and lawyers, who were 
ignorant of the Irish language; but an anxiety on the 
part of the people themselves to get rid of uneuphonious 
or otherwise undesirable surnames doubtless operated in 
the same direction. The following are examples of 
surnames anglicised in this way : 

Broderick for "btiuA-OAitt, 

Carleton for CAi^ieAllAiTi, 

Harrington for 6 ]iA|t|tACCAin and hlotisAti-OAil, 

Reddington for C Roi-oeACAin, 

Summerville for 6 SomACAin. 

In a tew instances the assimilation is to a French 
surname, as : 

De Lapp for lApAin, 

De Moleyns for 6 mAolAin, 

D'Ermott for 6 "Ouib-bfottTnA. 


5. Substitution. — Substitution differs from assimila- 
tion only in degree. The similarity between the Irish 
surname and its English equivalent is in this case 
much more remote ; ver}' often there is no connection 
whatsoever. The following are examples : 

Clifford for CluniAin, 
Fenton for 6 ITiAnnACCA, 
Loftus for LACcriAin, 
Neville for niA-6, 
Newcombe for rjiAi665. 

It sometimes happens that the natural phonetic 
rendering of an Irish surname has, when 6 or tTlAc is 
dropped, the same form as an English surname, as : 
C tDcAjt^A, Barry ; tTl^ic An t)Aipx); Ward ; IDuxxCaLUa, 



Lists of Christian Names. — The names contained in thi&se 
lists are of three kinds, viz. : (1) names at present in use, o^ 
whatever origin, but well-known abbreviations and pet names 
are not always included ; (2) names which, though now obsolete, 
were at one time in use under an anghcised form and which it 
may be considered well to revive ; and (3) names of Irish saints 
taken from the Martyrology of Donegal. These have not been 
in use as Christian names within English-speaking times, but 
they might now under the influence of the Gaehc revival very 
appropriately be given as baptismal namies to Irish children. 
Even; name on these hsts is, therefore, a genuine Christian 
name, either in use at the present time or at some period in 
the past. 

List of Surnames. — The surnames included in tiiis list are of 
three kinds : (1) modern literary or standard forms ; (2) older 
forms, now obsolete or obsolescent ; and (3) corrupt forms in 
use in the spoken language. It will often be necessary, in order 
to avoid confusion, to use the spoken form in preference to the 
Hterary or standard form. The older forms are included mainly 
for historical reasons. In general, the aim has been to give all 
the genuine variants of each Irish surname — any form, in fact, 
that might be used in addressing a letter. In the case, however, 
of certain classes of variants, where, without greatly increasing 
the size of the book, it would be impossible to insert all, the 
uniform use of one of the variants was considered sufficient, the 
alternative form or forms being mentioned here. O is used 
instead of Ua throughout. The combinations fc, yp, fc are, 
with a tew exceptions which explain themselves, used instead 
of f5. fb, f-o respectively. The uninfiected form tTlAol- is used 
instead of rriAoil- when followed by a broad vowel in the next 
syllable. X)t]b- in similar circumstances is generally used in- 


stead of "Ouib-. -eil and -ey\\ are used instead of -caI and -eA]t 
respectively in the final syllable of Norman surnames. The 
alternative forms treated of above (pp. 21, 22) are not included, 
except in a few instances and for some special reason. See also 
remarks on p. 9, note. 

The English or Anglicised Forms. — The arrangement is the 
same for both Christian names and surnames. The Irish name 
or surname is followed by the English or anglicised form or 
forms. Variants ol the latter are separated only by commas, 
as : 

Ao-oAn, Aedan, Aidan, Edan. 

O t)Ap-OAin, Bardan, Barden, Bardon. 

But distinct names or surnames, when there are two or more 
corresponding to the same Irish name or surname, are separated 
by semicolons, as : 

t) 111 An, Brian, Bryan ; Bernard ; Barnaby, Barney. 
O bttA-OAin, Bradan, Bradden ; Salmon, Sammon ; 



AbbAn, Abban. 

-AbiAAViAin, Abraham, 

Abuifcin, Augustin, Augustine. 

AT)Arii, A"DAm, Adam. 

AT)AninAn, Adamnan, Eunan. 

Agtiifcin, /djtiifcin, Aibifcin, 
Augustin, Augustine, Austin, 
Affy, Avvy, etc. 

Aibne, Eveny. 

x^ilbe, Alby, Alvy ; Albert, Ber- 

Ailpjiix), Alfred. 

Ailin, Allen. 

AltTOjieAf, AlTlT)|tlAf, Ainx)|tivi, 

xXmeiflif, Aneslis ; Standish ; 

AlAbAOif, Aloysius. 

AlAfCA^i, Allister, Alexander, 
Alex, Alick. 

AlAfctvAnn, AlAfciiOTTi, Alex- 
ander, Alex, Alick. 

Alb AD, Alban. 

Alponftif, AlpoTiftjf, Alphon- 
sus, Alfons. 

AlfATTOA|A, Alexander, Alex, 

-Ambi^of, Ambjiuf, Ambrose. 

ATTilAOib, Auliffe ; Humphrey. 

An CAlbAC, Callough ; Charles. 

AnltiAn, Anion ; Alphonsus. 

AnmcAT), Ambrose. 

AnnluAn, Anion ; Alphonsus. 

AnrijiAOi, Henry, Harry. 

Anncoin, Ancom, Ancoitie, 
Anthony, Antony, Anthin. 

AoT), Ea ; Hugh. 

AO-6A5AT1, Egan. 

Ao-oAij, Hughey. 

Ao-oAti, Aedan, Aidan, Edan. 
Aon5Uf, Angus, Aeneas, Eneas, 

Neese, Neece, Niece. 
A|tAlc, Harold. 
AjfOJAl, Ardal ; Arnold. 
Aiic, Art ; Arthur. 

t:)Ail, Val. 

t)AilinriTi, Valentine. 

"bAot^AlAc, Boetius ; Bowes. 

t>Aii|iA, Barry. 

"beACAti, Becan. 

"beAnon, Benen, Benignus. 

t)eAtvAC, Barry. 

"beAjicAD, Bercan. 

t)eAttnA|i-o, Bernard. 

"beAjAclAix), Bartley. 

t)eineAT), t)eine6n, Benen, Ben- 

X)e\\^ceA\\T:, Benjamin, Ben ; 
Bernard ; Bertie. 

"bineATi, Benen, Benignus. 

■b]AAn, Bran. 

"btteATiAinn, t)|teAnT)An, "biieAtin- 
"OAti, Brendan. 

"byiBAf aI, Brasil ; Basil. 

"bill An, Brian, Bryan ; Bernard ; 
Barnaby, Barney. 

"bitocAT), Morgan. 

t)tiAf)AC, Buagh ; Boetius ; 

CAileAn, Colin. 
CAinneAC, Canice. 
CAi|tb|te, Carbry. 
CAlbAC, Calvagh ; Charles. 
CAOitTijm, Kevin. 
CAolAn, Kealan, Kelan. 
CAOtriAn, Kevan. 


CAt^ltif, Charles. 

CA|tCAC, Cartagh, Cartage. 

CA.tA.\\\, Cahir. 

CAtAl, Cahal ; Charles. 

CACAOift, Cahir ; Charles. 

CAcbAiiii, Caffar. 

CeAllAc, Kellagh ; Celsus. 

CeAllACAti, Callaghan. 

CeAti^All, Carroll ; Charles. 

CiATi, Kian, Kean, Cain. 

CiATiAn, Kienan, Kenan. 

CiAt»ATj, Kieran. 

CilliATi, Cillin, Killian. 

CiTinei"OiT), CinneiT)i5, Kennedy. 

CoiIbati, Coilin, Colin. 

Coilin, Colman. 

CoinneAC, Canice, Kenny. 

CoitiBAll, Kerill ; Cyril. 

CollA, Colla. 

ColTTi, Colm, Colum ; Columba. 

ColmATi, Colman ; Columban. 

Coltim, Colum ; Columba. 

CotTiATi, Coman. 

CoTTTOAn, Cowan. 

CoTTiJAll, Cole. 

C01T15AT1, Cowan. 

CoriAiiie, Conary. 

CoTiAll, Conall, Connell. 

ConAti, Conan. 

ConcobAti, Conor, Connor, 

Naugher, Noghor, Nohor, 

Conny, Con ; Cornelius, 

Corney, Neil. 
CoriTi, Conn, Con ; Constantine. 
ConnlAox), ConnlAOc, Conleth, 

ConfAi-oin, Constantine. 
Co|tTnAC, Cormac ; Charles. 
C|tio tilt Ann, Crevan. 
C|\iofrAl, Christpoher, Christy, 
C|\iofc6i|t, Christopher, Christy. 
CftocAn, Crohan. 
C^onAn, Cronan. 
CtJAn, Cuan. 
CiJcoi5Ctiice, Peregrine. 
Cw ConnAcc, Constantine. 
Ctjc-ftice, Peregrine. 
Ctiimin, Cumin, Comyn. 

CutnAije, Cooey ; Hughey ; 

Quintin, Quinton. 
CutneA-oA, Covey. 
Cti VIIa-6, Cullo, Cooley. 

•QAib^ix), David. 

*OAit)iT), "OAibix), David. 

'OAi|Ae, Dary. 

X)Ait, Davy. 

•OAiti, Dahy, Davy, David. 

X)Aitin, Davy. 

*OATrilAic, TDAtiinAic, Dominic, 

*OAt, Davy. 
•Q^AslAn, Declan. 
"OeAfTTitirhnAC, Desmond. 
•OiAttmAi-Q, Dermod, Dermot ; 

Darby ; Jeremiah, J army, 

Jerry ; Jerome. 
*Ooiminic, Dominic, Dominick. 
"OorhnAll, Donall, Donald ; 

*Oonn, Donn. 
*OonnAn, Donnan. 
*OonncA-6, Donogh, Donough, 

Donaghy ; Donat ; Denis, 

Denny ; Duncan. 
•OubAlcAC, Dualtagh, Duald ; 

'OtjbAn, Dowan. 
"Ovib-oAleite, Dudley. 
X)tibT)AttA, X>tJb-OAiiAC, Dudley. 
•OiabsAll, Dugald. 
•OubslAf, Douglas. 

Cacai-o, Aghy. 

eACAnn, eAccAi|t, Hector. 

6AX)bA|i-o, Edward. 

OAmonn, Eamon, Edmond, Ed- 
mund ; Edward. 

eAnAn, Enan, 

CAnnA, Enda. 

eAiACAn, Ercan, Erkan. 

eAt^nAn, Ernan ; Ernest. 

eibeA|i, Ever, Heber ; Ivor. 

eigneACAn, eijneACAn, Aeneas, 
Eneas ; Ignatius. 

einieA|t, Ever, Heber ; Ivor. 


(Simiti, Evin. 

ein]Ai, Henry. 

einGAiiion, Erevan, Heremon, 

Hermon ; Irving, 
eijinin, Ernin. 
eocAix), Oghie. 
e6in, Eoin, John ; Owen, 
eoin t)Aifce, John Baptist. 
eo5An, Eoghan, Owen ; Eugene. 
eo5Ainin, Oynie. 

"PAccriA, Fachnan ; Festus. 

"pAilbo, Falvy. 

■pAolAn, Felan. 

■peA^tA-QAC, Farry ; Ferdinand. 

"peAi^T^oiicA, Frederick ; Ferdin- 

"PeAjiJAl, Fergal, Farrell. 

"PeApgAnAinTn, Ferdinand. 

■peAiiguf , Fergus ; Ferdinand. 

■peicin, Fehin ; Festus. 

"Pei-olmi, PheHm ; Phihp ; Felix. 

■pei-olnnix), Felimy, Phelimy, 
Phelim ; Philip ; Felix. 

"PeoiiAf, Pierce. 

pACA, Feagh. 

pActiA, Fiachra, Feary. 

plib, Philip. 

pnj^in, Fineen, Finneen, Finnin, 
Finian ; Florence, Florry. 

"PinniAn, Finian. 

■piOTiATi, Fionan. 

■pionn, Finn. 

ponnAn, Finan, Fionan. 

ponnbAjtit, Finbar. 

pionncAn, Fintan. 

•piteAl, Florence, Florry. 

plAtin, Flann, Flan ; Florence 

"plAnnAn, Flannan. 

•pole, Foulk. 

"PHAinc, Frank. 

^AttbATi, Garvan. 
S^aiiaIi;, Gerald. 
5eA^iA]iT», Gerard. 
5eA]i6i-o, Garrett, Gerald, 

gcAfpAH, Jasper. '' 

5ilibeinc, Gilbert. 

5iobijn, Gibbon. 

51 oil A "beAjAAij, Gilvarry. 

510IIA "bjii's-oe, Gilbride. 

510IIA Cuiofc, Christian. 

510IIA *De, Gildea. 

510IIA GAfptnj, Archibald. 

51 oil A lofA, Gillisa, Gillesa, 

510IIA riA riAoni, Nehemiah. 

5io|(Aji-o, Gerard. 

5io|i6i-o, Garrett, Gerald, Ger- 

glAifne, Glasny. 

5o|fOAn, Gordon. 

5otpiiAi-6, 5otiiAi-6, Godfrey, 

SjteAsoitA, 5ri05A1i. Gregory. 

tlATinjiAOi, llAn|iAOi, Henry, 

tloiboAiix), Hubert ; Hugh. 
tloifieAbAtt'o, Herbert. 

lAjiplAit, Jarlath. 
lorhAji, Ivor. 
lofAc, Isaac, 
lofep, lofep, Joseph, 
lofoc, lofog, Isaac. 
1]iiaI, Irial. 
lijfCAf, Eustace. 

l/AbcAf, Luke. 

lAbiAAf, Laurence. 

Lacctia, Lucius. 

tAifiiiAn, Laserian. 

l/AOijfeAc, tAoifBAG, Lysagh ; 

Lucius ; Lewis, Louis. 
tA-pAiiAiATi, Laserian. 
teAclAinn, Laughlin ; Lanty. 
"Leon, Leo. 

tiAtn, William, Willie. 
toclAinn, LoclAnn, Loughlin; 

■Lorn An, Loman. 
toriAn, Lonan. 
l.o|tCAn, Lorcan ; Laurence. 


tiJCAn, Lucan. 

tucAf , Luke. 

l-uj^Ai-o, Lewy ; Lewis, Louis ; 

' Aloysius. 

niAeleAclAinn, ITlAel SeAC- 
lAinn, Melaghlin, Laughlin ; 
Lanty ; Malachy ; Milo, 
Miles, Myles. 

triAel 1ofA, Maelisa. 

tYlAJTitif, rriAsntif, Manus; Man- 

mAincin, Munchin. 

mAittciti, Martin. 

mAic, mAicin, Mat. 

mAiciAf, triAitiAf, Matthias. 

niAiciiJ, Matthew. 

mAO-665, Mogue ; Aidan ; Moses 

mAOilif, Meyler. 

mAolfteAnriACCA, Benedict. 

rriAGl Colm, rriAol Coltiim, Mal- 

mAolmorv-oA, Miles, Myles. 

niAol rhtJit^e, Meyler ; Milo ; 
Miles, Myles. 

mAol UtiA-OAin, Melrone. 

rriAttctif, Marcus, Mark. 

mAt»cAn, mAticAin, Martin. 

iriAtA, Matthew. 

mAcJArhAin, Mahon ; Matthew. 

meAllAii, Mellan, Meldan. 

meilfe6itA, Melchor. 

miceAl, miccAl, Michael. 

mtiiticeApcAC, Murtaugh, Murty; 

rntji|teA-6AC, Murry. 

niviipseAf, Maurice. 

■m«i|Mf, Maurice. 

muncAX), Murrough ; Morgan. 

riAorriAn, Nevan. 

tlAOf , Neece, Neese, Niece ; 

tlBAfAn, Nessan. 
•n6ill, Neal, Neale, Neil. 
HiaII, Niall, Neal, Neale. 
HiaIIati, Niallan. 
riioclAf, Nicholas. 

tliocol, Nicol. 


0-6|AAn, Oraii. 
OilibeAti, Oliver. 
Oifin, Ossin, Ossian. 
OfCAt^, Oscar. 

Pa-oha, Paddy. 

PAT)]1A1C, PAT)|1A1C, pA"0]tA15, 

pA-6tiAi5, Patrick. 
pAiT), Pat. 
Patoi, Paddy. 

pAi-oin, Padden, Paddy, Pat. 
pA-p-p^. Paddy. 

PA|\tAlAn, pAjttAlAtl, pA^vtlAII, 

Pa^icIau, pAttrlon, pAjicnAn, 
Bartholomew, Bartlemy, 

Bartley, Barkley, Berkley, 
Barclay, Bartel Parian, Bat, 

peAT)Ai]t, peAT)A)t, Peter. 

piA|tAf, Pierce. 

pilib, Philip. 

pitif, Pius. 

p6l, Paul. 

PjieAnn-OAij, Frank. 

P|ioinnfeAf, P]ioinnfiAf, 

PHonifiAf, Francis. 

riAT)vil13, Ralph. 

RAsriAll, UasiiaII, Reginald, 

Ronald ; Randal, Randulph. 
TlAibilin, Revelin. 
■R.Aix)|ii, Rory, Roderick ; Roger. 
RAtinAullb, Randulph. 
UeATTionn, Raymond, Redmond, 

neix)|ti, Rory, Roderick ; Roger, 

■RibeAt^T), RibeA|ic, 11ibi|\c, Rio- 

bA|ix), RiobAitc, Robert. 
RiocAi^-o, RiocA|fo, Rickard, 

UifceAii-o, Richard. 
■RoT)lAi"6e, Rox)lArin, Roland, 

noT)tillD, Ralph. 
•RoibeAii, Robin. 


RoibeAtix), TloibeAtfo, Robert. 
Roit)ilin, Revelin ; Rowland, 

Roibin, Robin. 
RonAn, Ronan. 
nof, Ross. 
UtiA-oAn, Rowan. 
ntiAToni, Rory, Roderick ; 

Roger, Roddy. 
Rtiibilin, Revelin ; Rowland, 


SAettb|ieAtAc, Justin. 

SAilbeAfCA^i, Sylvester. 

SAiriAitile, Charles. 

SeA-oriA, Sidney. 

SeAp^iA, SeA]:|AAi-6, Geoffrey. 

SeAgAti, Shane, John. 

SeAmvjf, Shemus, James. 

Sbati, Shane, John. 

SeAtiAti, Senan, Sinan, Synan, 

SeAt^lAf, SeAttlvif, Charles. 

SeAjitA, Sheary, Geoffrey, Jeff- 

SeAjitiJTi, Geoffrey, Jeffrey. 

SeACjAA, Sheary, Geoffrey, Jef- 

SeAtjiajn, SeAt|tijn, Sheron, 
Geoffrey, Jeffrey. 

Seoi^ife, George. 

Seon, John. 

SeofAtii, SeofAp, SeofAp, 

Sia"6aI, SiajaI, Shiel. 

Simix), Jimmy. 

Siop|AAi-6, Geoffrey. 

SiomAiT), Jimmy. 

Siomon, Siomonti, Siomun, 

SioTJAn, Sinan, Synan, Sinon. 

SifeAl, Cecil. 

SolATh, Solomon. 

SoniAi|ile, Sorley ; Samuel ; 

SceApAti, Sceiniin, SciAbAn, 

SciAbnA, SciAtiA, Scibin, 

Scio-pAti, Stephen. 
Stiibne, Sivney ; Simon. 

Cat)5, Teige, Teague ; Thad- 
daeus, Thaddeus, Thady, 
Thade ; Timothy, Tim. 

CAi"65in, Tim. 

CAfilA, Turlough ; Charles. 

CeAboiT), Tibbot, Theobald ; 
Tobias, Toby. 

<::eA"o6i|i, Theodore. 

CijeAiiriAC, Tierney. 

CigeAttnAn, Tiernan. 

CioboiT), Tibbot, Theobald ; 
Tobias, Toby. 

CiomoiT), Timothy. 

Coi|tx)eAlbAc, Turlough ; Ter- 
ence, Terry ; Charles. 

ComAifin, Tommy. 

CoitiaIcac, Tomaltagh, Tumelty 

ComAf, Thomas. 

CjtAelAc, Turlough ; Terence, 
Terry ; Charles. 

C-uacaI, Toal, Tully. 

tlAicei|i, Walter. 

VlAitne, Hewney, Oney, Owney, 

Oynie ; Anthony, Antony, 
UaIcaii, Walter. 
vlgAine, Hugony. 
Uileog, Ulick ; Ulysses. 
Uilpitix), Wilfrid. 
UilloAC, Ulick ; Ulysses. 
V1 1 1ll Am, William. 
Uillioc, Ulick ; Ulysses. 
UiTifeATiTi, Uinfionn, Vincent. 
UnpiiAi-o, Humphrey. 



AbAigeAl, AbAi5, Abigail, 
Abbey, Abbie. 

A^AZA, Agatha. 

A5nA, Ina. 

Aibilin, Aileen, Eveleen, Evelyn 

Aipjiic, Afric, Africa, Aphria. 

Aigneif, Agnes. 

Ailbe, Alvy, Elva. 

Aili-6, Alley, 

Ailif, Ailif, Ailife, AilfB, 
Alicia, Alice, Aylice, Elsha. 

Ai mill on A, Amelina. 

A^■ne, Anne, Anna. 

AinsBAl, Angela. 

Aiflin5, Aiflmn, Esther. 

Aitce, Atty. 

AIaix), Alley. 

-AlAfC|tionA, Alastrina, Alexan- 

Allfijn, Allison. 

-dniiA, AnriA, Anna, Anne. 

x^nriAblA, Annabel, Annabella, 
Arabella, Bella. 

AnnfCAf, Anastasia. 

Ao-oTiAic, Enat, Ena, Eny. 

AoibeAtin, Eavan. 

Aoipe, Eva. 

Ac^iAcr, Attracta. 

"bAb, Babe. 

"bAibin, Barbara, Barbary, Bab. 

X)A\\^h\\e, X)A^\yb\^e, Barbara, 

t)eAn rhuTTiAn, Benvon. 
"beAti ttli-oe, Benvy. 
t)ebinr>, Vivian. 
"blAc, Flora. 
"blAtriAiX), Florence. 

"bttis-oe, Brigid, Bridie, Breeda ; 

"b^iis-oin, Bridie, Breeda, Bidina, 

Bidelia, Dina, Delia, Dillie, 

■bjiijiT), Brigid, Bride, Breeda ; 


Caic, Kate. 
Caici, Katty. 

CAicilin, Kathleen, Catherine. 
CAicin, Katie, Katty. 
CAiclin, Kathleen, Catherine. 
Caic^iiti, CAic|iionA, Catherine. 
CAOilpionn, Keelin. 
CActiAome, Catherine. 
CiAtiriAic, Kinnat, Keenat. 
C|tifcin, CuifciotiA, Christina. 

•OArhriAic, Devnet, Downet, 

*OeAttbAil, Derval, Dervilia. 
•Ooi|teATin, Dorren ; Dorothy ; 

eA-OAom, Edwina. 
eAttriAic, Ernet. 
eiblin, Eileen, Eveleen, Evelyn, 

Aileen, Ellen, Helen, Ellie, 

Eily, Nellie, Nell, Lena. 
eileAn6|tA, eilionoitt, Eleanor, 

eilif, eilife, Elizabeth, Eliza, 

Elsie, Lizzie, Bessie, Betsey, 

Betty ; Alicia, Alice, Aylice. 
eimile, Emily, 
eifciji, Esther, 
eitne, Eithne, Ethna, Etney ; 



■pAiiice, Fanny. 
■pAOilcijeAtitiA, Whiltierna. 
pA-otiAic, Feenat, Feena. 
■pionnjtiAlA, Finola, Nuala ; 

Flora ; Penelope, Penny ; 


gobriAic, Gobinet, Gobnet, 
Gubby ; Abigail, Abbey, 
Abbie, Abina ; Deborah, 
Debby ; Webbie. 

5o|tTnplAit, Gormlaith, Gorm- 
ley ; Barbara, Barbary. 

5]tAinne, Grace ; Gertrude, 

tlil-oe, Hilda, Hildy. 

lT>e, Ida, Ita. 

1-peAbAl, IfibeAl, Isabella, Sybil, 
Sibby ; Elizabeth, Eliza, 
Bessie ; Annabel, Annabella, 

l/AbAoife, Louisa. 
tA-pAi^ipioriA, Lassarina. 
teATi, Eleanor, Eleanora. 
til, tile, Lily, Lelia. 
ttngfOAC, Lucy. 

triA-OA, Maud. 
mAX)Ailein, Madeline. 
mAible, Mabel. 
TYlAij-olin, Madeline. 
mAijr'eA-o, Margaret, Maggie, 

ITlAille, iTlAilfe, iriAilci, Molly ; 

Margery, Marjory. 
mAitte, Mary, Moira. 

tnAiyieAT), r>lA1|ieAT), rriAl 115116 AX), 

tnAi]i5tieAT), Margaret, Maggie 

mAijiin, Maureen, May, Molly. 
mAitir^' mAitifile, Marcella. 
mAici, Matty. 
■niAicil-oe, Matilda. 
mAllAi-6, Mollv. 

triAiiAO-o, Margaret, Maggie, 

ITlAiicA, Martha. 
meA-ob, Meave ; Maud ; Mab- 

bina ; Mabel ; Margery, Mar- 
jory ; Madge, 
me All A, Mella. 
meAtif, Mary, 
mei-obin, Mabbina. 
mix)e, Meeda. 
moinin, Moreen. 
moncA, Monica, 
moti. More ; Martha ; Mary ; 

mtJA-OTiAir, Monat, Mona. 
muiiie, Mary. 
mtii|ieAT), mwitjeAT), Margaret, 

Maggie, Madge. 
mtiiiijeAl, Murel ; Muriel. 
mtiineAnn, ITltiiiiirin, invj|iAinii, 

Morrin ; Marion ; Madge. 
mti|iAi-o, Margaret, Maggie, 


tlAblA, riAible, Annabel, Anna- 
bella, Nabla, Mabel, Bella. 

tlAirifeAT), rieAtif, Nancy, Nance 
Nan, Anne. 

tlBAfA, Nessa. 

tieill, neilli, Nell, Nellie. 

tloinin, noitiin, Nonie ; Daisey. 

tlotiA, Nora, Norah, Honor, 
Honora, Honoria, Nonie, 
Nanno ; Hannah. 

ntiAlA, Nuala ; Nappy ; Pene- 
lope, Penny. 

O-oAttnAic, Ornat, Orna. 

Oilbe, Elva ; Olive. 

OnojiA, Honor, Honora, Nora, 

Norah ; Hannah. 
Ottf^lAit, Orlaith. 

PaiIi, pAilr, PaI, Poll, Polly. 
pei5, pei^i, Peg, Peggy. 
pytoinnfeAf, p^ioinfeAf, Fran- 
ces, Fanny. 


TlActiAic, Renny. 
■RiceAl, Richella. 
RiogtiAc, Regina. 
■Roif, Roife, Uoifiri, Rose. 

SAbA, SAT)b,SAT)bA, Sive ; Sabia; 

Sophia, Sophy ; Sarah ; Sally. 
SAiX)bin, Sabina. 
SeAtvlAic, Charlotte. 
Se6fAinitin, Josephine. 
SlAine, Slany. 
Sib^Al, Isabella, Sybil, Sibby, 

Elizabeth, Eliza, Bessie, 

Betty ; Annabel, Annabella, 

Sibi, SiobAij, Sibby. 
SiobAinin, Hannah ; Josephine. 
SiobAn, Joan, Johanna, Hannah, 

Julia, July ; Judith, Judy, 

Jude; Susanna, Susan ; Nonie. 
Site, Cecelia, Cecily, Celia ; 

Sella, Sheila, Sheela ; Sabina, 

Sibby, Sally ; Julia, July ; 

Judith, Judy, Jude. 
Sine, SmeA-o, SineAix), Jane, 

Jennet, Jenny. 

Sifile, Cecelia, Cecily. 
SiubAinin, Hannah ; Josephine. 
SitibAn, Joan, Johanna, Hannah, 

Julia, July ; Judith, Judy, 

Jude ; Susanna, Susan ; 

S11J1, Susanna, Susan. 
So|icA, Sarah, Sally. 
SofAix), SofAnriA, Susanna, 

SceifB, Anastasia. 
SufAnriA, Susanna Susan. 

€11*06, Tilda. 

CoitieAfA, Teresa, Tessie. 

CtiAOine, Cj^ioriA, Trina ; Katie, 

CtiBAfA, Cjieife, Teresa, Tessie. 

ClriA, Una, Uny ; Unity ; Wini- 
fred, Winefred, Winnie, 
Winny ; Agnes. 

UiiftilA, Ursula. 



A "bAttitA, Barry. 

AbboiT), Abbott. 

A blAc, Blake. 

A "bloi-o. Blood. 

AbiAAliAtn, Abraham. 

A tl)|iiuf, Bruce. 

A t)tilA, Wooley. 

AcAOT), Hackett. 

a' 6ntJic, Hill. 

A ColbA|i-o, Colbert. 

a' "Outia, Doona. 

A "Pao, Fay. 

A "Pii^in, Freyne, Frein, etc. 

-A5Af, Ashe. 

a' $einiiii-6, Winter, Winters. 

a' ^leAnriA, Glanny, Glenny, 

a' ^leAnncAin, Glanton. 
A tlo^A, Hore, Hoare. 
AiceiT), Hackett. 
Ai-oIbatic, Ellard. 
Ai^leAiic, Ailward, Aylward, 

Alyward, etc, 
AijlTneAji, Aylmer, Elmer, etc. 
Ailein, Alleine, Alleyne, Allan, 

Allen, etc. 
Ailin, Alhn, Allen, etc. 
Ain-oinxi, Andrew. 
xXin^leAn-o, Angland, Ankland, 

xXingleif, English, Englishe. 
Ainsleonc, Angland, Ankland, 

Ai|ii5, Airey. 
AijiniGAf, Ormsby. 

AinfeAboi-o, Archabold, Archi- 
^ bold, Archbold, etc. 

Aijtfeil, Archfield. 

Ai|Afeiii, Archer, Orchard. 

Ai|tpibeAl, Archibald. 

Ai|ifT)eicin, Archdeacon. 

x5i.if, Ashe. 

AifeAboi-o, Asbold, Aspoll, 
Aspel, Esbald, etc. 

Aifeiji, Archer, Auher. 

xXiflinn, Ashlin. 

-Aifceicin, Archdeacon, 

AlATTiAn, Allman. 

AlAttx). Ellard. 

AlbATiAC, Scott. 

Alcoc, Alcock. 

A Lhife, Lynch. 

AlfAn-OAiji, Elshander, Alex- 
ander, etc. 

Alcun, Alton. 
a' 1t»ACAi|ie, Maghery. 
Ambpof, Am|\6f, Am]iti-p, Am- 
A't1luilnin, Mills. 
Ancoicil, Anketell, Ankethill, 

Ankle, etc. 
An-o|iAOfAri, Anderson. 
ATI Cnuic, Hill. 
ATI "OuriA. Doona. 
ATI $eiTiTiii-6, Winter, Winters, 
An ^IcAnriA, Glanny, Glenny. 

An ^iBAnncAin, Glanton. 
An ttlACAine, Maghery, 
An rhtjilmn. Mills. 
An p]\e\t, O'Pray, Pray. 


Anc6iti, Ancoine, Antony, 

ATI cSeACA, Frost. 
AH cSitjlDAil, Walker. 
ATI cSneACCA, Snow. 
A PaoI, Powell. 
a' "ptteit, O'Pray, Pray. 
A PiiiocAi)AX), Prickard, Pri- 

A Pt^if, Pryse, Pryce, Price. 
A puifceAi^T), Pritchard. 
xXjiAlc, Harald, Harold, Harrold. 
A^AfCAin, Erskine, Erksine. 
^t^-OACA, Ardagh. 
AumAf, Ormsby. 
'A-pn6iX), Arnold, Arnott. 
A^oi-o, Harrot, Harold, etc. 
A^cuii, Arthur, Arthurs. 
AuAOi, Athyt. 
AcAfAC, Ashe. 
a' cSoaca, Frost. 
a' cSitJhAil, Walker. 
a' cStibacca, Snow. 

t)Ab, Babe. 

"bACAein, Baker. 

"bAcun, Bacon. 

"bA-octin, Boy ton. 

iDAsriAl, Bagnall, Bagnell, etc. 

"bAjdiT), Bagot, Bagott, Baggot, 

t)Aic6iti, Baker. 
t)AiT)ciijn, Boyton. 
"bAilitif^i^i, Balling er. 
tDAilmcin, Ballantine. 
t)Ailincin, Valentine. 
t)Ailir. Wallace, Walhs, Walsh. 
"bAilifce, Ballesty. 
"bAille, Bailie, Bailey, Bayly. 
tDAifieiX), Barrett. 
tDAifeiT), Bassett. 
"bAifn^iT), Basnet. 
t)Al, Ball. 
t)Alb, Balfe. 
"bAl-ouTi, Baldoon, Ballon, 

Baldin, Baldwin. 
t)AllA]i-o, Ballard, Bollard. 
bAlx)tiin5, Baldwin. 

IDati, Baun, Bawn, Bane, Bayne, 

Baynes, etc. ; White. 
t)At»Ain, Warren, Warrin ; 

"bAfiAncAC, Walsh. 
"bA-fiCAjt, Barker. 
t3A]i6iT), Barrett. 
"bA^Acun, Barton. 
t)Attijn, Baron, Barron. 
"bAc, Bath, Baith, Bates, etc. 
t)eA5, Bueg, Begg, Begge, 

Beggs ; Little ; Small. 
"beAlAcun, Belton, Weldon, 

"beAttriAlJAl, Barnwell, Barne- 

wall, etc. 
"beA^triAif, Bearnes, Barnes. 
"beA-priAtA-o, Barnard, Bernard. 
■beAnci^ATii, Bertram. 
beAflAij;, t)eAflAOi, Beasley, 

"beAfcijn, Baston, Beston. 
t)eille, t)eilliii, Bellew. 
t)eilleA5Am, Bellingham. 
tDemeiT), Bennett, 
"bei^ic. Berth. 
"biA-ocAC, Betagh, Beatagh, 

Beatty, etc. 
"bibine, Dobbin, Dobbins. 
bigOAii, Biggar, Bigger. 
t>inei-o, Bennett. 
"biTinfo, Binchy. 
"bionsAm, Bingham, Bigham. 
t)ion6iT), Bennett. 
"bifeiT), Bissett. 
t)lACAC, Blacagh, Blake. 
"blAOTD, Bluett, Blewett, etc. 
t)l6ine, Bleney, Bleaney Blaney 

Blainey, Blayney. 
blitnc. Bluett, Blewett. 
"bloi-o. Blood. 
t)l\iinnfin, Blanchfield, Blanch- 

"bo-oleitt. Bowler. 
t36x)xin, Bowden, Boden, etc. 
"boi-oicin. Bodkin. 
t)6ix»in, Boden, etc. 
t)6ilei|i, Bowler. 


t)6inTi, Bowen. 

t>oiiieil, Burrell. Berrell, Berr- 

all, Berrill, Birrell, etc. 
"bolctin, Bolton, 
■bottcuic, Borthwick. 
"bofCAc, Fox. 
t)|tAbAfxin, Brabazon. 
"btiAn, Bran, Branne ; Burns. 
"bjiATi-oun, Brandon. 
"btiATinoc, Brannock, Brannick, 

t)|tAnc, Brant, Brand. 
t)]ieATiTi 6c, Brannock, Brannick, 

t>peAiit:un, Brearton, Brerton, 

tDjteAttiAc, Brennagh, Bran- 
nagh ; Walsh, Walshe. etc. 
bfiiAn, Brian, Bryan, Brien, etc. 
t)|t(-oe, "bpi-oeAc, Bride. 
"btiiseAc, Brigg, Bridge, 
■bpiorcti, Briscoe, Brisco. 
"bttic, btiicBAc, Britt, Brett. 
tDjioc, Brock. 
"bpu^A, Burrowes, Burrows ; 

btitiicleij, btttiicleic, Brickley, 

"bpuii. Brown, Browne. 
"buATDAn, Bowman. 
t)uAnionr», Beaumont. 
t)iix)AnLAi5, Butterly. 
tDu-ofiAti, Bowdren. 
btiilceiji, builceiji, Butler. 
biiinneAn, Banane, Binane, 
Bonin, Bunyan ; Bennett. 
biii|i5eir. Burgess, Burges, etc. 
"bxjipjeip, Burris, etc. 
bxnjifeil, Burchell. 
bxni^eijt, Bowcher, Busher, 

Bussher, etc. 
buifceiji. Butcher. 
biiiceAC, Boyd, 
buicilein, Butler. 
buicn-nei|t, Buttimer. 
buicleiti, Butler, 
bill pin, Bulfin. 
bunbc\c, Burbage. 

but\-oun, Burdon. 
bup, Boyce, etc. 
bupcAtt-D, Bustard. 

Ca-oaI, Cadell, Caddell, etc. 

CAitnbeAl, Cambell, Campbell. 

CAimpion, Campion. 

CAmfjion, Cameron. 

CAtincAli^Ti, Cantillon, Cantlon. 

CATinctiAl, Cantwell. 

Catiticijti, Canton, Candon. 

CahcuaI, Cantwell. 

CATicun, Canton, Candon. 

CAoriiAnAc, Cavanagh, Kavan- 
agh, etc. 

CAplAif, Capples, Caplis, Cap- 
lice, Caples. 

CA|itAun, Carew, Carey. 

CAf, Cass. 

Cac, Cott, Coates. 

CoAnnc, Kent. 

CeA^iT), Caird. 

Ceicinn, Keating, Keatinge. 

CiCBAm, Kickham. 

Cimpeic. Kennifeck, Kennefick, 

CinTiicei-o, Kincaid, Kinkead. 

CinnreAlAC. Kinshela, Kinsella. 

CmnfeATHAn, Kingston. 

Cine, Kent. 

Ciomrog, Ciorog, Ciunirog. 

Cusack, Cussack, etc. 
ClAnn-oioluin, Clandillon. 
CIa|i, Clare. 

CleifieAC, Clarke, Clark, etc. 
Clnrieif, Clement. 
Clinfe, Clinch, Clynch. 
Cliopouc Cliliord. 
Clioncvin, Clinton. 
Cocf, Cox, Coxe. 
Co-QA, Codd. 
Coilei|i, CoHier. 
Coill-oub, Blackwood. 
Coimin, Comin, Comyn, Comyns^ 

Cummins, etc. . 


CoipiTi56i|i, Coipineip, Gopin- 

ger, Coppinger. 
C6ipliT)e, Copley. 
C6l, Cole. 
Col, Coll. 
ColbAt\-o, Colbert. 
Colcloc, Colclogh, Colclough. 
Colcu n , Colhoun, Colquhoun, etc. 
ColmATi, Coleman. 
Colcun, Colton. 
ComAt^, Comber, Comer. 
ComA^cun, Comerton, Comer- 
ford, etc. 
Conx)un, CoriTTOun, Condon. 
CoiAbAiTD, Corbett, Corbitt. 
Cot»cAir, Corket. 
CoiAHT)ub, Corduff. 
Cofcun, Costune, Costum. 
CjtA-potic, Craforte, Crawford, 

C]iAnuic, Cranwich, Cranitch. 
CpAobAc, Creagh, 
CiteATJOc, C|ieAT)65, Craddock. 
CpeA5, C|teo5, Cregg, Craig. 
C]iiofc6i|i, Christopher. 
Cpoc, Croke, Croake, etc. 
C|AomAil, Crummell, Grummell, 

CjiomcA, Crombie, Cromie, 

C|t6n, Crone. 

C|\uc, Crooke, Crooks, etc. 
Cjiuif, Cruise, Cruice. 
C|iuifeiii, Crozier. 
Cue, Cooke. 
CiiileAn-OA]t, Collendar, Callen- 

Cuiltei|t, Quilter. 
Cuimin, Comyn, Cumming, 

Cummins, etc. 
Cuipei|i, Cowper, Cooper. 
Cui^ifeAC, De Courcy, Courcey, 

Cui]Aceif, Curtis, etc. 
Cuifi'n, Cousin, Cushen, Cussen, 

Cousins, etc. 
CujAfAC, De Courcy, Courcey, 


Cx\z, Coote. 

*OAibif, Davis. 

•OAinfeiii, Aungier, Danger. 

"OAiji-oif; Dardis. 

*OAiiifi5, D'Arcy, Darcy. 

"OaIaici-o, Delahide, Delahoyde. 

*OAlATnAviA, Delamar, Delamere, 

Delmar, etc. 
•OaIacuti, "OAlrtin, Dalton, 

X>AfAn, 'OAfon, Dawson. 
*OAcxJn, Daton, Daughton, Daw- 
tin ; Dalton. 
X)eAX)\\xif, Devereux. 
x>e "bAcvin, Bacon, 
•oe t)A-6t:iJn, Boyton. 
x>e t)AileAHA, de Valera. 
"oe t)Aileif, "oe t)Ail^f, •oe 

t)Ailif, Wallis, Wallace ; 

Walsh, etc. 
-oe -DAI, Wall, 
•oe t)Ale|tA, de Valera. 
•oe t) Alexin, Walton, 
•oe 13a|iiia, Barry, Barrie. 
•oe tDAjiciin, Barton, 
•oe "bAf, Bass, 
•oe t)AfCAblA, Bastable, Bas- 

•oe t)At, Bath, Baith, Bates, 
•oe t)eAl, Veale. 
■oe "beAlAcim, Belton, Veldon, 

•oe ticAii'oijn, Verdon, Varden, 

•oe "beAjiiiAbAl, Barnewall, 

Barnavill, Barnwell, 
•oe t)eic. Beck, Bex. 
-oe beil. Bell. 
x)e l!)eiii, De Vere. 
•oe t)iAl, Veale. 
•oe "blAC, -oe t)lACA, Blake, 
•oe "blACAl, Blackball, 
-oe "blACAtn, Blackham. 
•oe blACtiAl, Blackwell. 
•oe "blAg-o, Blythe. 
•oe blmnnfiol, Blanchville, 



x>e t>6\x), Wood, Woods. 

•oe tDollcun, Bolton. 

•oe t)on-o, Bond, Bonde. 

•oe t)ofc, Fox. 

•oe t)ofc6c, Bostock. 

•oe t)oc, Butt. 

•oe t)ocijri, Bone, Bowen. 

•oe t)tiATTOun, Brandon. 

•oe t)|tAcijn, Bratton. 

x>e b^A^A-outi, Bredon, Breadon, 

Breydon, etc. 
■oe t)|\eATir»6c, Brennock, Bran- 
nock, Brannick, etc. 
■oe t)f«eAct4Ti, Bretton, Britton. 
•oe iDiieic, Brett, 
•oe tDpi, Bree, Bray, 
•oe h\\^s, Brigg, Briggs, Bridge, 
•oe t)|tiocun, Britton, Bretton, 

•oe tD|\ic, Britt, Brett, 
•oe t)|tii4f, Bruce, 
•oe "b^tdc, Brooke, Brookes, 

•oe t)|toccijn, Broughton. 
•oe t)|tijc, Brooke, Brookes, 

-oe tD^viJA, Bury, Burrows, 

Burrowes ; Burgess, Burges, 

•oe t)tMjn, Brown, Browne, 
•oe "binjucun, Brunton. 
-oe tDjiuf, Bruce, 
-oe tDuAmotiTj, Beaumont. 
*oe t)uiT»ti, Wynne, Winn, 
•oe t)viinbiol, Banville, Banvill, 

Bonfield, Bunfield. 
-oe Xyvwc, Boyd, 
-oe "buicileiti, -oe X)m^x:\,^\\\, 

-oe t)ul, •oe t)ull3, Woulfe, 

Wolfe, etc. 
-oe t)u|\c, -oe t)ut*cA, De Burgh, 

Burke, Bourke. 
•oe t)tJii*ouTi, Burdon. 
•oe t)tj|icuTi, Burton, 
•oe t)ijf, Boyse, Boyes, Boice, 

-oe CAifBAl, Cassell, Cashel, etc. 

•oe CATiticAlun, Cantillon, Cant- 
Ion, etc. 
•oe CAnncwAl, Cantwell. 
•oe CAnnctin, Canton, Candon, 

•oe CATictiAl, Cantwell. 
•oe CAHT>uib, Cardiff, Kerdiffe. 
•oe CAttlcun, Carleton, Carlton. 
x)e Caii]aai5, Carrick, Craig, etc. 
•oe CAt^itun, Carew, Carey, 
•oe CACAi-p, Carr. 
•oe CeAtinc, Kent, 
•oe CeApoc, •oe CeApog, Keap- 

pock, Keppock, Cappock, &c. 
•oe CeA|tfAi5, Kearsey. 
•oe c6iciT>r», Keating, Keatinge. 
•oe Cinip6ic, Kennifeck, Ken- 

nefick, etc. 
•oe Ciomfog, "oe Ciurrifds, 

Cusack, etc. 
•oe ClA|t, Clare. 
•oe CleArun, Clayton, 
•oe Clei]i, Cleere, Clear, 
•oe Cliopojtt;, Clifford, 
•oe Clioncun, Clinton, 
•oe Cnoc, Knox, 
-oe CogAti, Cog an, Goggin, etc, 
•oe CorriAtt, Comber. 
•oe Co^tlijAile, Corbally. 
•oe Cocun, Cotton. 
•oe C^iApour:, Crawford, etc. 
•oe Ct^Ais, •oe Cj^eAs, Cregg 

Craig, etc. 
•oe C^ioccAf , Crofts, 
•oe Ciioccxin, Crofton. 
•oe C|\viif, Cruice, Cruise, Cross, 
•oe CuijAceif , Curtis, Curties, &c. 
•oe Ctiicleip, Quilter, 
•oe Cij|ifA, De Courcy, Courcey, 

-oe *OiiJiT), Tuite. 
•oe *Ottom5tjl, Dromgoole, 

Drumgoole, Drumgoold. 
•oe *Out<ATn, Durham, Derham. 
•oe V^e, Fay. 
•oe Paoic, •oe -pAOice, White, 

•oe -pilxje. Field. 


x>e ponnslAf, Finglas. 

■oe "Ppein, -oe "Ptieine, Freyne, 
Frein, Frayne, Freney, 
Freeney, etc. 

xte "Piteinf, French. 

•oe puice, Whitty. 

x)e 'puir:lei5, Whiteley, Whitley. 

•oe "puicTiij, Whitney. 

•oe 5Ailli-6e, Galloway, Gallway, 
Galway, etc. 

•oe ^AllbAile, Galbally. 

•oe 5ao|a, Gware, Gore. 

•oe 5Afcijn, Gascoigne, Gaskin. 

•oe 5eA|iT), Garde. 

•oe ^eACA, Yeates. 

•oe glAinbiol, Glanville, Glan- 

•oe 5lin, Glynn, Glinn, Glenn. 

•DO 56]i"ovin, Gordon. 

•oe 5t^Ae, Grey, Gray. 

•oe 5|tATTOxin, Grandon, Gran- 

•oe 5t^'Annc, Grant. 

•oe 511A01". Green, Greene. 

•oe 5t(6tb, Graves, Greaves. 

•oe 5ij|iATn, Gorham. 

•oe tiAe, Hay, Haye, Hayes. 

•oe hAl, Hall. 

•oe tlAlAboi-o, Hollywood. 

•oe tlAlbui-oe, Halvey, Hollway, 

•oe tlAlcijn, Halton. 

•oe "hAtnAlctin, Hamilton. 

■oe "hATncxin, Hampton. 

•oe tlAtibtJti^A, Hanbury, Hand- 
bury, Hanbery, Hanberry, 
Anborough, Anboro, etc. 

•oe tlA^iput^, Harpur, Harper. 

•oe "heA-oun, Heden, Headon, 
Heydon, Haydon, etc. 

•oe Y\eA\\\>o\ix:, Harford, Hart- 
ford, etc. 

•oe tlenebiie, Henebery, Hene- 
bry, etc. 

•oe lli-oe, Hyde. 

•oe 11ionbuii5A,Henebery,Hene- 
berry, Hennebry, Henebry, 

•oe lloccun, Houghton, Haugh- 

ton, etc. 
•oe l^oti, •oe ll6|tA, Hore, Hoar, 

•oe tl6tifAi5, Horsey ; Hurst, 
•oe tlofAe, x)e tlijfAe, Hussey. 
X)eibnif, Devenish ; Devereux. 
•oe ifeif, Irish, 
•oe liileonc, Ireland. 
X)eife, Dease. 
*OeifeAC, Deasy, Deasey. 
•oe La, Law. 
•oe tAtiscijn, Langton. 
•oe teA-oijf, Ledwich, Ledwidge, 

Ledwitch, Ledwith, Lidwich, 

■oe "LeAfrA^i, Leicester, Ley- 

cester, Lester, Lister, Lyster. 
•oe t6i5, Leigh, Legge, Lea, 

Lee, etc. 
•oe tei^inn, -oe t^in, Lane, 
"oe teif, De Lacy, Lacy, Lacey, 

•oe tiAt, Leo. 
•oe Unfe, Lynch, 
•oe Uon, Lyon, Lyons, etc. 
•oe 'Lionc6l, Lincoln, 
•oe Vioncijn, Linton, Lynton, 

•oe tioflA, Leslie, Lesley, 
•oe tiofcijn, Liston. 
•oe toccuf, Loftus, Loftis. 
•oe 'Lonx)|iA, "oe ton-o^AAf , Land- 

rey. Landers, 
•oe ton'oviTi, Lundon, London, 

•oe "Long, Long, 

■oe l.unx)t(Af , Landers, Launders, 
•oe mif6i-o, Misset. 
•oe inoinbiol, Mandeville ; 

•oe moiit^if, Morris ; Morrison, 
•oe moiiAcmiei|t, Mortimer, 
■oe moncAin, Montane, Moun- 
tain, etc. 
•oe m6)iA, More, Moore, etc. 
•oe mottcun, Moreton, Morton, 
•oe motxin. Moon, Moone. 


•oe mufJA, More, Moore, etc. 

•oe tiAif, Nash, Naish. 

*oe tiAf, Nash, Naish. 

"oe rieAT), Neville. 

•oe tleA'otiAibiol, Netterville, 

X)enn, Denn. 

-oe 11651 A, Nangle, Nagle, 
Neagle, etc. 

•oe tloiiieif, Norrish, Norris, &c. 

•oe t1o|tA-6, •oe rio|iAi-6, Noury, 
Nowry ; Norris. 

•oe no|\T:ijn, Norton. 

•oe tltjibiol, Neville. 

•oe riuinnfeAnri, Nugent. 

•oe OinjiAll, Uriell, Eurell, 

•oe pAijtif, Parish. 

•oe Pao|i, Poer, Poor, Power. 

•oe peAcun, Peyton, Payton. 

•oe piombt^og, -oe piotib|v6c, 

•oe poitte, Perry, Pirrie. 

•oe poiiicinseil, Portabello. 

•oe pom^Ae, Pomeroy, Pomroy. 

•oe PttAt, Pratt. 

*oe PjAeAfcun, Preston. 

•oe PtiioiTOAiisAf, •oe PlAIOtTOt^A- 
5Af, Prendergast, Prinder- 
gast, Pendergast, Pender- 
grass ; Pender, Pinder, etc. 

•oe Pt»ioiinbiol, Prendeville, 

Prindeville, Prendible, Pren- 
derville, Pendiville ; Brans- 

•oe riAileis, Rally, Rawley, 
Rawleigh, Raleigh. 

•oe TlAmfAij, Ramsey, Ramsay. 

•oe RAt, Rath. 

•oe Riox)aI, Riddell, Riddle, 
Ruddell, Ruddle. 

•oe RifeATnonn, Richmond. 

•oe Roifce, Roche, Roache. 

•oe Tlof , Ross. 

*-oe Uofpouc, Rochefort, Roch- 
fort, Rochford, Rushford, &c. 

•oe Rtiif, Rush. 

•oe R^f, Rose. 

•oe SAbjiAinn, Saurin. 

•oe SAilig^itt, Sallinger, Sellin- 

ger, St. Ledger, etc. 
•oe SAinciteAb, Santry. 
•oe SAijifeil, Sarsfield, etc. 
•oe SaI, Sail, Saul. 
•oe SattoaI, Sandall, Sandell. 
•oe SAtipo^c, Sanford. 
•oe SA05t(Ab, Seagrave, Segrave, 

Seagrove, Segre. 
•oe SceAlAf, Scales, 
•oe SceAldjn, Skelton. 
•oe Scopul, Scuffil, Scofield, 

Schofield, Scholefield. 
•oe ScjAibin, Scriven. 
•oe Sct^in, Skryne. 
•oe SCAnrtteAb, Santry. 
•oe Sinclei|i, Sinclare, Sinclair, 

•oe SmseAlrun, Singleton. 
*oe Si on villi, Shinnor, Shinnors. 
•oe Siun, Younge, Young, 
•oe SiiJticA, Joynt. 
•oe SlAine, Slane. 
•oe SpAine, Spain. 
•oe ScAbAlcun, Stapelton, 

•oe ScACAbul, "oe ScACApwl, 

Stackpole, Stackpoole. 
•oe ScA-potir, Stafford. 
•oe ScAineAf, Staines. 
•oe ScAinlei5, Stanley. 
•oe ScAni^oiir;, Stanford, Stan- 

•oe Scoc, Stokes, Stoakes. 
•oe Sconrroun, Staunton, Stan- 
ton, Stundon, Sdundon. 
•oe SuAticun, Swanton. 
•oe SuitiseAn, St. John, Singen, 

Singin, etc. 
•oe Sucun, Sutton, 
•oe Ciu, Tew. 
•oe Ciuic, Tuite. 
•oe CjAAibeAtif, Travers, Tra- 

vors, Trevors, etc. 
•oe C|teAnr, Trant. 
•oe Cpe6, Troy. 
•oe Ct»t>im, Trim. 


■oe CiJirilei5, Townley. 

•oe Ui-oeAf, Wise, Wyse. 

•oe Ui5eAm6ti, Wigmore. 

•QiolmAin, "Oiolun, Dillon. 

•Oi|iin5, Deering. 

X>ob, Dobbs. 

X)ox)A, Dodd, Dodds. 

•Ooibin, Dobbin, Dobbyn, Dob- 
bins, Dobbyns. 

'Doi'oin, Dodding. 

•Ooilpin, Dolfin, Dolphin. 

XJoingeAt^T), *OoinneAt^-o, Uni- 
acke, Uniack, Uniake. 

X)ollAtfo, "OollAiic, Dollard, 

•QoTTOijn, Dondon, Dundon. 

"OonsATi, Dongan, Dungan, Dun- 

"DonTTOtin, Dondon, Dundon. 

"OjiAC, Drake. 

T)ttAopAti, Draper. 

T)ttiiJ, Drew. 

"Ottoj, *0|io5A, Drough, Drew. 

•Ottomsul, Dromgoole, Drum- 
goole, Drumgoold. 

*0]A<j, Drew. 

"DpuiiiToe, Drewry, Drury. 

•Otib, Duff. 

'Otjbx)Al, Dowdall, Doudall, 

*Oub5lAf, Douglas. 

"OtjingeAtfo, *OtiintieAtAT>, Uni- 
acke, Uniack, Uniake. 

T)uinfm6AttAC, Beresford. 

^Abiioi-o, Everett, Everitt, 

^Ab^tAiA-o, Everard. 
eAfmonn, Esmond, Esmonde. 
eAf P05, Aspig ; Bishop. 
^Acun, Eaton. 
eibeA|iA|fo, Everard. 
eicinseAtn, Etchingham. 
^igGAjv Eagar, Egar, Agar. 
eimeiT), Emmet. 

■pAcnA^i, Falconer, Falkner, 
Faulkner, etc. 

Pax»a, Fodha ; Long. 

■pAe-oGAc, Fay. 

■pASATi, Fagan, Fagin, etc. 

■pASAtJ, Fyans, Foynes. 

ITAinin, Fannin, Fanning. 

■pAi|ifin5, Farshin, Fortune. 

jTaIcac, Wall. 

pAnnr, Fant. 

■pAOiceAC, White. 

■peiiiiceiit, 'pei|\reiti, Ferriter. 

■peoiiilins, Verling, Verlin. 

pA^AC, Feerick. 

ponAmuji, Finamore, Finna- 

more, etc. 
ponslAf, Finglas. 
ponn, Fair, Phair. 
ponnuitt, ponijitt, Fennors. 
poc^n, Fitton, Fetton. 
pliic6i|i, pjtceiji, Ferriter. 
■plinr, Flint, 
■ploi-o, Floyd, Flood, 
poiiibi-p, Forbish, Forbis, Forbes. 
poi^ieif, Forrest. 
■poifeiT), Fausset, Faussette, 

Fawcett, Fawsitt, Fowcett, 

■p6|\-o, 'p6]AC, Ford, Forde, etc. 
■p^AAinciin, Franklin. 
"PliAnncAC, Beausang. 
Plieinc, Freyne, Frayne, Freney, 

"PjUfOAl, Frisell, Frizell, Friz- 
zle, Eraser, Frazer, etc. 
"PlMuin, Frewin, Frewen. 
•puinfe, Finch, Funge. 
■puiv^eAfc, Forrest, Frost. 
pui^eAf caI, Forestall, Forrestal, 

Forstall, Forrester, Forster, 

"PulA^ctJn, Fullarton, FiiUerton. 
■pujiT), Foorde, Forde, Ford, 
■pu^ilons, Furlong. 
"puciAAil, Fottrell. 

J^AboiT), Gabbott, Gabbett. 
5A5Ain, Gogan, Goggan, Gog- 
gin, etc. 
5Aillix)e, Gallway, Galway, etc. 


SAimlin, Gamlin, Gambling. 
5Aitvx)iTi, Garden, Gardin. 
5Ai|tneitt, Gardiner, Gardner, 

5AifceAl, Gatchell. 
5;aII, Gall, Gaul, Gaule. 

5Allbt»eAtnAc, Galbraith, Gal- 

SaII-oa, Gait, Gault. 

5AllT)ub, Stackpoole ; Staple- 
ton, Stapelton. 

5Ambun, Gambon, Gammon. 

^attiaI, Gamel, Gammel, Gam- 
bell, Gamble. 

^Afcun, Gaston. 

5eAtt, Gayer ; Sharpe, 

5eAttAt»"o, Gerard, Gerrard. 

5eAtvbAf, Gervais, Gervis, Jer- 
vaise, Jervis, etc. 

5eA|^"o, Garde. 

5eAttlAnn, ^eA^ilijn, Gairlan, 
Gartlan, Garland, Gartland, 

^eAtimAn, German, Jarman, &c. 

geAttmonn, Germon, Jermyn, 

gBAiinvin, Gernon, Garlan, Gar- 
land, etc. 

5eAt^6i-o, Garrett, Jerrett, etc. 

SeAt^r, Short. 

5eAHti^6it^. Carver. 

51b, Gibb. 

5ilbeAiAr, Gilbert. 

^illeAii, Julian Julien, (?) 

giobfATi, ^lobfon, Gibson. 

510ICAC, Reade, Reid, etc. 

5101161-0, Garrett, etc. 

glAifei-o, Glassett. 

5VAf , Glass ; Green. 

gleAncxin, Clinton. 

5leAfvitt, Gleasure. 

5 OCA, Gow ; Smith. 

50c, Gough, Goff. 

gosTiA, SosAti, Gogan, Goggan, 
Goggin, etc. 

5oi-oin, Godwin, Goodwin. 

goifeit^, Gosnall, Gosnell, 

Soiflin, Gosselin, Goslin, Gaus- 

lin. Gosling, Gostlin. 
56|i-oi3n, Gordon. 
5otp|\Ai-6, Godfrey. 
5otmoTin, Godman, Goodman. 
SttA-OAiA, Grier, Greer, etc. 
5tiAe, Gery, Gray. 
ST^AitifBAc, Grange. 
5t*Ainfei|t, Grainger, Granger. 
St^'^n-OA, Granny, Grant. 
5fAnT)ijn, Grandon, Grandan. 
5T*-<'^ii^'^. Grant. 
5li^r' Grace. 
StieAgoiii, Gregory. 
5liipin, Griffin. 
5T^omAil, Grummell. 
5ux), Good. 
5111-6, Guy. 

5ijiliT)e, Gooley, Goldie, Gouldy 
gviilin, Golding, Goulding, 

Golden, Goolden. 
gviin, Gwyn, Gwynn, Gwynne. 
51JI, Gould, Goold. 
StJtnAitcijn, Gumbleton. 
5tinnA, Gunn, Gonne. 
5tinnA|i, Gunner. 

"hACABX), llAicei-o, Hackett. 

llAicin, Hawkins. 

TlAimlin, Hamlin, Hamlyn, &c. 

llAitfOin, Harding, Hardinge. 

"hAitiif, Harris. 

tlAlAboi-o, Hollywood. 

"hAlbui-oe, tlAltii-oe, Halvey, 

Hollway, Holloway. 
tlAiriAlcxin, Hamilton. 
■hAtnon, Hammond. 
"hAinonn, Hammond. 
"hAmitoc, tlAintios, Hamrock, 

llAncAiA-o, Hankard. 
tlAficoc, Hancock, Handcock. 
"hAol, Howel, Howell, Howels. 
tlAtioi-o, Harrot, Harwood, 

Harold, Harrold. 
tlAjiptiti, Harpur, Harper. 
ViA\^-c, Hart, Harte. 


"heAt^tnAfi, Harman, Harmon, 

Hardman, Herdman. 
tleAtiun, Heron, Hearon, 

Herron, Hearn, Hearne, 

Heme, etc. 
■h6il!)eA|ic, Hayward, Howard. 
tlibeAtAT), Hubbard. 
"hiobAti-o, Hubbert, Hubbart, 

Hobart, Hobert ; Howard. 
"hiofAe, Hussey. 
tlob, Hobbs, Hop, Hope. 
"hobAC, llobvjc, Hubbock. 
"hobACAn, Habbagan, 
tlobAit-o, Hobart, Hubbard, 
tlox), Hoad, Hoade. 
tlo-otiAe, Hodnett, Hadnett. 
tloibeAtfo, Habbert, Hobart, 

Hobert, Hubbert, Hubbard, 

"hoileAbAt^x), Helbert, Hilbert, 

tloi^ibin, Harbin. 
lloit^eAbAttX), tloitteAbAjfo, Her- 
bert, Harbert, Harberd. 
\^o^\^eAt>A\yx^, Hereward, Her- 

"hoifce, Hodge, Hogg, Hogge. 
■hoifcicin, Hotchkin, Hodgkin. 
tlolc. Holt, Holte. 
"hubuc, Hubbock. 
tltiguin, Huggins. 
Ilui56ix>, Hewett, Hewitt, Huet, 

"huijleix), Hewlett, Hewlitt, 

Howlett, etc. 
tlui^lin, Howlen, Howlin, 

Howling, Holing, 
"huilei-o, Hewlett, Hewlitt, Hu- 

leat, Howlett, etc. 
tluilin, Howlen, Howlin, 

Howling, Holing, 
"hxiifce. Hutch. 
"huicBACAin, Hutchinson. 
tlvjTi^liAit), Humfrey, Hum- 
hunc, Hunt. 
llufAe, Hussey. 

lAcob, Jacob. 

IA56, lago, Jago, Jagoe. 

lAf»lAi"6e, Earls. 

lAi^fAc, Eyre, Eyres, Ayres. 

lTi5leif, inslif, Inglis, English, 

1nnfeAX)ijn, Nugent. 
lonsttAtn, Ingram. 
1|\eif, Irish. 
1|tleonc, Ireland. 
lufCAf, Eustace, etc. 

tAbitAtic, tAbjiAf, Larens, 

Lawrence, etc. 
Lapati, Laffan, Laffen, Laphin, 

tAi-oi|i, Lauder, Lawder. 
tAisleif, Lawless, Lillis, etc. 
l/AisncAC, Lynagh, Linagh ; 

Lynam ; Lyons. 
LAimbBAiic, Lambart, Lambert. 
Lai m bin, Lambin, Lambyn. 
l/Aicin, Latin, Latten. 
"LaIai-oc, Lawlee. 
tAmpotic, Lampart, Lampert ; 

l/AnspoiiT:, Langford 
"LAnscijn, Langton. 
tAnnc, Lant. 
tAoi-oe, Lloyd. 
tAOisleif, Lawless, Lillis. 
"LeAbAilin, Lavallin, Lavallen. 
teAtJAit, Leader. 
teA-ou]', Ledwich, Ledwith, 

Ledwitch, Ledwidge, etc. 
"LeAin-oi, Landy. 
LeAiririAC, Leynox, Lennox, 

l/BAflAOi, Leslie, Lesley. 
teAfcAji, Lester, Lister, Lyster. 
Veisinn, Lane. 
teifeAC, Lacy, Lacey. 
"LiAis, Leech, Leach. 
LiAc, Lea, Lee ; Grey, Gray. 
tibeiT), Lovett, Lovitt. 
tileAf, Lillis. 
■Liob6iT), Livott, Lyvott 
LioTiA|\"o, Leonard. 


tfonsAtix), Lingard. 

tionoiT), Lynott. 

tiofcun, Listen. 

to^AOif, Lewis. 

l.6cA^-o, Lockard, Lockard 

I.61T), Lloyd. 

tombAitT), Lombard, Lumbard. 
toTTopAc, ton-opAf AC, Landers, 

ton5]?oiAc, Langford. 
tocAitteil, tocyiAil, Luttrell, 

Lutterell, etc. 
tucAf, Lucas, Luke. 
ttJib^i-o, Lovett, Lovitt, Lovat. 
l-uibeil, Lovell. 
tui-o, Lloyd, 
tijifeix). Lucid, Lucet. 
ttjn-a^tAfAc, Landers, Launders. 

hlAb, Mabe. 

rriAC 'a "Diiij-oe, MacBride. 

rriAC 'a t)tiix)e, MacAvoy, Mac 

, Evoy, etc. 

THac At)a, ITIac Ax)Ani), Mac 

Cady, MacCadie, MacKady, 

Muckady, Cady ; Addy. 
triAC A-OAim, triAC ATDAim, Mac 

Adam, Mac Cadam, Mac 

Caddam, MacAdams, Adams ; 

TYlAC A-OAitii, MacCaw. 
mAc A-OAin, MacCadden, Mac 

Cudden, etc. 
TTlAC A-OAmoiT), Adams. 
TTIac Aibifcin, Caviston, Austin, 

tTJAC Aibtie, MacEvinney, Mac 

Avinue, MacAvenue. 
tTlAC AiT)in, Caden, Cadden. 
ITlAC Ai-oicin, Adkins, Atkins, 

Adkinson, Atkinson, etc. 
mAC AileAin, MacAlean, Mac 

Clean, MacLean, MacKellan, 

MacKellen, MacKillen, etc. 
niAC Ailsile, MacAlilly, Callily, 

Callaly, Lilly, etc. 

trjAC Ailin,MacAllion,MacAllen, 
MacAllon, MacEllin,MacEllen, 
MacAldin, Mac Calden, etc. 

triAC Ailpin, MacAlpine, Mac 
Alpin, MacCalpin, 

ITlAC AinT)lieif, ITlAC AinXtlllAfA, 

MacAndrew ; Ross. 

triAC AinT)|tivi, MacAndrew ; 

Andrewson, Anderson, An- 
drews, Anders. 

ITlAC AinTrii|\e, MacConvery, 


triAC Ainc Mac Art, MacCart ; 
MacArthy ; Hart, Harte. 

TTlAC AipceAm, Curtayne, Cur- 
tain, Curtin, etc. 

rriAC Ait:i5in, Cattigan. 

triAc AlAfCAitt, MacAlister, Mac- 
AUister, MacCallister, Mac 
Ellister, MacAlester, Mac 
Clester, MacLester, Callister, 
Lester, etc. 

TTlAC AlAfC]iuim, MacElistrum, 
MacElestrim, MacEllistram, 
Alexander, etc. 

Ill AC AllmtiiiAin, Colleran. 

ITlAC AlfAti-oAi]!, MacAlshan- 
der, MacAlshender, MacCal- 
shander, MacElshander, Mac 
Kalshander, Alexander, etc. 

tTlAC AiTiomn, MacCammon, 
MacCammond, MacKemman, 
Hammond ; Hammondson. 

tTlAC ATiiAl5AX)A, MacAulay, 
MacAuley, MacCauley, Mac 
Cowley, Cawley, etc. 

TTlAC Ambfoif, MacAmbrose, 

rriAC AmlAoib, MacAulijffe, Mac 
Auley, MacCauliife, Mac 
Cauley, MacCawley, Mac 
Cowley, Cawley, Cowley, &c. 

ITlAc AivAbA-OA, MacNaboe, 
Monaboe ; MacAnabb, 

MacNabb ; Victory. 

rriAC All AbbAX), MacAnabb, Mac 



AsAfCAit^, Nestor. 

ITlAC An Ailin, MacAnallen, 

rriAC An Ait^cmn, MacAnern, 

, MacNern, MacNairn, Mac 
Kinerkin, Kinnerk. 

ITlAC An Ai|icinni5, MacAner- 
ney, MacEnerney, Maclner- 
ney, MacNerhenny, Mac 
Nerney, MacNirney, Mac 
Nertney, Connerney, Ken- 
erney, Kinerney, Nerhenny, 
Nerny, Nertney, Nirney, &c. 

triAc An Aifcni5, MacKinestry, 
MacKinstry, MacNestry. 

trjAC An At A, MacAnawe ; Ford, 

IDac An X)h\\x), MacAward, 
MacWard, Ward, Baird. 

rriAC An 1:!)aIIai5, MacEvally, 

triAC An "bAiAuin, MacBaron, 

rriAC An t)eAtifuili5, Varrilly, 
Varrelly, Varily, Varley. 

ITlAC An lieACA, tllAC An li)eACAT), 

MacAbee, Maclveagh, Mac 
Aveigh, MacAvey; MacAvoy, 
MacEvoy, MacVoy ; Mac 
Veagh, MacVeigh, MacVey, 
MacVay, MacVea, Vahy , Veigh; 
Veasy, Vesey, etc. 

tTlAC An t3iAX)CAi5, MacVeety, 
MacVity, MacVeity, etc. 

til AC An "biocAipe, niAc An 
"DiocAHA, MacVicar, Mac 
Vicker, MacVikar, Vickery, 
Vicars, Vickers, Vikars, 

tllAC An "DjAeiteAiiiAn, IIIac An 
t))tcireAihnAi5, 111ac An 
t)lieirini, Brehony, Breheny, 
Brohoon ; Judge. 

tllAc An ^AlbAij, MacCalvey, 

lIlAC An tAoic, MacKee, (?) 

niAC An Cajajiais, MacCarrie 

tllAC An CeAiftc, Kincart ; 

triAC An Cleit^ig, MacClery, Mac 

Cleary, Clery, Cleary ; Clarke ; 

Clarkson, Clarson. 
rriAC An Colli 5, MacQuilly ; Cox, 

rriAC An Colli, Forrestal, etc. 
TUac An CfiofAin, MacCrossan, 

Crossan, Crossin, Cross ; 

Crosbie, etc. 
ITlAC An X)eA5Ain, HIac An 

*OeA5AnAi?;, MacDigany, 

Digany ; Deane, etc. 
Ml AC An *Oeifi5, Deasy, Deasey, 
rriAC An "OeoiiAiT), MacAdorey, 
niAC An X)]itJAi-6, MacDrury, 

Drew ; Drewry, Drury. 
triAC An eAnAi5, MacAneany, 

MacAneeny, MacEneany, Mac 

Aneny, MacNeney ; Bird, 
rtlAC An eAfpnig, MacAnaspie, 

Easping, Aspig ; Bishop. 
niAC Anp'Aix), Tempest. 
rriAC An pAiljij;, MacAnally, 

MacEnally, Maclnally, Mac 

Nally, Manally, Canally' 

Nally, etc. 
ITlAC An "filix), tllAC An pileAX), 

MacAnilly, MacNilly, Mac 

Neilly, MacNielly, MacNeely, 

MacNeally, M a c N e a 1 e y, 

Maneilly, Maneely, Meneely, 

Mineely, etc. 
IllAc An pii^ Kinner, Kinnier, 

Kinnear, etc. 
triAC An -piiAleismn, MacNerHn, 

MacNerland, Killerlean. 
lllAc An plcAfCAii^, Fletcher. 
lllAC An "Pi^AnncAig, Frain, 

Frayne, Freyne, Frainey, 

TTlAC An 5'<^^^^ii' MacGowan, 

MacGowen, Magowan, Gowen, 

Gowing, Goan, Gaan ; Smith, 



rriAC ATI $a11651ai5, MacGallo- 
gly, Gallogly, Gologly ; Eng- 
lish, Englishby ; Ingoldsby. 

TTlAC ATI $Aill, MacGill, Gill ; 
Stapleton, Stapelton. 

triAC An $eA1|A|\, triAC ATI $1t^t^, 

MacGarr, MacGirr, MacGerr, 

Gayer ; Short. 
triAC An $ol3A, Gow ; Smith. 
ITJac An ;$o'bAnn, MacGowan, 

MacGowen, Magowan, Gowen, 

Gowing, Goan ; Smith, 

rriAC An $oill, MacGill, Magill, 

Gill, etc. 
rriAC An 1a|iIa, Earl, Earle, Earls. 
triAC An lAfCA^jie, Fisher. 
TTlAC An tAijnis, (?) Callina, 

Collina, Colliney. 
triAC An LeAgA, MacKinlay, Mac 

Kinley, MacAlea, MacAlee, 

MacClay, MacLee, Lee, Leigh ; 

MacLean, MacClean, etc. 
iriAC An rhAX>Aix), MacAvady, 

MacEvady, MacAvaddy, Mac 

Evaddy, MacVady, Covaddy ; 

TTlAC An rflAijifciii, MacMaster, 

Master, Masterson. 
triAC An rhAnAij, MacEvany, 

MacEvanny, MacVany; Monk, 

triAC An rhAOi^i, Wire, Wyer, 

Wier, Weir, Wear, Weere, 

Moyers, MacNair. 
rriAC An lIlileA-OA.tTlAC An til ill "6, 

MacAveely, MacEvely, Mac 

Evilly ; Stanton, Staunton. 
triAC AnnA, MacAnn, MacCann, 

triAC AnnAif), MacCanny, Canny. 
mAC AnnlAOib, MacCownley. 
ITlAC Ann^tAic, MacKendrick, 

Kenrick, Conrick, Condrick, 

mAC -Ann^AAOi, MacHarry, Fitz- 

henry, Fitzharris, Feeharry, 

Henry, Harris, Harrison. 

triAc An O5IA15, MacNogly, (?) 

triAC An Oijtcinn, MacNern, 
MacKinerkin, Kinnerk, etc. 

triAC An Oittcinms, MacAnerney, 
MacEnerney, Maclnerney, 
MacNerney, etc. 

ITlAC An f)eA|tfuin, TTIac An 
ItJeAttfAin, MacPharson, Mac 
Pherson, MacFarson, Mac 
Person, Pherson, Parsons. 

triAC An -ptiioiiA, mAC An "pjiif, 
Prior, Friary, Friar, Frier, 
Fryer, etc. 

mAC An Uaoi, Mac-an-Ree ; 

mAC An RiT)itie, MacRuddery ; 
MacKnight, Knight ; Fitz- 
Simons, Fitzsimons. 

mAC An RdcAic, Monroe, Mun- 

mAC An 80016159, MacScollog ; 

mAC An SpA^iAin, MacAsparan, 

mAC An ScocAii^e, MacAstocker, 
MacStocker ; Stafford. 

mAC An CAOifij, Macintosh, 
MacEntosh, MacKintosh. 

mAC An CiompAnAi5, Mac 
Atimney, MacAtimeny, Mac 
Atamney, MacAtaminey, Mac 
Timney; MacTamney, Tim- 
pany, Tymmany, Timony, 
Tamney, Tempeny, Tenpeny, 
(?) Toompane, (?) Tumpane. 

mAC -Ancome, Anthony, Antony. 

mAC An CSA5A111T:, MacEntag- 
gart, MacEntaggert, MacEn- 
tagart, Maclntaggart, Mac 
Integgart, MacTaggart, Mac 
Teggart, Taggart, Teggart, 
Teg art, etc. 

mAC An cSattiais, MacEtavey, 

mAC An cSaoi, MacAtee, Mac 
Entee, Maclntee, MacKenty, 
MacKinty, MacGinty, etc. 


triAC An cSAOijt, MacAntire, Mac 
Entire, MacEnteer, Mac 
Inteer, MacEntyre, Mac 
Ateer, MacAtear, MacCateer, 
MacTeer, MacTier, Minteer. 
Mateer ; Carpenter ; Freeman, 

iriAC ATI t;SAf AtiAij, MacAtasney, 
MacAtarsney, Atasney. 

tllAC An cSionnAij, MacAsh- 
inah ; Fox. 

triAC An Ctiile, MacAtilla, Tully; 

mAC An CiCAitte, Fuller. 

in AC An Uifce, Uiske ; Waters, 

rriAC An UlcAis, MacAnulty, 
MacEnulty, MacKnulty, Mac 
Nulty, Nulty. 

triAC Ao-OA, MacKay, MacKey, 
MacKee, MacCoy, MacQuay, 
MacQuey, MacHay, MacHugh, 
Aison, Eason ; Hughes; 
Hueson, Hewson, etc. 

rriAC Ao-OA "bvii-oe, MacAvoy, 

triAC Ao-6A5Ain, MacEgan, Mac 
Keegan, Keegan, Egan, 
Heagan, etc. 

rriAC Ao-oAin, MacKeane, Keane 

niAC Aoi-6, MacKee, MacKie. 
MacKej'-, MacHugh, Kee, 

ITlAC AonjtJif; TTlAC AonstifA, 
MacEnnis, Maclnnes, Mac 
Inch, (?) MacCance, Mac 
Kinch, MacHinch, MacNeese, 
MacNiece, MacNish, Mannice, 
Minnish, Mannix, Angus, 
Ennis, Innes, Hinchey, 

triAC a' Uaoi, MacAree ; King. 

TTlAC A|iCAil, Archer. 

1TIAC A|\T)5Ail, MacArdell, Mac 
Ardle, MacCardle, Cardie, 
Cardell ; Card well. 

niAC a' H105, MacAree ; King. 

ITlAC AttCAi^, Harty, Hearty. 

rriAc A|tCAin, MacCartan, Mac 
Carten, MacCarton, Mac 
Cartin, Cartan, Carton, etc. 

ITlAc -A|ir;Ai|t, rriAC ^\\-cm\[, Mac 
Arthur, MacCarthur, Mac 
Carter, MacWhorter, Mac 
Wherter, Carthurs, Arthurs, 
Carthur, Carter, etc. 

rriAc AfCAiT), MacAskie. Mac 
Caskie, Caskey. 

niAC xXfCAill, MacAskill. 

rriAc Afmnmc, Casement. 

TTlAC "bAil-oiiin, niAC "bAilcitin, 

rriAC iDAlTtpAin, iriAc X)Al\\o-n-cA, 
Waldron ; Wesley, Welsley, 

iriAC t)AOicin, Boyne. 

iriAC "beAttcAstvA, Baragrey, 
Barragry, Berachry, Berocry, 
Bearkery, Berkerry, Berkery. 

niAcbeACA, TTlAC "beAtA-o, Mac 
Beath, MacBeth, Macbeth, 
MacBeith, MacBey, MacBay. 

in AC beACAn, MacBean, Mac 
Vean, MacBain. 

inAC "beineiT), niAC t)ineix), 
MacBennett ; Benson, 

niAc t)iot»nA, MacBirney, Mac 
Burney, Burney, etc. 

niAC t)iof»cA5HA, Biracree, Bira- 
crea, Berachry, Berocry, Ber- 
kerry, Berkery. 

mAC blofCAix), MacCloskey, 
MacCluskey, MacLoskey, Mac 
Losky, MacLuskey, Closkey, 
Cluskey, etc. 

niAc "DlofCAi^Ae, MacClusker, 
Clusker ; Cosgrave. 

niAC t)]iA-DAi5, MacBrady, 


in AC "DttAin, MacCrann, Mac 
Krann, MacRann. 

in AC t)nAnAi5, (?) Cranny, 

in AC "bjAAnAin, Branan, Branon, 
Brannan, Brennan, etc. 

in AC biAAOin, MacBreen, Breen. 


triAC lD^eAnx>Ain, Brandon. 
rriAC t)^eAT:nAi5, MacBratney, 

MacBreatney, MacBretney. 
ITlAC t)piAin, MacBrien, Mac 

Bryan, MacBryen, Bryan, 

Bryen, etc. 
ITlAC "bjiiAjicAis, MacBrearty, 

niAC t)]ioiTi, MacBrin, Mac 

Brinn, MacBirne, MacByrne, 

Byrne, etc. 
triAC t)|Aoin, MacRenn, Mac 

Rynn, Wrynn, Wrenn, Wren. 
rriAc "bituAi-oeA-OA, MacBrody, 

Brody, Brodie. 
TilAC t)|Ati AiTtin, MacBroudin, Mac 

Bruodin, Broudin, Bruodin. 
rriAC cAbA, MacCabe, Macabe. 
rriAc CA-oAin, MacCadden, Mac 

Cudden, Muckedan. 
rriAC CApt^Ai-6, MacCaffrey, Mac 

Caffery, Caffrey, Caffery, etc. 
rriAC CAiLin, MacCallion, Mac 

Callan, MacCallen ; Campbell. 
iriAC CAi|tb|\e, Carbry, Carbery, 

ITlAC CAiticeAin, Curtayne, Cur- 
tain, Curtin, etc. 
ITlAC CAifin, MacCashin, Cas- 

heen, Cashin, Cashen, Cashion, 

Cassin, Keshin, etc. 
trJAC CAifOAlAin, MaoCaslan, 

iriAC CAlbAij, MacCalvey, 

iriAC CAllAtiAin, MacCallnon ; 

niAC CAlmAin, MacCalman, Mac 

triAC CAlunn, MaeCalum. 
*mAC CAmlAoic, MacCamley. 
ITlAC CAtiA, MacCann. 
rriAC CAtiAnn, MacConnon ; Mac 

triAc CAmiA, MacCann, Mac 

m AC C An n Ai -6 .iMacCanny , Canny. 
TTlAC Caocaiti, Keahan, Keehan. 

*tnAC CAOCfile, iriAC CaocIaoic 

Coakley, Keheliy. Kehilly; 

Keily ; Kelly, etc. 
*1TIAC CAOiiiAnAij, MacCavanagh 
triAC CAOilre, MacCaoilte. 
triAC CA|Aluif, Corless, Carlos. 
triAC CAjitiA, MacKerr, Carr. 
nriAC CA^ii^JAmnA, MacCaroon, 

MacCaron, MacGroany, Grow- 

ney, O'Growney ; Gaffney ; 

ir»AC cA-jttAis, MacCarha, Mac 

Carthy, MacCartie, MacArthy, 

MacCarty, etc. 
mAc CAjicAin, MacCartan, Mac 

Carten, MacCarton, Mac 

Cartin, Cartan, Carton, etc. 
triAc CAiicAine, MacCartney, 

niAC CAfAin, Cassan, Cassian. 
in AC CAfA|tlAi5, MacCasserly, 

Casserly ; Cassidy. 
in AC C At All, MacCall, MacCaul, 

MacHall, MacGall ; Charles, 

rriAC CAtAin, MacCahan, Mac 

Kane, MacKeen, Keane. 
in AC CACAOiit, Cahir, Carr, Kerr. 
rriAC CArAfAig, MacCasey, Mac 

Asey, MacAssey, Macasey, 

Casey, etc. 
rriAC CAtniAoil, MacCavill, Mac 

Cawell, MacCowell, MacCow- 

hill, MacCawl, MacCaul, Mac 

Call, MacHall, MacCaulfield, 

Keawell ; Howell ; Caulfield ; 

Campbell ; Callwell, etc. 
rriAC CeAT)Ai5,MacKeady, (?)Mac 

Geady, Keady. 
rriAC CeAllACAin, MacKeleghan. 
rriAC CoaIIais, MacKelly, Kelly. 
rriAC CeAn^lAij, Kangley; Tighe. 
rriAC CeAt>A, Carr. 
rriAC CeAitAin, MacCarron. 
rriAC CeAiibAill.MacCarroll, Mac 

Carvill, MacCarville, Mac 

Kervel, MacErvel, Carroll, 

Carvill ; Cardwell. 


ITlAC CeAttTJAis, MacKearney, 

MacCarney, Kearney, Carney. 
tUAC Cei-oi5, MacKeady, Keady. 
TTlAC Ceile, MacHale. 
THac Ceic, Kitson. 
mAcCeiteAtiriAij, Keherny, Ker- 

ney ; Kearney, 
rriAc Ceirtn, MacKetian, Mac 

TTlAC Ceoc, TTlAC CeocAc, Mac 

Keogh, Keogh. 
tTlAC CiAttA5Ain, MacKerrigan. 
ITJac CiATiAin, MacCarron. 
nrjAC Cinin, Keenan. 


MacKinney, MacKinny, Mac 
Kenny, MacKenna, Mac 
Keany, Kenny, etc. 

TTiAC Clott1VJAT)A, ITJAC Ciot- 

^tiAi-6, MacKerrow, Kiroy ; 

MacKitterick, etc. 
TTiAC CIaocIaoic, Coakley. 
TTlAC Cl6itti5, MacClery, Mac 

Cleary ; Clarke. 
ITiAC ClifBAm, Clisham, Klisham 
rriAC ClocAit\e, MacCloughry, 

Cloughry ; Kingstone, Kings- 
ITJAcCltiAnAis, MacLoonie, Clow- 

ney, Clowny, Clooney, Cloney, 
rriAC ClucAin, MacClughan. 
ITIac CriAim, Bones, Bownes. 
rriAC CnAimln, MacNevin, Navin 

Neavin, Nevin, Neven, Nivin, 

ITlAC CriAmAis, Bones, Bownes. 
rriAC CobcAig, MacCovey, Mac 

tTJAc CoclAin, MacCoghlan, Mac 

Coughlan, Coghlan, Coghlen, 

Coghlin, Coughlan, Coughlen, 

tT»AC CotdIacaih, Colleton, Collo- 

tan, Culleton, Culliton ; 


TTJaC C05AT)Ain, mAC CogAin, 

MacCogan, MacCoggan.Cogon, 

TUac CogAi-oin, Cogavin, Cogeen 

rriAc CogAttAin, Coghran, Coch- 
rane, Caughran. 

niAC Coit)-6eATiAi5, Coveney, 

(?) MacGoverney, (?) Gover- 

rriAc coili-6, iriAc coilis, Mac 
Quilly ; Cox. 

iTlAC C01I151T1, Cox. 

rtlAC CoiHn, MacCullion, Mac 
Cullen, MacKillen, MacKellen 
MacQuillin, MacQuillian, Mac 
Guilion, MacQuillan, Mac 
Gullion, Collen, Collin, Cullian, 
Cullen, Quillen, Quillan, 
Collins, etc. 

niAC Coimirj, MacComming, Mac 
Kimon, Comyn, Comyns, 
Commons, Kimmins, etc. 

rriAC ComseAllAij, Quinnelly, 
Kennelly, Connelly, Connolly, 

ITJac Cotnin, Cuneen, Cunneen. 
Conyeen, Kinneen, Kenning, 
Canning, etc ; Rabbit. 

rriAC CoitileASA, MacKinley, 
MacAlea, etc. 

rriAC CoinneA5Ain, MacKonnig- 
ham, Cunningham, etc. 

mAC Coinnij, MacKinney, Mac 
Kenzie, etc. 

rriAC Coit^ce, Gates. 

rtlAC Coife, MacCosh, Mac 
Quish ; Legge, Foote. 

triAC COIfCeAlb, triAC COIfCBAl- 

t)Ai5, Costello, Costelloe, 

rtlAC C01C1I, Kettle, Kettyle. 
miAC Coicif , MacCotter, Mac 

Cottier, MacCottar, Cotter, 

Cottier, Cottiers. 
trjAC ColgAn.MacColgan.Colgan, 

CoUagan, Colligan, Culligan. 
ITiAC CollA, TTlAc CollAc, Mac 

Culla, MacCullagh, Mac 

Collough, MacCullough, Mac 

Cull, MacColl, etc. 
ITJac ColtnAin, MacColman, 



rriAC Coluim, MacColum, Mac 
CoUum, MacCollom, Colum, 
Collom, etc. 

TTlAC COTTTOAin, triAC ConiJAiti, 

MacCowan, MacKone, Mac 

ttlAC CorhJAill, MacCole. 
triAC CotiAill, MacConnell. 
triAC CoriAill 615, MacConnell- 

ogue, Conlogue. 
rriAC CoTiAllcA, MacAnalty, Mac 

Nalty, Nalty. 
TTlAC CotiAriAonAis, Nanany. 
ITlAC CoTiAOtiAis, MacAneany, 

MacAneeny, MacAneny, Mac 

Eneany, MacNeney, Mac 

Neeny, Conheeny, Cunneeny ; 

Bird ; Rabbit. 
ITlAC Conboi|tne, MacConborney; 

TTJac ConcAitijtse, IUac Con- 

CAptiAije, MacCarrick, Car- 

rigy, Carrigee, Kerragy, 

Carrick ; Rock. 
tYJAC ConcACA, MacEncaha ; 

Battle. Battles. 
ITJac ConcACt^AC, MacCarrick. 
tYlAC CoticeAjtCA, Yorke, 
tTlAC ConcobAit^, MacNogher, 

MacNaugher, MacNoher, Mac 

Noger, Minogher, Conacher, 

Connor, Connors, Nogher, 

Noher, Naugher, Naughter, 

Nocter, etc. 
mAc ConcogAit), MacEnchogy. 
triAC Concoigciiice, L'Estrange. 
triAC Concoille, triAC Con- 

coilleA-6, Woods ; Cox. 
triAC Concoillfn, Smallwoods, 

rviAC Concollcoille, Hazle- 

wood, Hazlegrove, Hazleton, 

tVlAC Conc|iA"6A, MacEnchroe, 

MacEncroe, Crough, Crowe. 
tVlAC ConcyitJACAti, Croughan, 

Croghan, Crohan, Croan. 

triAC Con-ouib, MacAnuff, Mac 
Aniff, MacEniff, MacKniff, 
MacNuff, MacNeffe, MacNiff, 
MacKiniff, MacCanuff, Mac 
Endoo, Maclndoo, MacAdoo, 
MacAdo, MacCaddoo, Mac 
Caddo, Conniff, Conniffe, Cun- 
niffe, Quinnifi, Caddow, etc. 

triAC Conf^otitTiAOile, Normoyle, 

niAC Con)^|\Aoic, Conefry. 

triAC CongAil, triAC ConsAile, 
MacCongail, MacConigly, Mac 
Gonagle, MacGonigle, Mac 
Gonigal, etc. 

triAC Cori5Aile, Maclneely, Mac 
Neely, MacNeela, MacNella, 
MacNealy, Coneely, Conneely, 
Conneally, Conneely, Con- 
neely, Connelly Cunneely, 
Kennelly ; Connolly, etc. 

mAc CoTjJAlAij, Connolly. 

TTlAC conJAtTinA, Gaffney ; Caul- 

rriAC ConJAolA, MaicCunneela, 
MacNeela, MacNella, etc. 

rriAc ConleAgA, MacKinlay, Mac 
Kinley, etc. 

mAC Conleic|ieAC, (?) Letter, 
(?) Letters. 

rriAC ConlocA, Kinlough, (?) 

rriAC ConltiACt^A, Kiloughry, Kil- 
oury.MacLoughrey, (?) Lough- 
rey, (?) Loughry, (?) Lowry. 

rriAC ConltiAin, Colvan, Colvin, 
Colavin, Cullivan ; Colvil, 
Colville, Collwell. Coldwell, 
Caldwell, etc. 

triAC ContiiAic, Connick. 

triAC ConrhAOil, MacConville, 

triAC ConmAtiA, MacNamara, 
MacNamarra, MacNamarrow. 

triAC CommeAX)A, ITIac Coti- 
nieAT)A, MacConaway, Mac 
Conway, MacNama, MacMa, 
Conmey, Convey, May, etc. 


triAC Conmf6e, MacConamy, 

MacConomy, MacNamee, 

Conmee, Mee, Meath, etc. 
TUac Con TiA t)uAile, Mac 

TTJac COT1T1ACCA15, MacCon- 

naughty, MacConnerty. 
mAC ConriASAiTi, Cunningham, 

TTlAC CoTiTiAi-6, MacCona, Mac 

Cunny, Conney ; Woods. 
TUac ConnlA, ITIac ConnlAOX)A, 

Conley, Conly. 
TTlAC ConnriiAis, Conway. 
rriAC ConottTTiAoile, Normoyle, 

TTlAC ConfAot, Mac-an-Ree, Con- 

ree, Cunree, Conry, Conroy ; 

triAC CotijiACA, Conrahy ; Conroy. 
triAC Cont\iAX>A, MacConready, 

MacAready, MacCready. 
TTlAC Con|tiAin, Cunreen ; King. 
ITlAC Con|i«t)A, MacEnroe, 

Enroe, Rowe, Roe. 
triAC CoTifAiT»in, Considine. 
TTlAC ConfnATTiA, MacAnawe, 

Kinnavy, Kineavy ; Adams ; 

Ford, Forde. 
TTlAc Cotitiifce, (?) Mac Callis- 

key, Uiske : Waters. 
triAC ContilAX), MacAnulla, Mac 

Anaul, MacKinaul, MacNally, 

MacCullow, Culloo. 
iriAC Co^icAin, Corken. 
rriAC CotictiAin, Corcoran, Cork- 
ran, Corkeran, etc. 
triAC CotitriACAin, MacCormiken; 

MacCormack, MacCormick. 
rtlAC Co|AniAic, MacCormac, Mac 

Cormack, MacCormick, Cor- 

mac, Cormick, Cormack. 
rriAc co|tiiA, itjac cot>t»Ai-6, Mac 

Corry.MacCurry (?) Mac Kerr, 

Corry, Curry, Corre, Corr. 
niAc Co|tjiAoin, rriAC Co|t|tAi-6fn, 

Curreen, Currin, Curren. 
niAC Co|t|tbui-6e, Corboy, Corby. 

TTlAC CofCftACAin, MacCuskern, 
Coskeran, Cuskern ; Cosgrave 

triAc CofCjiAij, Cosgrave, Cos- 

mAC CofCASAin, Costigan. 

rriAc C]iAbA5Ain, Crawford. 

TTlAC CjiAlDAin, Craven, Cravin, 

TTlAC C\\A\t, MacCraith, MacCrea, 
MacGrath, etc. 

TTJac Citio-oAin, Creedon, Creed. 

TTlAC C]iioTTitAiTiTi, MacCrohan. 

TTlAC C^iionAin, Crennan. 

TTJac C|\iofrA, Christy, Christie, 

TTlAC CpiofCAil, MacChrystall, 

TTlAC C■\^^ofv6\^A, Christopher, 
Christopherson . 

rriAC C|AiotAn, MacCrohan. 

TTlAC C|tifcin,MacGriskin ; Chris- 

TTlAC CtionJAile, Cronelly. 

TTlAC C^iof A1TJ, MacCrossan, 

Crossan, Crossin, Cross ; Cros- 
bie, etc. 

TTlAC C^itJim, MacCrum, Mac 
Crumb, MacRum. 

TTlAC Ct»uiciii, MacCurtin, Curtin; 

niAC CuACAin, MacGoohan. 

TTlAc CtiAS, MacCoog, MacCook, 

TTlAC CuaIIacca, Goulding, 
Goolden, Golden. 


Court, MacCord, MacCourt- 
ney ; Courtney. 

TTlAC Cuilinn, MacCullen, Mac 
Quillen, Cullen, Quillen; Holly. 

TTlAC Cuill, MacQuill, MacGuill. 

TTlAc Cuilt»iAbAi5. Culreavy, Col- 
reavy ; Gray, Grey. 

TTlAC Cxiimin, MacCumming, Mac 
Cummings, Cummin. Cuming, 
Gumming, Cummins, Cum- 
mings, Kimmins, etc. 


mAC^tun-oilif, mAcCuin-qlif, 
MacCandlis, MacCandless, 

MacCanlis, MacAndless, etc. 

triAC Cuinn, MacQuinn, Mac 
Quin, MacGuinn, Quinn. 

iriAC CuinneA5Ain, MacCunni- 
gan, Cunnigan, Kinnegan, 
Cunagum, Cunningham. 

tllAC CuinneAin, Cunnane, etc. 

iriAc Ctiitic, MacQuirk, Mac 
Quirke ; MacGuirk, MacGurk; 

rriAC Ctii|icin, MacCurtin, Curtin 

triAC Cuic^tterc, MacCoubrey, 
MacCobrie, MacOubrey, Mac 
Covera; Cuthbert, Cuthbertson: 

mAC CutDAfCAis, Mac Cumisky, 
MacCumesky, MacComiskey, 
Comisky, Cumesky, Cumiskey, 
Comesky, Comiskey, Commis- 
key, Comisk ; Comerford, 
Cummerford, etc. 

triAC C\3\\x:hn, MacCurtain, Cur- 
tayne, Courtayne, Curtain, 
Curtin, etc. 

rriAC 'OaX)6c, TTJaC X)At)65, TTlAC 

"DAbuc, rriAc T)Abuic, Doake, 
Doag, Doig, etc. 

iTiAc "OAboc, rriAc *OAt)65, rriAc 
"OAbtic, rriAC "OAbuic, Mac 
Avock, MacCavock, MacCoog, 
MacCook, Cooke. 

triAC *OAibeix), MacDavid, Mac 
Davitt, MacDaid, MacDevitt, 
MacDivitt, Davitt, Devitt, 
Daid, Dade, etc. 

in AC *0Aib6i-o, MacCavitt, Mac 
Kevitt, MacCaet. 

iriAc *OAibi-6, MacDavid, Mac 
Davitt, Davy, Davey, Day, 
Davies, Davis, Davidson, 
Davison, Dawson, etc. 

triAc *0Aibi-6, MacCave, Cavey, 

triAc *OAibiT) 1Tl6f», Davis. 

triAc *OAtiA, triAC X>AtiAC, Mac 
Dara, Daragh, Darragh, Dar- 
rogh : Oak, Oakes, etc. 

tTJAc X)iAt»rnA"OA, MacDiarmod, 
MacDermott, MacDarby, Der- 
mody, Darmody, Diarmid, 
Dermid, Dermond, Darby, etc. 

triAC *OiA|imAT)A, Kermode, etc. 

mAC "OiAiitnA-OA 5aII, triAC 
*OiAttmA-OA SaII-oa, MacDer- 
mott Gall. 

triAC X)iAt^mA-OA TltJAX), Mac 

rriAC *OiomAf A15, MacGimpsey, 

niAC *OoirinAtll, MacDonald, 
MacDonnell, MacDaniel ; 

Donaldson, Donald, etc. 

tT»AC "OoriinAill, MacConell, Mac 
Connell, MacGonnell, etc. 

triAC *OonncA-6A, TTIac "Oonn- 
cAix), MacDonnagh, Mac 
Donough, MacDonogh, Mac 
Donagh, MacDona, Mac 
Dunphy, Donoghue, Donohoe, 
Donaghy, Donogh, Donagh, 
Dunphy, Duncan ; Dennison, 
Denison, Dennis, etc. 

triAC *OonncAT)A, triAc *Oonn- 
cAiT), MacConachie, MacCon- 
nachie, MacConchie, Mac 
Connaghy, MacConaghy, Mac 
Connaughey, MacConohy, 

MacCona, MacConkey, Mac 
Konkey, Conify ; Robertson. 

niAC *Oot*cAi-6, MacDorcey, Mac 
Archy, MacArchey. 

triAC *OuAiiCAin, MacGurgan, 
Gurkin, Durcan, Durkan, 
Durkin, Zorkin. 

tYlAC •OubX)A|tA, triAC "Oub-OAtlAC, 

MacAdarrah, MacAdarra, Mac 
Dara, Daragh, Darra, Dar- 
ragh, Darrock ; Oak, Oaks, 
rriAC *Oub5Aill, MacDool, Mac 
Dowall, MacDowell, MacDugal, 
MacDugall, MacDugald, Mac- 
Doug all, MacDougald, MacDole 
Madole, Doole, Dowell, Doug all, 
Dugald, etc. 


ITlAC "OubJAill, MacCool, Mac 
Cole, Coole, Cole, Coyle, 
Coiles, etc. 

tllAC *Otjb|iAT)Ain, Doordan, 

triAC 'Dubui-Di|\, MacDwyer. 

TTlAC -Quit), MacDuff, Duff; Black 

rriAC •Ouil), MacCuffe, Cuffe. 

TTlAC *0lllb-OA|1A, mAC "OUlb- 

•OA|tAc, MacAdarragh, Mac 
Adarra, MacDara, Daragh, 
Darra, Darragh, Darrock ; 
Oak, Oaks, Oakes. 

TTlAC "DuibeAtrinA, Devany, De- 
vanny, etc. 

triAC *UtJibpnn, MacGuffin. 

TUac X)uibi-6i]i, MacDwyer, Mac 

rriAC •btjibin, MacKevin, Mac 
Evin, MacAvin. 

ITlAC "Ouibinfe, MacAvinchy. 

THac 'Ovjibne, MacEvinie, Mac 
Evinney, MacAvinue, etc. 

rriAC "Ouibfice, MacAffie, Mac 
Affee, MacAfee, MacHaffie, 
MacHaffy, MacFie, MacFee, 
Mahaffy, Mehaffy. 

rriAC "Ouinn, MacDunn. 

triAC "Ouinnfleibe, Dunlief, Dun- 
lop, etc. 

triAC *Ouinnfleibe, MacConloy, 
MacEleavy, MacAleavy, Mac 
Alea, MacAlee, Macleavy, 
MacClew, MacCloy, Killevy, 
Killeavy, Levy, Leavy. 

rriAC *0«innfleibin, MacLavin, 
MacLevin, Lavins, Levins, 
Levinson, Leveson, Leviston, 
Levenston, Levinston, Levings- 
ton, Livingston, Livingstone, 

IUac X)unAT)Ai5, Dooney, Dow- 
ney, Doney. 

HIac Baca-oa, triAc ©ACAiT), Mac 
Aghy, MacCahugh, Mac 
Caghy, MacCaughey, Mac 
Cahy, Caughy, Cahy; Hackett; 
Steed, Steedman. 

niAC eACAin, MacCaughan, Mac 
Cahan, MacCahon, Cahane. 

ITIac eActiiAtiCAij;, MacCaflarky, 
MacCagherty, MacCaugherty, 
MacAfferty, MacCaflerty, 

MacCaverty, MacCaharty, 

MacCaherty ; MacCarthy ; 

MacCaffrey, MacCaffry ; Caf- 
ferky, Caiierty. 

ITlAC eACtilileATDA, triAC GAC- 

triili-o, MacCaughley, Mac 

Caffaley, MacCallely, etc. 
triAC GACjiAin, MacCagheron, 

MacCahern, Mukaran, etc. 
rriAC eAccijeiitr), Caheerin, 

triAC eAT)bAitiT), Edwards. 
triAC eAin, MacKean, MacKane, 

MacKain, MacCain, etc. 
triAC eAmoinn, IIIac ^Amuinn, 

MacAimon, MacEdmund ; 

Edmonds, Edmondson, 
triAC (^AntiA, MacKeany ; Mac 


tTJAC eAtin^AIC, triAC eAT1]1A1C, 

MacKendrick, Kenrick, 

Kendrick, Kinnerk, Kinrock, 
Condrick, Conderick ; Harris. 

niAc eibi^i, MacEver. 

rriAC eicci^eitin, MacEchern, 

rriAC 61-015, MacKeady, Keady. 

rtlAC 6mii]i, MacEver. 

rriAC ^\n\\\, MacEnry, Mac 
Endry, MacHenry, Mac 
Henery, MacHendrie, Mac 
Hendry, MacKenery, Mac 
Kendry ; Fitzhenry, Henry, 
Hendry, etc. 

triAC eocA-oA, MacKeogh, Mac 
Keough, MacKeo, MacKough, 
Keoghoe, Keogh, Keough, &c. 

rriAC eocA5Ain, Kehigan, Mac 
Cogan, Keogan, Coogan, 
Cooken, Cogan. 

niAC eocAix), MacCoughy' 
Keoghy, Cuhy. 


Wac eocAin, Keoghane, Keo- 

nriAC eosAin, MacOwen, Mac 
Eown, MacCone, MacKone, 
MacKeoan, ,MacKeown, Mac- 
Ewan, Keown, Coen, Cowan, 
Coyne, Owen, Owens, etc. 

ITlAC eom, MacEoin, MacKeon, 
MacKeone, MacKeown, Keon, 
Keown; J ohnson, J ohnston, etc. 

rriAC eocAC, MacKeogh, Keogh. 

TTlAC "PACcriA, Aughney. 

TTIAC -pAOicij, MacWhite, Mac 

trjAc •pAolAin, MacPhelan, Folan 

iriAC "peAjtA-DAis, MacVarry, Mac 

iriAc "jreAjiA-OAij, MacAree, Mac 
Karee, MacCarrie, MacKeary, 
MacHarry, Maharry ; King. 

ITlAC peAiicAiii, Farquharson, 
Farquhar, Farquher, Farquer, 
Farghur, Farker, Forker, &c. 

triAc freAttcAi|t, MacErchar, Mac 
Carragher, Caragher, Car- 
ragher, Caraher, Carraher, 
Kerragher, Kerraher, etc. 

iriAc peAtt5Ail, MacErrigle, Mac 
Argle, Cargill, Carkill. 

iriAC freAtASAil, MacCarrell, Mac 
Kerrell, MacKerrall, Mac 
Carroll, MacKarroll, Mackerel, 
Mackrell, etc. 

rriAC -jTeAtiSAile, MacErrilly, 
MacKerlie, CarroUy, Carley, 
Kerley, Kirley. 

rriAC -peAjijtJf A, Farguson, Fer- 
guson, Fergus, Vargus, etc. 

rriAC peAiijxifA, Hergusson, Fer- 
guson, etc. 

ITJac -pei-olim, Phelim, Phelym, 

niAC V^i-olimiT), MacPhelimy, 

MacPhellimy, etc. 
rriAc 'f'lActAA, rriAc friAc^iAc, Mac 
Keighry, MacKeefrey, Mac 
Keary, Keaghery, Keahery, 
Keary ; Carey. 

triAc fre6t»Aif, frriAC ^e6iitjif; 

Corish, Korish, Caorish, etc., 

Birmingham, Bermingham, 

rriAC friAtiAif, MacKeriske, 

Kerrison, Kearson ; Kerris, 

Kerrisk, Kierce, Kierse, 

Kearse, Kerisk, Kerrisk ; 

TTlAC pbin, MacKibbin, Mac 

Kibben, MacKibbon. 
triAc pUh. MacKillip, Mac 

Killop, MacKellop, Mac 

Killops, Killips, Killops, 

Kellops ; Philson, Philipson, 

rriAC -pilibin, mAC pUh^r\. Mac 

Philpin, MacPhilbin, Philbin. 

Philpin, Filbin, etc. ; Plover. 
rriAc t?iTi5in, Kenning, Kennyon 

Kenyon, Kennon, Keenan, 

rtlAc pn-n, MacKinn, MacKing. 
rriAC fTinneAcrA, ITJac pnneAC- 

rAij, Kingarty, Kingerty. 
rriAC -pio-obA-oAij, triAC -j^io-o- 

btii-oe, MacEvoy, MacAvoy, 

MacVoy, Evoy, etc. 
TTiAc -pionjtiine, MacKinnon. 
rriAc frioriTiAin, Kinnan, Kennan 
rriAC fiotinbAittti, Kenure. 
triAC f?ioTinlAOic, MacKinley, 

rrtAC ponnniACAin, Kinucane. 
rriAC -{?ionuin, MacKinnon. 
triAC piibifij, MacFirbis, For- 

bish, Forbis, Forbes. 
rriAc p til ei jinn, MacErlean, 

MacErlane, MacErlaine, Mac 

triAC ptcBAllAis, MacFeeley, 

rriAC flA^t'beA\\zA^s> MacLa- 

verty, MacClaverty, Mac 

Clafferty, MacCleverty. 
rriAC f?lAitirh, MacLave, Claffy, 

Claffey ; Hand. 


triAC l[?lAnncAT)A, ITlAC "flAnn- 
CA1-6, MacClancy, Clanchy, 

rriAC ploinn, MacFlynn. 

rriAC -ploinn, MacLynn. 

rriAC -poittbif, Forbish, Forbis, 

*mAC f?|iAiTinc, MacCrink. 
mAcpuAlAin, Folan. 

iriAC 5Ali)AnTi, MacGowan, Ma- 
gowan, Gowen ; Smith, &c. 

triAC 5at)ha, MacGeary, Geary. 

triAC 5Ap|tAix), MacGaffrey, Mac 
Caffray, MacCaffrey, Mac 
Caffery, Gaffrey, Caffrey, &c. 

triAc 5Ait*beit, rriAc gAinbic, 
MacGarvey, Garvey. 

ITlAC gATTinA, MacGowan, Ma- 
gowan, Magowen ; Gaffney 

triAC gAoite, MacGeehee ; Mac 
Gee, Magee ; Wynne. 

triAC ^AOicin, MacGeehin, Mac 
Geehan, Mageehan, Magea- 
han, MacGihen, MacGihan, 
MacGehan, MacGahan, Ma- 
gahan, Megahan, MacGean, 
Magean, Gahan ; Wynne. 

HIac 5ao]ia, MacGeary. 

tTJAC ^AtiACAin, MacGaraghan, 
MacGarahan, MacGarran, 

Garraghan, Garahan, Garran, 
Garron, etc. 

rriAC gAiiclAn, MacGartlan. 

triAC 5eAlAin MacGellan, 

iriAc SeAitATo, MacGeary. 

triAc geA^tAilr, Fitzgerald, Fitz 

tllAC ^eAtiAin, (?) MacGueran. 

rtlAC 5eAH5Ain, MacGerrigan, 
MacGarrigan, Garrigan, Gar- 

rriAC 5eA|t6i"0, MacGarrett. 

ITlAC geibeAntiAij, MacGea- 
veney, MacKeaveny, Mac 
Keaveney, Geaveny, Gea- 
veney, Keaveny, Keaveney, 

tYlAC Sellable, Kirby. 

iriAC 51b, Gibson. 

rriAC 5ibne, MacGibney. 

triAC gileAin, MacGillan, Mac 

ITlAC 5ilbei|ic, niAC 5illibei|ic, 
Gilbertson, Gliberson, Gilbert. 

triAC giobuin, MacGibbon, Mac 
Gibben, MacKibbon, O' Rib- 
bon ; Gibbonson ; Fitzgibbon, 
Gibbons, Gibbins, Gibbings, 
Gibbon, etc. 

rriAC 510IIA, MacGill, Magill, 

ITlAC 510IIA ACAiT), Kilahy, 

TTlAC 510IIA A-OAtiiASAin, Mac 

triAc 510IIA -A-oATTiTiAin, Mac 
Alonan, MacLennan, Mac 

TVlAC 510IIA Ain-oit^if, Mac 
Landrish, Gillanders ; Ander- 

rriAC 510IIA Aitce, Kilahy, Kil- 

rriAc 510IIA An CI015, Bell. 

triAC 510IIA At»|tAit, MacAlarry, 
MacAlary, MacClary, Mac 
Aleery, MacEleary, Mac 
Cleary, MacCleery, MacLary, 
MacLeary, MacLeery, (?) 
Gallery, Calliry, Collery ; 
Cleary ; Clarke, etc. 

TTJac 5iollAbAin, MacGilvane, 
MacKilwane, Macllvaine, Mac 
Elvaine, MacElwain, Mac 
Elwane, Macklewaine, Gil- 
livan, Kilbane ; White, Whyte 

triAC 510IIA t)eA|iAi5, Gilvarry, 

niAC 510IIA big, Kilbeg. 

triAC 510IIA "btiACA, MacGilli- 

ITiAC 510IIA biiic, Killerick. 

ITlAC ^ioIIa litiis'oe, MacGill- 
bride, MacKilbride, Mackle- 
breed, MacBride, Gillbride, 
Kilbride ; Bridson. 


rriAC 51 oil At) 111 -oe, MacGlilowy, 
Magillowy, MacGilwee, Mac 
Gil vie, MacGilloway, Mac 
Gilway, MacKilvie, Mac 
Kelvey, Maclleboy, Macll- 
boy, Macllbwee, Macllwee, 
MacElwee, MacElvee, Muckil- 
bouy, MacAboy, MacAvoy, 
MacEvoy, MacAvey, Gilboy, 
Gilvoy, Gilloway, Gilwee, Gil- 
bey, Kilboy, Killby, Kilby, 
Kilvey, Ilwee, etc. 

rriAC 510IIA CaiIIiti, KilcuUen, 

Kilg alien, Kilgallon. 
TTiAC 510IIA CAinnij, Mac 

Ilhaney, Gilheany, etc. 
triAC 5'o^^ACAif, Kilcash. 
ITlAC S'O^l-ACAOic, Kilkey. 
ITlAC 5iollACAOin, iriAC 510IIA 

CAOine, Kilcoyne, Coyne. 
triAc 5iollACAtt|tAi5, MacGil- 

harry, Macllharry, MacEl- 

harry, MacAlarry, MacHarry. 

mAC 510IIA Cacaiti, Maclllhat- 
ton, Macllhatton, MacElhat- 
ton, Maclehatton, Mac 
Clatton, MacHatton, Hatton. 

ITIac 510IIA Cacai|i, Macllhar, 
Macllhair, (?) MacGlare, Kil- 
car, Kilcarr, Carr. 

triAC 510IIA (^^baIIaij, MacKil- 
kelly, Kilkelly. Gilkelly, 
Kelly, etc. 

ITlAc 510IIA (^eiyie, Kilkeary, 
Keary, etc. 

TTIac 510IIA CiAiiAin, Macllher- 
ron, MacKlern. 

triAC ^lollAclAOin, Kilcline, 
Cloyen, Cline, Clyne, etc. 

ITiAC 510IIA coille, Macllhoyle, 
MacElhoyle, MacElhill, (?) 
Hoyle, Hoyles ; Woods. 

tTlAc 510IIA Coillin, Kilcullen. 

triAc 510IIA c6inT6eA"6, Comey. 

ITJac 510IIA Comnij, MacEl- 
kenny, Macllkenny, Macll- 

henny, MacElhenny, Mac 
Elhinney, Macllhoney, Mac 
Elhoney, MacAloney, Mac 
Alunny, MacAleney, Mac 
Alinney, Maclehenny, Macle- 
hinney, Maclhinney, Mac 
Linney, MacLuney, Kilkenny, 
Gilheany, Ilhinney, Kenney, 
Heaney, etc. 

rriAC 510IIA coifcle, Cuskley 

Cushley ; Costello ; Cosgravc 

Cosgrove, etc. 
ITlAC 510IIA Colm, triAC 5ioIIa 

Coltjiin, MacElholm. 
rriAC 510IIA CoiTiAin, Kilcom- 


iriAC 510IIA COTTI-OAin, niAC 

510IIA CoiiiJAin, MacGilla- 
cowan, Macllhone, MacEl- 
hone, MacCowan, Cowan. 

rriAC 510IIA ComJAill, Mac 
Cole, MacCool, Gilhool, Cole. 

ITJac 510^!-^ cofCAi|i, Cosker, 
Coscor, Cusker, Cuscor ; Cos- 
grave, etc. 

triAC 510IIA t]\^ofx:, Gilchrist, 
Guilchrist, Gilcrist, Gilcriest, 
Kilchrist, Kilchriest, Kil- 
creest, Kilgrist, etc. 

niAc 510IIA Cti-OA, MacGilla- 
cuddy, MacGillecuddy, Mac 
Gillycuddy, MacElcuddy, 

MacElhuddy, etc. 

triAC giollA Cuille, Kilcooley, 

triAC 510IIA *0e, Gildea, Kildea, 
Kilday, Gay ; Benson, etc. 

rriAc giollA T)eACAi|i, Mac 
Dacker ; Harden ; Hardy ; 
Harman, Harmon. 

triAC 510IIA "OoniriAij, MacGill- 
downey, Maclldowney, Mac 
Eldowney, MacDowney, Gil- 

mAc 510IIA -oot^cA, (?) Mac 
Ilderry, MacElderry, MacEl- 


iriAC 510IIA "OubcAij, MacGil- 
dowie, Maclldowie, etc. 

rriAc 5iollAX)tJift, Macllduff, 
yMacElduff, Gilduff, KildufE, 

Duff ; Black. 
niAc 5iollA-6vimn, MacElgunn, 

MacElgun, Gilgunn, Kildunn, 

Dunne, Gunn. 

triAc 510IIA eAiti, MacAlean, 
MacClean, MacClane, Mac 
Lean, MacLaine. MacLane, 

iriAc 510IIA eATiAui, Gilleran, 
Gilrain, Gilrane, Killeran 
Kilrain, Kilrane. 

niAC 510IIA eAUTiA, MacAlear- 
ney, MacElerney, MacLerney. 

tTlAC 510IIA eA|tnAin, MacAler- 
non, MacClearnon, Mac 
Clernon, MacClarnon, Mac 
demand, MacLernon, Mac 
Larnon, MacLorinan, Mac 
Larenon, MacLarinon. 

triAc 51 oil A eAfpvjig, Mac 
Gillespie, Gillespie, Gillaspy, 
Gillespy, Galesby, Glaspy, 
Glashby, Glusby, Aspig ; 

ITlAC 510IIA eoin, Magloin, 
Maglone, Malone, MacAloon, 
MacAloone, MacClune, Mac 
Loone, MacLune, Gilloon, 
Gloon ; Monday, Munday. 

triAC 510IIA "pAolAin, Mac 
Clellan, MacLellan, MacCiel- 
land, MacLeland, GilfiUan, 
Gilfilland, Kilfillan, Gillilan, 
Gilliland, Gellan, Gelland, 
Gleeland, Glelland, Leland, etc. 

mAC 510IIA -j^eAtigA, Macll- 

ITiAC 510IIA f?in-oein, Mac 
Alinden, MacAlingen, Mac 
Linden, Linden, Lindon. 

triAC 5iollApinn, MacGilpin, 

iriAC 510IIA f?innein, Mac 
Alinion, MacAlinon, Mac 
Aleenan, MacLennan, Gillin- 
nion ; Leonard, etc. 

rriAc 510IIA poti-OA. (?) Mac 

rriAC 510IIA "fionriAin, Gillinan ;. 
Leonard, etc. 

ITlAC 510IIA ^lonncAin, Mac 
Alindon, MacClinton, Mac 
Lindon, MacLinton, Lindon, 

rriAC 510IIA frionncos, Mac 

Clintock, MacClyntock, Mac 

Lintock ; Lindsay. 
ITlAC 5iollA5Ain, MacGilligan, 

MacElgan, Gilligan, Gilgan. 
mAC ^lollAJAit^t, Kilgarriff, 

Kilgrew, Kilcrow, (?) Kil- 

gore, (?) Kilcourse. 
TtlAC 510IIA ^AntiAin, Kil- 

rriAC 5tollA jeAijAti, Gilgar, Kil- 

ITlAC 510IIA 5eirh|\i-6, Mac 

Alivery ; Winter, Winters. 
rriAC 510IIA 5eit», Kilker. 
rtlAC 5iollA5lAif, Green. 
rriAC 5iollA5titnTi, Gilgrinn. 
triAC ^lollAJtiAlA, Gillowly, 

Gillooly, Gilooly, Gilhooly, 

niAc 5iollA5tJi|tTn, Macllgorm. 

triAC ^lOllA lAfACCA, MaC 

Lysaght, Lysaght, Lysat. 

rtlAC 510IIA lofA, Maclleese, 
MacAleese, MacAleece, Mac 
Alish, MacLeese, MacLees, 
Maclise, MacLeesh, Mac 
Gleish, MacCleish, Gilleece, 
Gillis, etc. 

niAc 510IIA leit, Killelea. 

niAC 510IIA tuAitiiinii, Killoran 

ITiAc 510IIA triAit, Goodman ; 
Goodfellow ; Goodbody. 

ITJac 510IIA tilAo-oos, MacEl- 


triAC 5iollAiriAOil, Macllmoyle, 
Macllmoil, MacElmoyle, Mac 
Elmeel, Macklemoyle, Mac 

rriAC 510IIA rtlAticAin, Gilmartin 
Guilmartin, Kilmartin, Martin. 

triAC 510IIA rrieAriA, MacEl- 
venna, MacElvenny, Mac 
Elvany, Macllvany, Gilvany. 

niAC J^ioIIa itleAjtnos, War- 

triAC 510IIA iriicil, MacMichael, 
MacMeel, Michael, Mitchell, 

triAC 5;iollAtriin," Macllveen, 
MacElveen, MacKilveen. 

TTJac 51 oil a m\]\, Gilmer, Gilmor 

rriAC 510IIA riloctj-oA, Mac 
Gillacuddy, MacGillecuddy, 
MacGillycuddy, MacElcuddy, 
MacElhuddy, etc. 

triAC 51 oil A riluiiie, Macll- 
murray, MacElmurray, Mac 
Kilmurray, MacMurray, Kil- 
murry, Kilmary, Kilmore, Gil- 
more, Gilmour, Gilmor, Gil- 
mer, Murry, Murray. 

mAC 510IIA riA riAoni, Mac 
Elnea, MacAneave, Mac 
Anave ; Ford, Forde. 

triAC 510IIA riA n-eAC, Gilnagh. 

rriAc 510IIA "pA-onAij;, MacGil- 
patrick, Macllpatrick, Mac 
Ilfatrick, MacElfatrick, Mac 
Ilfederick, MacElfedrick, Gil- 
patrick, Kilpatrick, Kirk- 
patrick ; Fitzpatrick, etc. 

triAC 51 oil A poA-OAi|i, Gil- 
fedder, Kilfeder, Kilfedder, 

iriAC 51 oil A poll, MacGilfoyle, 
Gilfoyle, Guilfoyle, Kilfoyle ; 

ITlAC giollAtAAin, Gilleran, Gil- 
rain, Gilrane, Killeran, Kil- 
rain, Kilrane. 

triAC 51 oil A ]tiAbAi5, MacGill- 
reavy, MacGilrea, MacEl- 
reavy, Macllravy, MacEl- 
reath, MacElwreath, Mac II- 
wraith, Macllrea, MacAreavy, 
MacArevy, Gallery, Gallery, 
Killery, Kilgray ; Gray. 

triAC 510IIA RoriAin, Kilronan. 

triAC 510IIA RtiAT)Ain, Mac 

niAC 51 oil A |ttiAi-6, MacGillroy, 
MacGilroy, Macllroy, Mac 
Elro}'-, MacAlroy, Macleroy, 
Gilroy, Kilroy, llroy, Roy ; 

TTlAC giol'^'*^ fATTiAif, Mac 

tTlAC 510IIA SeAclAinn, Mac 
Glaughlin, MacClaghlin, Mac 
Clafilin, ClaffHn. 


51 oil A SiOTiAiti, MacGill- 
shenan, Gilshenan, Gilshenon, 
Gelshinan, Gilsenna, Gun- 
shinan ; Gilson ; Nugent ; 

triAC 510IIA ScBApAin, Stephens 

1TiAC 510IIA ftnlig, Gilhooly, 

triAC 510IIA T:SeAclAinn, Mac 
A' Taghlin, MacTaghlin, Mac 
Taghlan ; Houston, etc. 

ITlAC 510IIA cSeAtiAin, Gilten- 
ane, Giltinane, Giltenan, 

niAC 5iollAvii-6iti, MacAleer, 
MacLear, MacLure, Mac 

ITlAC 'S^^V' ■<^" A-OAfCAl^*, niAC 

511^1^ An -A5AfCAi]t, Nestor. 
1TIAC 5lAifin. ITlAC glAfAin, 

MacGlashin, MacGlashan ; 

rriAc 5leAT)tiA, MacGladery, 

MacGladdery, MacGlathery, 

Gladdry, etc. 
rriAC ^Itiin, Clune. 
iriAC 5ol)A, Gow ; Smith. 


triAC gobATin, MacGowan, Mac 
Gowen, Magowan, Magowen ; 
Smith, Smyth. 

TTlAC J5op|1AT)A, ITlAC J^Oj^jlATO, 

MacGalirey, MacCaffrey, etc. 

tr>AC 501II, Giles, Gyles. 

triAC 5oifoeAlli), niAC 5A1f- 
•oeALt)Ai5, Costello, Costelloe, 

niAC goimiAin, MacGorman, 

Gorman ; O' Gorman. 

ITlAC 5;o|Am5Ail, rriAC 5o]Am- 
JAile, MacCormilla, Gormley. 

VHac ^ocAp'OA, iTlAC ^o'^r-*'^^'^' 
MacGorry, MacGurry, Mac 
Corry, MacCurry, Godfrey, 
Gorry, Corry, Curry, (?) Curoe. 

TTIac 5T^'Aiiine, Granny. 

iriAC SjiAic, MacGrath, Magrath, 

TTiAC 5|ieA5Ai^, tTiAC St^iogAin, 
MacGregor ; Gregory. 

r»lAC 5|iipiti, MacGriffin. 

triAC 5nio5Ai|i, MacGreer, Greer, 
Grear, Grier ; Grierson, etc. 

iriAC 5VIA5, MacGoog, Cooke. 

TYlAC g^^S-^i^' triAC ^uAicin, 
triAC 5^^i5'"' ^Ac 5ui5eAn, 
niAC 5^15111, MacGuigap, Mac 
Guiggan, MacGuckian, Mac 
Quiggan, MacGookin, Mac 
Guckin, MacWiggan, Mac 
Wiggin ; Pigeon, Pidgeon. 

triAC 5X1A1110, MacQuarrie. 

triAC ^XJAlflAIC, niAC gtlAlllAlg. 

MacGolrick, MacGoldrick, 

Golrick, Goldrick, Gouldrick. 

ITIac tlAiceix), Hackett. 

triAC tlAnnitAOi, niAC tlAni^AOl, 
MacHenry, MacHarry, Fitz- 
henry, Fitzharris, Feeharry, 
Henry, Harris, Harrison, etc. 

rriAC llAol, MacHale, Hale, 
Hales, Howell, Howels, etc. 

ITlAC lleil, MacHale. 

rriAchob, Hobson, Hopson, 

ITlAC "hoibicin, Hobbikin, Hop- 
kin, Hopkins, Hopkinson. 

ITlAC "hoinbhi, Harbinson, Har- 
bison, Harbeson, etc. 

ITlAC tlOljIBAbAllIT), rriAC "hoiHG- 

AbAinT), Fitzherbert, Herbert- 
son, Herbison. 

ITiAC tloifre, Hosty, etc. 

iriAC lloifricin,Hodgkins,Hodg- 
kinson, etc. 

niAC tlviigin, Hugginson, Hig- 

1T1AC 1luTi|^pAi-6, MacHanfry, 
Machanfry ; Humphries, Hum- 
phreys, etc. 

mAC IA56, lago, Igo, Igoe. 
TTlAC IA565, Igo, Igoe. 
triAc lAin, MacKean. 

niAC Inneipje, MacKeniry, Mac 
Eniry, MacNeiry, Mac 

Kennery, MacKenery, Mac 
Enery, MacEnry, Kiniry, &c. 

niAC InnjieACCAij, MacEnright, 
Inright, Enraght, Enright. 

ITlAC loliiACAin, Eagleton. 

triAC 1oniAi|i, niAC 1oniAi|i, Mac 
Ivor, Maclver, MacEiver, Mac 
Kiever, MacKiver, Mac 
Ever, MacKevor, MacKeever, 
MacKeevor, MacCure, Mac 
Ivers, Ivers, Fivers, Keevers, 

niAC lomAitvo, Montgomery, 

Gomory ; Ridge. 

triAC lontiiAin, Love. 
Ill AC 1onTi|iACCAit;, MacEnright, 
Enraght, Inright, Enright. 

niAC lOfOC, iriAC lOfO^, tllAC 

lfo65, MacKisock, MacCus- 
sack, Kissack, Cusack. 

lllAC t-AbtiA-OA, MacLavery, Mac 
Clory, Clowry. 

triAC iAb^tAin, Cloran 


til AC tAbnAinn, MacLaurin, Mac 

Lauren, MacLaren ; Lawren- 

son, Laurison, etc. 
rriAc tAV)|iAif, Lawrenson, 

Lawrinson, Laurison, Lawson, 


niAC LacIaititi, MacLachlin, Mac 
Laclilan, MacLaughlin, Mac 
Ciaughlin, MacClafflin, Claf- 
liin, etc. 

tllAC LAT)mAiTin, rriAC tA^mAinn, 
MacLamond, MacLimont, 

MacClamon, MacClymon, Mac 
Climond, MacClimont, Mac 
Clemonts, MacClement, Mac 
Clymonds, Clymonds, Cli- 
mons, Lammon, Lamond, 
Lament, Limond, Limont, &c. 

triAC Lai -615, MacLea, MacLee, 
Lea, Lee, Leigh. 

1TIAC LAir:beA|tt:Ai5, MacLaverty, 
MacClafferty, MacCleverty. 

TTlAC LAitirii, MacLave, Mac 
Clave, Claffey, Claffy ; Hand. 

ITlAC Laoi-ois, MacLea, MacLee, 
Lea, Lee. 

rriAc Lacais, Claffey, Claffy. 

iriAC LeAiiriACAin, MacLenaangh 
MacLenahan, MacLeneghan, 
MacLenighan, MacLennon, 
MacClenaghan, MacClenahan, 
MacCleneghan, MacClenighan, 
MacClennon, Clenaghan, &c. 

triAC Leoix), MacLeod, Mac 
Cleod, MacCloud. 

niAC Li Am, Wilson. 

til AC LoclAinn, MacLochlin, 

MacLoghlin, MacLoughlin, 
Loughlin, etc ; Loftus. 

rriAC LoineAin, MacLennan, 

MacLennon ; Leonard. 

rriAC LoingfeACAin, Lynchehan. 

triAC Lbinsfij, MacClinchy, 


triAC LvicAif, MacLucas (?) Mac 
Cluggage, Clucas. 

TTlAc Lti5AX)A, Lowe. 

niAc Ltjinse, MacLung, Mac 

lllAC Luit^s, MacLurg, Mac 

tllAC iriA"06c, triAC ttlATJOS, 

Vaddock, Vadock, Waddock, 
Waddick, Weadock, Maddox, 

triAC tllA5r>tiif, ITlAC rriAJntifA, 

MacManus, MacManis, Manus, 

triAC tllAichi, MacMackin, Mac- 
kin, Macken. 
iriAc tTlAige, MacMay, Mawe, 

May, Mea. 
triAC tllAijeoc, triAC mAi5e65, 

MacMay, Mawe, May, Mea ; 

in AC UlAisivi, Mahew. 
rriAC rriAine, (?) Mayne, Maynes. 
niAc IllAittcin, Fitzmartin, 

Martin, Marten, Martyn. 
triAC rriAitif, Mathias. 
TTJac ITlAnAinn, MacMannon, 

rriAC itlAOil-ouin, Maclldoon. 
rriAC niAoilin, MacMillin, Mac- 

iriAc rriAoil lof a, Malise, Mellis, 
IllAc niAoiliji, MacMoyler, Mey- 

triAC triAolAin, MacMuUan, Mac 

Mullen, MacMullin, Mac 

Mullon,MacMillan, MacMillen, 

MacBlain, Mullin, Mullins, 

rriAc niAolcoltiim, Malcolmson, 

Malcomson, Malcolm. 
niAC tilAolcviile, MacAtilla, 

Tully ; Flood. 
rriAC rilAoriAij, MacWeeney, (?) 

triAC mAonsAil, MacMonagle, 

MacMonegal, MacMonigal, 

MacMonigle, MacMunigal, 

Monagle, etc. 


triAc mAitcuii\ Marcus, Marks. 
triAc iriAtA, MacMagh, Mac 

Math, MacMa. 
in AC IfJACA, Mathewson, Mathe- 

triAC ttlACAiti, Matheson. 

rriAc triAcsAirinA, MacMaghone, 
MacMaghon, MacMaghen, 

MacMachon, MacMahon, Mac 
Mahan, MacMann, Mahony, 
Mahon ; Matthews, Mathews. 

niAC ITleA-oACAin, Wade, Waide. 

iriAC meATimA, MacManamy, 
MacMenamy, MacMenemy, 

ITlAC itleAiitriA, MacVanamy, 

ITlAc ITIeAnmAn, MacManaman, 
MacManamon, MacMenamon, 
MacMenamen, MacMenemen, 
Menemin, Merriman, Merry- 
man, etc. 

iriAC ttleAHAin, MacVerran, Mac 

iriAC rheAiAiios, Warnock. 

tTlAC meib|\ic, niAC 1Tlei|tic, 
iriAC tnibtiic, Meyrick, May- 
rick, Merrick. 

lYlAC ITliA-DACAin, (?) MacMee- 
chan, MacMeekan, MacMee- 
kin, etc. 

ITiAC ITIicil, MacMichael, Mac 
Michall, MacMighael, MacMeel. 

rriAC 1TJicilin, MacMichalin, 

triAC mili-6. Miles, Myles, Moy- 

triAC inilif, Miles, Myles. 

rriAc rhiolcon, Macllchon, Mac 

rriAC mioltiic, Malick, Mulick, 
Mullock, Mulleague. 

triAc tnostiAin, mAc mu5|\6iTi, 

MacMurran, MacMurren, Mac 
Mouran, MacMorran, Mac 
Moran, MacMorin, Mac 
Murrin, Moran, etc. 
rriAC rhunriA, MacPhun. 

rriAC nitiii^ceAncAi5, MacMur- 
trie, MacMurtery, MacMurtry, 
MacMurdy, MacMordie, Mac 
Mrearty, MacBrearty, Mac 
Briarty, MacMearty, Mac 
Merty, Murtagh, Mortagh, 
Murtaugh, Murdough, Mur- 
doch, Murdock, Murdow, 
Murtha, Murta, Murdy, Murt ; 

triAC TiluiiiccAHCAij, MacCurdy, 
MacKurdy, MacKirdy. 

TUac t"nt}i|ieAT)Ai5, MacMurry, 
MacMorry, MacMorray, Mac 
Murray ; MacMorrow ; Murry, 
Murray ; Morrow. 

tTlAC liltnueA-OAi^, Currie, 


ITlAC tlltlllljOAfA, niAC mvii]\5if, 
MacMorris, Morrissey, Morris. 

niAC mxniuf, ITlAC l1luiiiif, Mac 
Morris ; Morrison, Fitz- 
maurice, Maurice, Morris, &c. 

triAC tnuitAlf RXIAIT), ITlAC 

rhuinif RuAiT), Morris- Roe, 

lllAC niuii\ni5, Murney. 
lYlAC irixiitcA-OA, MacMurrough, 

MacMorrow ; Morrowson ; 

Murrough, Morrogh, Murrow, 

Morrow, Murphy. 
tT>AC tnu^tcA'OA CAortiAriAC, Mac 

Murrough Kavanagh. 
rriAC nixjiACAit'), MacMurchy ; 

Murchison ; Murphy. 
rriAC inu|ACAin, MacMoran, Mac 

Morin, Murchan, Murkin, 

Morkin, etc. 
niAC inu|t5AlAin, MacMurlan, 

Murland, Murtland, Morland, 

Mortland, Moreland, etc. 
iriAc tlAilin, Nallen. 
mAC tlAoiihin, MacNiven, Nivin, 

Nevin, Neven, Neavin, 

triAC tlAttA-oAis, MacNarry, Mac 

Neary, Manary, 


iriAc riAoif, mAc iiAOfA, Mac 
Niece, MacNeece, MacNeese, 
MacNeice, MacNish, Manice, 
Mannice, Meneese, Miniece, 
Minnis, Minnish, Kinnish, 
Kennish, Mannix, etc. 

mAC neAccAin, MacNaghten, 
MacNaghton, MacNaughten, 
MacNaughton, MacCracken, 
MacNaught, MacNeight, Mac 
Kneight, MacKnight, Mac 
Night, Mannight, Menaght, 
Menautt, Minett, Minnitt, &c. 

triAC 11ei-6e, MacNeigh, Mac 
Neagh, MacNay, MacNea, 

rriAC 11915111, Neilson, Nielson, 

ITlAc lleill, MacNeill, Mac 
Neile, MacNeal, etc. 

rriAC niA-6, MacNea, MacNee, 
(?) Neeson. 

iTiAc niAllsuif.mAc niAlljUfA, 
MacNelis, MacEneilis, Mac 
Enealis, MacNeilage, Manelis, 
Nealis, Nelis.. 

ITlAC nic, Nixon. 

rriAC niocAif, Nix ; Woulfe. 

rriAC riioclAif, MacNicholas ; 
Nixon ; Clausson, Classon. 

ITlAC niocoil, triAC Tliocoil, 
MacNicol, MacNickle ; Nicol- 
son, Nicholson, Nicholl, etc. 

triAC TlVlAX)AT), TTlAC tltJA-OAC, 

MacNutt, Noud, Nowd ; Con- 
tUAC nwAllAin, Nolan. [way, 
ITlAC 6-OA, Cody, Coady ; Arch- 
iriAC Oibicin, Hobbikin, Hop- 
kin, Hopkins, Hopkinson. 
ITJac OinfeAtDAin, Kingston, 

triAC OlfTDGAll!), TTlAC OlfOCAlb- 

A15, Costelloe, Costello, Cos- 
tellow, Costily, Costley, etc. 

TTlAC Oifin, MacCushen. 

triAc Oifce, MacGusty, Hosty, 
Hasty, etc. 

TTlAC Oifciciii, ITiAC Oifri5in, 

niAC Oifcin, Costine, Costin, 

rriAC Oicin, MacCotter, Mac 

Cottier, MacCottar, Cotter ; 

Otterson, etc. 
ITJac OfCAitt, MacOscar, Mac 

Usker, MacCosker, Mac 

Cusker, MacKusker, MacKus- 

car ; Cosgrove, Cosgrave, etc. 
ITJac OfpAic, MacCosbey. 
*1T1AC Of|\Aic, MacOstrich. 
TTlAC 'pAT)|tAic, MacPhatrick, 

MacFattrick, MacFettrick. 
ITiAC pA-OpAlCin, 1TIAC Pa-6]aaic- 

in, triAC pA-0]1A15iT1, tllAC 

pA-6|iAi5in, Fitzpatrick ; Patri- 
cian, Parrican, Paragon. 

niAC pAix), MacFate, MacFeat, 

niAC pATOin, MacPaden, Mac 
Padian, MacPadden, MacPad- 
dan, MacPadgen, Pattinson, 
Patterson, Pattisson, Paddi- 
son. Patten, Payton, etc. 

rriAC pAi-oin, MacPhadden, Mac 
Faden, MacFaddin, Mac 
Fadden, MacFeddan, Faddin, 
Vadin ; Fag in. Fag an ; 
Patterson ; Padden, Patten, 
Cussane, etc. 

rtlAC pAil, MacFall, MacFalls. 
MacVail, Vail. 

TTlAC pAtltAlAm, rtlAC t!)A|\tA- 

lAin, thac pA|ttAiAin, rriAc 

■pAiitAlAin, ITlAC PahcIaiti, 
riiAc pAticioin, niAC t^At^- 
lAin, MacParlin, MacParland, 
MacPartlan, MacPartland, 
MacPartlin, MacPharland, 
MacFarlaine, MacFarlane, 

MacFarland, MacBartley, 

MacBarklie, Parlon, Partland, 
Bartley, Bartolomew, &c, 
rriAC poA-OAiii, MacFeeters ; 
Peterson, Petterson, Peters, 


triAC peAiiACin, Parkinson, Per- 

\''/- kins. 

ITlAC f!)eA-oiitii]% MacFetrish, 

MacPhettridge, MacFetridge, 
MacFettridge, MacFatridge, 
MacFattridge, Fettridge, etc. 

IDac peice, MacPeake, MacPake. 

ITlAC plAttAIC, niAC plAjUllC, 


niAc piAjtAif, Pierson, Peirson' 
Pearson, Pierce, Pearse, etc. 

TTlAC piAiAAif, MacFeerish, etc. 

rriAC pib, Phipson, Phipps, 

niAC pibin, Phippin, Phippen. 

triAC pilib, MacPhillips, Phil- 
lips, Philips ; Philipson, Phil- 

niAC pilbin, niAC pilibin, Mac 
Philpin, MacPhilbin, O'Filbin, 
Philipin, Phillipin, Philbin, 
Filbin ; Plover. 

triAc poll, MacPaul, MacPhail, 
MacFall, MacFalls, MacVail, 
Vail ; Paulson, Poison, Powl- 
son, etc. 

triAC p6ilin. MacPohn, PoHn, 

triAC UA5A1II15, MacCrilly, 
Creilly, Crilly, Crelly, Creely. 

niAC UajaHais, Crawley. 

TTlAC llAJriAill, MacRannall, 

MacRanald, MacRandell, Mac 
Crindle, MacReynold, Mac 
Reynolds ; Randalson, Ron- 
dalson, Reynoldson, Rannals, 
Randals, Randies, Ranolds, 
Reynolds, etc. 

niAC UA151II15, Crigley. 

triAC llAi^ne, Reyney, Ryney, 
Reany, Rainey, etc. 

triAC llAit, MacRay, MacRea, 
MacCraith, MacCray, Mac 
Crea, MacWray, Rea, etc. 

niAc llAoif , niAC RAOfA, Mac 
Creesh, MacCreech. 

triAC ReACCAin, MacCracken. 

triAC ReAmoinn, MacRedmond, 

Redmond, Redmont, Redmun 
rriAC Reill, MacCrail. 
TTIac RiAbAig, MacReavy, Mac 

Creavy, MacCreevy, Mac 

TTlAC RiA-OA, MacReedy, Mac 

Ready, MacCreedy, Mac 

Cready, etc. 
niAc RiA5Ain, Creegan, Cregan, 

RIac RiceiT), Cricket ; Ricket- 

son, Rickets 

tllAC RlOCAIjlT), RIAC Ri0CA1|1"0, 

MacRichard, Crickard ; Dick- 
son, Dixon ; Sinclair, St. Clair. 

RiAC RifceAi^ix), iriAC Rifce- 
A\\\X), MacRichard ; Richard- 
son, Richards. 

RiAC RitbeAiirAi5, MacCrifferty, 

RiAC Rob, MacRub, MacCrub. 
MacRubs ; Robson, Robbs. 

triAC RobA|tcAi5, Ma,cRoarty. 

1T1AC Ro-OAi^, Ruddy. 

RiAC Ro-OAin, MacCrudden, 

Crudden, Rodden, Roddon, 
Rudden, Ruddon, etc. 

RIac R05AIIA15, Crowley, Croly, 

ITlAC RoibeAiiiT), RTac Roi- 
bcAiiA-o, MacRoberts, Mac 
Crobarts ; Robertson, Roberts 

triAC Roibin, MacRobin, Crib- 
bin, Cribbon, Cribbins ; 
Robinson, Robbinson, Rob- 

RlAC Roibl|^-0, V. RiAC R01- 

RiAC RuAif), Roe, Rowe, Roy. 
RiAC RuAiTJi^i, MacRoary, Mac 

Rory, MacArory, MacCrory ; 

Rorison ; Rogerson, Rogers, 

*tnAC RtiAiiCAin, MacCrorken. 
RiAC Rvii-otAi, MacReery, Mac 

Creery, MacCreary. 
RiAC ^AiiiiiAin, Somers. 


ITlAC SAmtiel, Samuelson, Sam- 

' uels. 

ITlAc SAtTOAii^, Sanderson, 

Saunderson, Sanders, Saun- 

in AC SAOJAi^i, Searson, Seares, 
Sears, Sear, etc. 

triAc ScAitsil, Scahill, Skahill, 

rriAC ScAlAise, Miskelly, Mis- 
cella, Miskella, Scally, Skelly. 

TTlAC ScBACAin, MacSkeaghan, 
MacSkean, Skehan ; Thorn- 

ITJac Scoloise, MacScollog ; 


niAc SeA|r|iAi-6, MacShaffrey, 
MacSheffrey, MacShufrey, 

Shaffery ; Jefferson, Jeff re- 
son, Jeffries, Jeffers, etc. 

ITJAC SeAJAin, ITJac SeAin, Mac 
Shane, MacShan, MacCheyne, 
Shane, Cheyne ; Johnson, 
Johnston, Johnstone. 

rriAC SeAtnuif, Jameson, Jemi- 
son, etc. 

rriAC SeATiACAin, MacShannon. 

TTlAc SeAriAin, MacShannon. 

ITIAC SeATiCA, triAC SeAncAit)e, 
MacShanaghy, Shanaghy, 

Shanahy ; Fox. 

rriAC SeAnlAOic, MacShanley, 

triAC SeAttlAif, triAC SeAjiluif, 
Charleson, Charles. 

ITlAC SeA]niAi5, MacSharry, Mac 
Sherry, Sharry, Sherry ; 
Feley, Foley. 

niAC SeAjtfAC, Sear, Seares, 

ITlAC SeAjltA, niAC SeAptAlf), 

Shera, Sheera, Shirra ; Hod- 
nett ; Fitzpatrick. 

triAC SeA|ttuin, Shearhoon, (?) 
Syron ; Prendergast. 

rriAC Seinicin, Jenkinson, Jen- 
kins, Jinkins, etc. 

triAC Seinin, Jennens, Jennings. 

niAC Seoin, Johnson, Joneson, 

Jones, etc. 
lllAC Seomin, O'Keoneen, 

Keoneen ; Jennings. 

triAC SlACAIf, triAC SlACtllf, 

triAC Sim, MacKim ; Simson, 

Simpson, Sims, etc. 
rriAC SimiT), MacKimmie ; Fraser. 
triAC Sio-OA, MacSheedy, Sheedy. 
ITlAc SiopfAix), MacShufrey, &c. 
ITJac Slo5Aitt, Sigerson. 
TTlAC Siomoin, 1T)ac Siomoinn, 

Fitzsimon, Fitzsimons, Fitz- 

simmons, Simons, Simmons, 

Symons, Simonds, Symonds, 

ITlAC Siomom, triAC Siomoinn, 

MacKimmon, MacKeemon, 

MacKeeman, etc. 
niAC Siri5, MacSheehy, Sheehy. 
rriAc Sitig, Mac Keith, Mac 

rriAC Sirjtic, MacKittrick, Mac 

Kitterick, MacKettrick, Mac 

Ketterickj MacKirtrick, Mun- 

kittrick, Kittrick, Kitterick, 

niAC SiujACAin, Jourdan, Jordan, 

Jurdan, etc. 
rriAC Slenime, MacSliney, 

Sleyne, Sliney, Sliny. 
rriAC SIUA5A-DA15, MacSlowey, 

niAC Soillij, MacSolly, Mac 

Soley, Solly. 
ITlAC Sol Aim, Soloman, Solomon 

triAC SoiTiAiiile, MacSorely, Mac 

Sorley, MacSurley. 
TTlAC SpAi-oin, MacSpaddin, 

mAC SpeAlAin, triAC SpcAllAin, 

Spencer, Spenser. 
iriAc ScGApAin, rriAC Sceitiiin, 


rriAc scibin, triAc scin, rriAc 
SciopAiTi, rriAC SciopAin, Mac 


Steen, Fitzstephen, Fitz- 
stephens ; Stephenson, 

Stevenson, Stevinson, Sten- 
son, Steenson, Steinson, Stin- 
son, Stephens, Stevens, &c. 

triAC StJAin, MacSwan ; Swain- 
son, Swanson. 

triAC Stulbne, MacSeveney, Mac 
Swiney, MacSweney, Mac 
Sweeney, MacSween, Mac 
Swine, Swiney, Sweeney, &c. 

rriAC Stiibne, MacQueen (?) 
MacQuiney, (?) MacQuinney, 
(?) MacWhinney (?) Mac 
Whinny, (?) MacWiney, (?) 
MacWeeny, etc. 

♦rriAC Suigin, MacSwigin, Mac 
Swiggin, MacSwiggan. 

rriAC Cai-oj, MacTeigue, Mac 
Tigue, MacTeague, Mac 
Tague, Teige, Teigue, Teague, 
Tague, Tigue, Tighe ; Mon- 

triAc tAi-D5, MacAig, MacHaig, 
MacCaig, MacCaigue, Mac 
Kaige, MacKague, MacKage, 
MacKaigue, MacKeag, Mac 
Keague, Keag, Keague, etc, 

TTlAC CAiriAif , MacTavish ; 


rriAc tAiiiAif, MacAvish, Mac 
Cavish, Cavish. 

triAC CijeAtvTiAis, MacTierney. 
niAC CijeAiinAin, MacTiernan, 

MacTernan, Tiernan, Ternan. 
rriAC t:i5eA|inAin, MacKiernan, 

MacKernan, MacCarnon, Mac 

Harnon, Kiernan, Kernan, 

Kernon ; Lord. 
ITlAC Coimilin, TTlAC toimilin, 

TomUnson, Tomhn, Tomlyn, 

Timhn, Timbhn, etc. 
ITIac Coimicin, Tomkinson, 

Tomkins, Tompkins. 
triAC Coimin, Timmin, Timmins, 

Timmons, Tymmins, Tym- 


rriAC CoitfOGAlbAij, Torley, 
Turley ; Terrence, Terry, 

iriAC CoijA-oeAlbAij, MacCorley, 
MacKerley, MacKerHe, Mac 
Gorley, Corley, Gorley, Cur- 
ley, Kerley, Kerly, Kirley. 

triAC torn, MacComb, Mac 
Combs, MacCombes, Combes, 
Homes, Holmes. 

triAC tomviic, MacComick, 

triAC ComAif, rriAC ComAif, 
Thompson, Thomson, Thomas 

triAc CotriAif, MacComish, Mac 
Combes, MacCombs, Comish, 
Combes, Homes ; Holmes. 

triAC torriAif, Holmes. 

in AC CorriAlcAij;, Tomilty, 

Tumalty, Tumilty, Tumelty, 
Tumiltey, Tumblety ; Timo- 

TTlAC to|icAT)Ail, MacCorcadale, 
MacCorcodale, MacCorquo- 
dale, MacQuorcodale, 

ITlAcCottCAill, Thurkell, Thur- 
kill, Thirkell, Thurkle, etc. 

triAC t:o]ACAill, MacCorkill, Mac 
Corkell, MacCorrikle, Mac 
Corkle, Corkhill. 

triAC t^tempif, MacCreanor, 
MacCranor, MacCrainor, Mac 
Crenor, Treanor, Trenor, 
Trayner, Trainor, Traynor, 

iriAC CuACAil, MacToole, Toole. 

ITlAC CuAccAi^i, MacTucker. 

iriAC Cmle, Tully ; Flood. 

triAC Uiiijic, MacTurk. 

rriAC rimcAill, MacCorkill, Mac 
Corkell, MacCorkle, Corkhill, 

niAC Uait), MacQuaid, Mac 
Quaide, MacQuade, Mac 
Ouoid, MacWade, Quaid, 

. Quaide, Quade, Quoid, etc. 

ITlAC tlAilciun, 1TIAC tlAil"0-pin, 


rriAc Uaic, Watson, Watts. 

^Ac tlAiceitt, MacWatters, Mac 
Quatters ; Waterson, Waters, 

niAC tJAl-0]iAin, Waldron. 

iriAc tlAlJAiiig, Coldrick. 

tTlAT) llAllACAin, Coulahan, Cou- 
lihan, Colahan, Coolaham, &c. 

TYIac UaIjiotica, Waldron. 

triAC UaIcaiii, Mac Walter, Mac 
Qualter ; Walters, Qualters, 
Walter, Oualter. 

ITlAc Ufoilin, niAC Ui-olin, tTlAC 
tlisilin, MacQuillin, Mac 
Quillian, MacQuillan, Mac 
Quillen, MacQuillon, &c. 

TTIa'c Ui-olif), Macpuilly, Mac 

rtlAC tJilcin, MacQuilkin, Mac 
Ouilkan, MacOuilquane, Mac 
Wilkin, Mackilkin, Kilken, 
Culkeen, Kulkeen, Culkin, 
Quilkin ; Kilkisson ; Wilkinson, 
Wilkison,Wilkin,Wilkins, &c. 

triAC UileA56iT), MacElligott. 

rrjAC UilliAm, Mac William, 

MacCulliam, MacWilliams, 

MacOuilliams ; Williamson, 

Williams, Willison, Wilson, 


TTlAC Uillimei-o, Killemeade, 
Killemet, Killimith, Kilmet ; 

rriAC Uifcin, MacCuskin. 

TTlAC tlifcin, MacQuiston, Mac 
Question, MacQueston, Mac 
Whiston, Houstin, Houston, 
Huston, &c. 

tDAC tlnp|iAiT), Humphreys, 
Humphries, &c. 

triA-ooc, mAT)65, Maddock, 
Maddocks, Maddox, &c. 

mA5 A-oAim, Magaw, Megaw, 
MacGaw, etc. 

TTIas AiiABACCAij, MacGarrity^ 
Magarrity, Megarrity, Ma- 
garty, Garity, Garrity, etc. 

IDAS AlilAlJA-OA, triAj; AiriAl- 

?;ai-6, Magawley, MacGawley, 
MacGawlay, MacGaulay, 


rriAs Atitiai-d, Magan, MacGann. 
niA5 Ao-DA, niA5 -^5^01-6, Magee, 

MacGee, MacGhee, MacGhie, 

Ghee, Gee. 

triAj^ Aonjuip, rriAS -Aor.stjfA, 
Maguiness, Maguinness, Ma- 
gennis, Maginness, Mac 
Guinness, MacGenniss, Mac 
Guinnessy, Meginniss, etc. 

TTlAs AtiACAin, MacGaraghan, 
MacGarahan, MacGarran, 

Garraghan, Garahan, Garran, 
Garron, etc. 

niAg AfCAill, MacGaskell. 

mA5 t)^A-OAi5, MacGrady, Mac 

triAs t)|iA-OAin, Graden, Groden. 
triAs liiiAonAni, MacGrienan, 


tT}A5 t)|iuA-DAii^«, Magroder, Mac 

iriAg CApjiAix), MacGaffrey, Mac 

Caffrey, Caffrey, etc. 
rriAS Catia, Magann, Magan. 

MacGann, MacGan, etc. 
ITIA5 CATiAtm, MacGannon ; 

Magann, MacGann. 
mA5 CATiriA, Magann, Magan, 

MacGann, MacGan, etc. 
ITIA5 CAjijiJAiiiriA, MacGroany, 

Growney, O'Growney ; 

ney ; Caulfield. 

rriAS CineAic, MacKenna, Gen- 
nagh, Ginnaw, Ginna, Guinna, 
Kennagh, Gna, etc. ; Ginnane. 

iriAs CoclAin, MacCoghlan, 
MacCoughlan, Coghlan, 

Coughlan, Coughlin, etc. 

rriAs coili-6, triAs C01I15, Ma- 
gilly, MacGilly, etc. ; Cox» 


rtlAS ConsAil, MacGonagle, Mac 
[j_ Conigle, MacGonegle, Mac 
^ Gonegal, MacGonigal, Mac 
k Gonnigle, MacGonnell, Gun- 

nigle, Gunnell. 
mA5 CottcjiAiii, Corcoran, Cork- 
ran, Corkeran, etc. 
ITlAS Coii|iAi-6in, niAg Co|i|iAinj 
'• mA5 CotiitAOin, MacGorrin, 
r-' MacGurran, MacGorrian, Mac 
pi Gurrin, MacGurn, Gurrin, &c. 
mA5 C\\A\t, Magrath, Mac 

Grath, MacGragh, Magragh, 

Meg rath, Mag raw, etc. 
iriAS CU111C, MacGuirk, Mac 

Gurk, MacGurke. 
mA5 X)At)uc, niA5 *UAbtiic, Mac 

Gavick, MacGavock, etc. 
mA5 *OonnA5Ain, Gunnigan. 
rriAs *6oticAi-6, rriAs 'oojACAi-oe, 

MacGourkey, MacGourty, 

MacGoorty, MacGort^^ 
rriAs •OubAin, Maguane, Mac 

Guane, MacGuone ; Mac 

Gowan, Magowan. 
rriAS •Oviib, MacGuff, MacGiff. 
mA5 '6tiit)pinn, MacGuffin, Mac 

Guff en, MacGiff en, Mac 

triAg 'Otiibin, Giveen, Givin, 

Given, Givan. 
rriAS *Uviit)no, MacGivney, Mac 

ITlAs •OumeACAiii, Ganagher. 
niA5 'OuinneAbAin, Guinevan, 

tllAg Caca-oa, MacGeagh, Mac 

Gagh, MacGaugh, etc. 
niA5 eACAgAin, MacGaffigan, 

Gahagan, Gavagan, Gavigan, 

Gavacan, Gaffikan, Gaffikin, 

Gagan, etc. 
rriAS eACAi-6, MacGahey, Mac 

Gahy, MacGaughey, Mac 

Gaughy, MacGaggy, Mac 

Gaugie, Gahey, Gaffey, 

Gaugy ; Hackett. 

niA5 eACAin, MacGahan, Maga- 
han, Megahan ; Magan, Ma- 
gann ; Geghan, Gaughan, 
Gahan, etc. 

ITlAg GACitAin, MacGaughran, 
Magaheran, Magahern, Mac 
Gahran, (?) MacGawran, (?) 
MacGarran, Gaughran. 

mAj; GAtiriA, (?) MacGeany. 
mA5 eACAc, MacGeagh, Mac 

Gagh, MacGaugh, Gaff, etc. 
iiiAg eibij^, niAg Ciiiii]-t, Mac 


mA5 GireAgAin, niAg eici^ein, 
Magettigan, MacGettigan. 

inA5 eici^, Magetty, Getty. 

niAS Coc^-OA, MacGeough, Ma- 
geogh, Magough, MacGough, 
MacGoff, Gough, Gofl, etc. 

triAs eocAgAin, Mageoghegan, 
MacGeoghegan, MacGoogan, 
MacGuigan, MacGuiggan, 

Maguigan, Geoghegan, Geha- 
gan, Gehegan, Geogan, Gea- 
gan, Geghan, Gegan, Googan, 
Gogan, etc. 

niAs eocAi-6, MacGeoy, Mac 
Goggy, etc. 

niA^ eocAix)in, MacGuickian, 
MacGughian, MacGuckian, 
MacGookin, MacGuckin, 

Guckeane, Gucken, Guckian, 
Guigan, Guiken, etc. 

niAS eocAiti, MacGoohan, Mac 
Guighan, Guigan, etc. 

rriAS eo5Ain, niAg com, Ma- 
geown, MacGeown, Magowen, 
MacGowen, Magone, Gowen, 

mA5 eocAC, MacGeough, Ma- 
geogh, Magough, MacGough, 
MacGoff, Gough, Goff, etc. 

niAj; -pACcriA, Gaughney, Gaff- 


niA5 f^eAiiA-oAis, MacGarry, 

Magarry, MacGeary, Mac 

Gerry, MacGherry, Megarry, 

O'Garriga, Garahy, Garrahy, 

Garrihy, Garry, Gerry, Gery ; 

O'Hare, Hare, Haire, etc. 
IT1A5 poAjACAiii, MacGarragher, 

inA5 peAjtsAil, MacGarrigal, 

ITlAs peAyi^Ail, MacGarrell, Mac 

Garoll, MacGirl, MacGorl. 
niAg "peo^AAif, tnA5 "peojitiif, 

MacGorish, MacGorisk, Ma- 

gorisk, Gorish ; Birmingham, 

Bermingham, etc. 
inA5 pibiti, MacGibbin, Mac 

Gibben, Gibbin, Gibben, 

Gibbins, Gibbings. 
mA5 "pinn, Maginn, MacGinn, 

MacGin, MacGing, Megginn, 

tHAg pinneAccA, TTIA5 pnineAC- 

CA15, niA5 pionriACCA, mA5 

VionnACCAis, Maginnety, Mac 

Ginnity, MacGinnety, Mac 

Ginety, MacGinity, MacGinty, 

Maginty, Ginnity, Ginaty, 

Ginity, Guinnaty, Ginty. 
niA5 ■pioiinriAin, MacGannon, 

Gannon, Ginnane. 
■niA5 pionTibAi|A]i, niAj "pionn- 

bAfjiA, Geanor, Gainer, Gay- 

ITIA5 "pionnJAil, MacGennell, 

MacCjindlc, Ginnell, Gennell, 

triAS pionnJAile, Maginley, Mac 

Ginley, MacGinly, Ginnelly, 

mA5 "plAitnii, MacGlave, Glaf- 

fey, Glavey, etc. 
iriAS plAitinihi, Hand. 
niA^ "pi Ann CAT) A, niAj i?lAnn- 

CAiT), Maglanchy, Mac 

Glancy, Glancy. 
triA?; -plomn, MacGlin, Mac 

Glynn, Glinn, Glynn. 

iriAS ■poSA^ICAl^, TIIA5 lpt1A5A|^- 

CA15, Gog arty, Gogerty, Goo- 

y'^^b SApfiAix), MacGaffrey, Mac 

Caftrey, Cailrey, etc. 
mA5 5ao|ia, Geary. 
^"^"'^5 b^r'<^CAin, MacGaraghan, 

MacGarahan, MacGarren, 

Garraghan, Garahan, Garran, 

Garrori, etc. 
ITIA5 gAttAiT), MacGarry. 
tllAg 5 At An, MacGahan, Ma- 

gahan, Megahan, Gahan. 
mA5 ^eAttACAit;, MacGarahy, 

Garahy, Garrihy. 
^"•1^5 hiiAnnA, Granny, Grant. 
niAs 5uA5Ain, MacGoogan, Mac 

Guigan, MacGuiggan, Ma- 

guigan, etc. 
l"f1'A5 StiAl^^Aic, Magolrick, etc. 
niAg J^viAttlAic, Magorlick, etc. 
niA5 5tiAtAnACAin,Magournahan; 

niAg loniAin, MacGeevor, Mac 

Geever, MacGaver. 
ITIA5 LAb|\AT)A, MacGlory, 
rriAs tAb^Ai-6, (?) Maglamery. 
tllAg tAclAinn, MacGlaughlin, 

niAs tAim niAs tAitiifn, Hand. 
rriA^ tAitnh, MacGlave, Glaffey, 

Glavey ; Hand. 
ITIA5 "Lai ti Till n. Hand. 
rriAs tACAij, MacGlave, Glaf- 
fey ; Hand. 
ITIA5 LeAnnAin, MacGleenan, 

Maglennon, Glenane, Glennon. 
niAg teiT), Maglade, MacGlade. 
triAg LoclAinn, MacGloughlin, 

mA5 toingfij, MacGlinchy. 
rriAg liUii|tneACAin, Magourna- 

han ; Gordon. 
t1lA5 llcACCAin, (?) MacGrattan, 

iriAs neill, MacGreal. 
rriAs niAllAin, (?) Magrillan, 



iriAS tllAllSVllf , ITIA5 lllAllgtlf A, 

MacGrillish, Grealish, etc. 

mA5 nxiA-OAT), mA5 tltlA-OAC, 

iriAS Oi|ieACt:Ai5, MacGeraghty, 

Mageraghty, MacGerety, Mac 

Gerrity, Geraghty, Geraty, 

Gerety, Gerity, Gearty, 

Gerty, etc. 
inA5 Oifhi, MacCushion. 
rriAS Oifce, MacGust. 
iriAsomtiAC, Montgomery, Gom- 

niAg UA5AIIA15, Magreely, 

Greally, Grealy, Greely. 
niAj; RAsriAill, Magrannell; Mac 

Granell, Grannell, Gronel ; 

Reynolds, etc. 
niAg UA5iiAinn, MacGronan. 
niA5 TlAisne, tTJAs RAi5;ne, Ma- 

grane, MacGrane, Magrean, 

MacGrean, Granny, etc. 
rriAs RAit, Magrath, Magragh, 

MacGrath, MacGragh, Me- 

grath, Magraw, MacGraw, 

Megraw, MacGra, etc. 
niAs RaojaIIaij;, Magreely, 

Greally, Grealy, Greely. 
triAs RAoif, triAs iiAOf A Ma- 

greece, etc. 
niAS TlACA, (?) MacGrotty. 
triAs ReAccAin, (?) MacGrattan, 

mA5 ReAnriACAin, MacGrana- 

han, MacGrenehan. 
IDAS ^eill, MacGreal. 
iriAS l^iAbAis, Magreevy, Ma- 

greavy, MacGreevy, Mac 

Grievy, etc. 
rriAj RiA-OA, Gready ; Grady. 
niA^ RiAgAin, MacGregan, Gre- 

niAj RiaIIaiti, Magrillan, Mac 


inA5 RlAll^Ulf, triAS RlAllj;t:if A 

IDAS RiAllviir, MacGrillish, 
Grealish ; Greely, Grealy, 
Greally ; Griffin, etc. 

niAS Rob, Grubb. 

mA5 RobA|icAi5, Magroarty. 

rriAs Rox)Ain, Magruddcn, 


rriAg Roibin, Gribbin, Gribben, 

rriAS RxjAi-D|ti, Magrory, Mac 
Grory ; Rogers, Rodgers, etc. 

rriAS RtiAinc, MacGrorke, 

Grourke, Groarke. 

ITlAs Rui-6|Ai, Magrery. 

TnA5 SAninAX)Ain, Gooravan, 
Gorevan, etc. 

mA5 SAiTi|tAin, Magoveran, Ma- 
govern, Magawran, Ma- 
gauran, Magaurn, Magurn, 
MacGavern, MacGovran, Mac 
Govern, MacGowran, Mac 
Gouran, MacGauran, Mac 
Gaum, etc. 

RlAS SeATilAOic, Ganley, Ganly, 

mA5 6ic|MC, MacGetrick, Mac 
Getterick, etc. 

iriAs toit^-oGAlbAis, MacGorley, 
Gorley, Gourley. 

rriAs t|ieinpti, MacGrenor. 

rriAS UAlJAitis, Magolrick, Ma- 
gorlick, MacGolrick, Mac 
Goldrick, MacGouldrick, 

MacGorlick, Golrick, Gold- 
rick, Goulrick, Gouldrick, 
Golderick, Godrick ; Gould- 
ing, Golding, Golden, etc. 

mA5 Ui-6i|i, Maguire, MacGuire, 

mA5 Ui-onin, Magiverin, Ma- 
givern, Magiveran, Mac 
Giverin, MacGiveran, Mac 
Givern, Guerin. 

mA5 tlilcin, Gilkinson, Gilki- 
son, Gilkisson, Gilkeson, 
Gilkieson, etc. 

rriAs uillic, rriAs uilic, Mac 
Gillick, MacGelHck, Gillick. 

TTIA5 UinnfeAnriAin, TTIA5 Unin- 
fiomiAin, Gilsenan, Gun- 
shinan ; Nugent ; Leonard. 


mA5 Uifci'n, MacGuskin. , 

mA5un, Maune, Mawne, (?) 
Maume, Mawme. 

mAi^iu, Mahew, Mayhew, May- 
how, Mayo, May. 

mAin5n6i|i, Mangner, Magner, 
Magnier, etc. 

triAiitcin, Martin, Marten, 
Marty n. 

V^^A^T:^<i, Mathew, Matthew, 
Mathews, Matthews. 

mAl6i-D, Mellot, Mylott, My- 

mAoiliv>, Meyler, Myler. 

rriAp, Mape. 

mAt»AfCAl, Marshall. 

mAticuf, Marks. 

rriAfun, Mason. 

tn^Aloi-o, Mellet, Mylott, My- 

irieAfAis, Massey, 

meiti)]iic, moi|iic, Meyrick, May- 
rick, Merrick. 

mice At, Michael, Michell, Mi- 
hell, etc. 

mi-oeAC, Meade. 

mil6iii, Myler, Meyler. 

mill -6, milif. Miles, Myles, 

mimceiji, mint:ei|t, Miniter, 

mioloi-o, Mylott, Mylotte, Mel- 
lott. Mellet, Millet, Mylett, 
Mullet, etc. 

mif6i-o, Misset. 

mifceil, Michell, Mitchell, etc. 

m6iclei^, Mockler, Muckler. 

m6inbiol, Mandeville ; Mans- 

moiiifeil, Maunsell, Monsell, 
Mansell ; Mansfield. 

mon^eif, Morris ; Morrison ; 

moittceil, Mortell. 

moiiboijiTieAC, Gordon. 
mo|t5Ati, Morgan. 
motAcun, Moreton, Morton. 
mxiille6i|A, Miller, Millar. 

muiiimeAc, Moynagh, Moyna, 
Meenagh, Minnagh, etc. 

muinbiol, Mandeville ; Mans- 

mtii|\eif, Morris, etc. 

riA t)pi5X)e, Bride. 

tloipeif, no^iAif, Norrish, 

Norris, etc. 
T\6\\Af, Norris. 
TlviAmAn, Newman. 
nuinni"'eAnn, Nugent. 

AintTiiiie, (3 Ainirii|ieAC, 
AininneAC, Hanberry, Han- 
bury ; Ansberry, Ansboro'. 

6 ATI CAince, Canty, County. 

6 t)AclAi5, Bockley ; Buckley. 

(3 t)A\\\e, Barry. 

6 t)Ai|i|i, Barr. 

"bAifcinn, Baskin, Buskin. 

t)AlbAin, Ballevan. 

O bAtiAgAin, Banigan, Banni- 

t)AnAin, Banane, Banan, 
Bannan, Bannon, Banin, 
Banim, etc. ; White. 

6 "bAOisBAllAin, Boylan, Boy- 

6 bAOijill, O'Boyle, Boyle, &c. 

"bAOitin, Boyne. 

"bAotJAlAis, Bohill ; Bowes. 

t)Aii-OAin, Bardan, Barden, 

(3 t)eACAin, Beaghan, Beahan, 
Behane, Behan, Beegan, 
Beane, Bean. 

6 "beAgAin, Begane, Biggane, 
Beggan ; Little, Littleton. 

6 tDeAglAOic, O'Begley, Begley, 
Bagley, Bigly. 

6 "beAnriACAin, Banahan. 

t)eA|tA, Bera, Beary, Berry. 

6 t)eA|iAin, Berrane, Barron ; 
Barnes ; Barrington. 

beApJA, Barrie, Barry. 

t)eA|inAiii, Barnane ; Bernard. 

6 t)eice. Beaky, Bakey. 


6 t)e)5, Begg, Beggs, Biggs ; 

6 "beisin, Beggan, Biggin, Big- 
6 "beigleiginn, Beglin, Beglan ; 

Begnall, etc. 
O beiii5in, Bergin, Berigin, 

Berrigan, etc. 
O t>ei|tn, O'Beirne, O'Bierne, 

Beirne, Berne, Beirne, 

Beirnes, etc. 
6 "beollAin, Bolan, Boland, 

Bowland, etc. 
"biA-OA, Beatagh, Beatty, etc. 
biAfCA, Beasty. 
(3 bisBAin, Biggane ; Littleton. 
6 t)i5i5, Biggy. 
O bigin. Biggin, Biggins. 
6 t)i5lei5ir>n, Beglin, Beglan ; 

Bignel, etc. 
6 bioiiAin, Birrane, Byrrane, 

Byrane, Byran, Brawn ; 

Byron ; Byrne ; Barnes ; 

t)io|iAinn, Burns. 
"biiijin, Bergin, etc. 
"biiiin, Berreen. 
t)i|in, O'Beirne, O'Bierne, 

O'Byrne, Birne, Beirne, Byrne, 

Birnes, Byrns, Byrnes ; Byron ; 

6 t)lAcniAic, Blawick, Blowick, 

Blouk ; Blake. 
t)licin, Bleheen. 
6 bilge, Bly, Bligh, Blighe. 
C t)o-6iiAin, Boran. 
bo^Aij, Buggy. 
6 t)05Ain, Bogan, Boggan. 
C) X)OMj\r\e, Byrne ; Burns. 
boljuiT^e, 6 t)ol5UiT)i|i, 

Bolger, Bulger, Boulger. 
t)|iACAin, Brahan. 
"biiA-OACAin, Bradican ; Brady. 
'bf(AX)ACAiri, Bradagan, Bradi- 
6 t)ttAX)A5AiTi, Bradagan, Brad- 

digan, Brodigan, Bradican. 
6 t)]iA-OAi5, O'Brady, Brady. 

"biAA-OAin, Bradan, Bradden ; 
' Salmon, Sammon ; Fisher. 
6 t)|tA-05All, "biiATDgAile, 

6 "bnAjAui, Bragan. 
6 t)iiAnA5Ain, Branagan, Brani- 

gan, Brannigan, Brennigan, 

Brangan, Brankin. 
tDnATiAin, Brannan, Brannon, 

Brennan, Brinan, etc. 
O "bfiAn-oviib, Braniff. 
6 "bjiAnJAilo, Brannelly, Bran- 
6 bjiAOin, O'Breen ; O'Brien ; 

Breen, Bruen, etc. 
(3 t)|iAOTiAm, O'Brennan, Bren- 

enan, Brinane, Brinan, etc. 
"biicACAin, Bracken. 
6 "biiGAJAij, 6 "bjieAS-OA, Bray, 

6 "bjieAfAil, O'Brazil, Brassill, 

Brazil, Brazel. 
(3 "buoAflAui, 6 t)neifleAin, 6 

b|ieiflein, Breslarie, Breslaun 

Breslin, etc. 
biieollAiti, Brolan ; Bolan, 

t>]\\A^^A^r^, Brinane, Brinan, 

Brennan, etc. 
(3 b|iiAiu, O'Brian, O'Bryan, 

O'Bryen, O'Brien, Brien, &c. 
6 b^tic. Brick. 

6 t)|AiofAin, Briceson, Bryson. 
(3 bpiOflAin, (3 buifleAin, Bris- 

lane, Brislawn, Brislan, Bris- 

lin, Breslin, etc. 
(3 buogAix), Broggy. 
C t)]i65Ain, Brogan. 
6 'buoiloACAin, Bradley. V. 6 


(3 t)pom, O'Byrne, Byrne, 
Byrnes ; Burns ; Byron, etc. 

C bpoif neACAin, Bresnihan, &c. 

btioic, 6 t)ti6ice, Brophy, 
Brofie ; Bray. 

(3 b^iolACAiri, 6 "b^olcAin, 

O'Brollaghan, O'Brallaghan, 
Brollaghan ; Bradley. 


O bti6lAi5,Broly,Brolly,Brawley 
O "btioftiACAin, Brosnahan, 

Bresnihan, Brosnan, etc. 
<3 t)|tt)ACAiTi, Broughan, Brohan; 

O t)|ttiAc65, Banks. 
O t)]iv>AT)Ai^, Brouder, Broder, 

Brooder, Bruder, Brother ; 

Brauders, Brodders, Brothers; 

Broderick, etc. 
O "bttuAi-oeATDA, Briody. 
C t)|it>5A-6A, Broe, Browe, Brew. 
O iDjiuic, Brick ; Badger. 
t)r<uin, Bruin, Bruen. 
t>tJACAllA, Boughla, Buhilly, 

Buckley, etc. 
O tDuA-OACAin, Boughan, Bou- 

han, Boohan, Bohane, Bohan, 

(?) Boyhan, Bowen ; Bohanan. 
O t)uAT)Ai5, Bowie, Bowe, Buie, 

Bwee, Bowes, Boyes, Boyce, 

O'Boyce, etc. 
t)t>A-6Ai5, Bohig, Bogue, etc. 
t)x)AX)Ain, Bodan, Bowden, 

<3 CA-oAin, Cadan, Cadden. 
C CA-oAin, Coyne, Kyne, Kine ; 

O Cat)Ia, Kiely, Keily, Kealy, 

Keely, Keeley, Quealy ; Kelly, 

CAi-oin, Caden, Cadden. 
O CAingne, Cangney, Cagney. 
<3 CAinin, Caning, Canning. 
O CAince, Canty, County. 
6 CAipbiie, Carbry, Carbery, 

O CAi|ieAllAin, Carellan, Carlan, 

Carland, Carlin ; Carleton. 
CAit^t^e. Carr, Karr, Kerr. 
<5 CAiti]iin, Carr. 
O CAif, Cash. 
<3 CAifBAlAin, Cashlan, Cush- 

lane, Caslin. 
<3 CAifi-oe, Cassidy, Cassedy, 

Kessidy, etc. 
O CAifil, Cashel, Cassell, Cassles, 

Castles, etc. 

O CAifile, Cassilly, Casley, etc. 

CAif in, Casheen, Cashin, 
Cashen, Cashion, Cashon, 
Cassian, Cassin, Keshin. 

CAicniAX), Caheny, Canny. 

CAI5A15, Callagy, Kellegy. 

6 CaIIa-oa, Kelledy. 

CAllATiAin, Callanane, Calla- 
nan, Callinan, Calnan, etc. 

6 CAllAjAAiri, CoUeran. 

6 CAlcAin, Culhane. 

O Caitica, Cowmey, Coumey, 

6 Cahaiti, Cannan, Cannon, 
Canning, etc. ,^j 

CAnAtin, Cannan, Cannon, 
Canning, etc. 

CAnAnriAin O'Cananan, (?) 

6 CAfincA-OA, CAnncAit), 
Canty, County. 

CAOCAin, Keahan, Keehan. 

6 Cao-oaiti, Kane, Kean, Keane. 

CAOgAin, Keegan. 

CAOilce, 6 CA01IC15 O'Kielty, 
O'Kielt, Kielty. Kilty, Keelty, 
tagh, Kielt ; Small ; Woods. 

6 CAonri, O'Keeffe, Keefie, etc. 

6 CAOimin, Kevin, Cavan. 

CAOiTToeAl^Ain, Kindel an, 
Kennellan,; Connellan ; Kin- 
Ian, Kinlen, Kenlan ; Conlan ; 
Quinlivan, Quinlan. 

CAOinleAin, Kinlan, Kinlen, 
Kenlan, Quinlan ; Conlan. 

6 CAOinliobAin, Quinlivan, etc. 

CaoIaih, Keelan, Keelin. 

6 CAollAiT)e,OCAollAi5e, Kealy, 
Keely, Quealy, Queely ; Kelly, 

CAOiiiAin, Kevane, Keevane, 
Keevan, Cavan, Kevans ; 
Cavanagh, Kavanagh ; Caven- 

6 Caoitiaiiaij, Cavanagh, Kav- 
anagh ; Keaveny, Kevany; 
Kevane, Kevans. 


O CAOtitAiiTiAin, Rountree. 

CAt^iiA, Carr, Karr, Kerr, etc. 

<5 CAfit^ASAin, O'Carrigan, Carri- 
gan, Carigan, Cargin. 

C CAt^iiAix), Carry. 

CAt^tiAi-oiri, Caren ; Carr, etc. 

CA|iiiAin, Craan, Crain, Crane, 
Crean, Creane ; Crahan, Cre- 
han, Creaghan ; Carey. 

CAtinsAiTiriA, O'Growney, &c. 

CAtttA, Carr. 

CAtitAis, O'Carthy, Carthy, 
Carty, etc. 

<3 CA^icAin, Cartan, Carton, Car- 
ten, Cartin, Curtan, Curtayne, 
Curtin, etc. 

O CAjtcAin, Cartan, Carten ; 
Carthy, etc. 

O CAf Ai-oe, Cassidy, etc. 

CAfAile, Cassilly, Cashley. 

O CAfAin, Cussane, Kissane ; 
Cashman ; Patterson. 

CACA15, Cahy. 

CacaiI, Cahill. 

C CACAin, O'Cahan, O'Caughan, 
O'Kane, O'Keane, Cahane, 
Cahan, Cane, Cain, Kane, 

Keane, etc. 
CACAlAin, Cahallane, Cahil- 
lane, Cahalane, Cohalane, Co- 
halan, Callan, Culhane^ Cla- 

hane, Clehane, etc. 
<3 CACAont, Cahir. 
<5 CACAtinAig, O'Caharney, 

O'Caherney, Carney ; Fox. 
<5 CACAfAij, O'Casey, Casey. 
CAcbA-OA, Coffey, etc. 
CAcbuA-OAi 5, Coffey, etc. 
CAclAin, Culhane, Callan, 

Callen, Callin, Cawlin, Cla- 

hane, Clehane etc. 
CAtluAin, Calhoun, Colhoun, 

Colhoon, Culhoun, etc. 
6 CAtmoJA, Coffey, etc. 

C^ATDACAin, 6 C6A"OA5Ain, 

Cadigan, Cadogan. 
O CeAT)Ai5, Keady. 
•O CgaIIa, O' Kelly, Kelly, etc. 

CeAllACAin, O'Callaghan, 

O'Callahan, Callaghan, Calla- 
han, Calligan, etc. 

6 CeAllAis. O' Kelly, Kelly, 

<3 CBApAt^CAij, Cafferky, Caf- 
ferty, etc. 

CeAnslACAiti, Tighe 

CeAtin-otibAin, Cannavan, 

Canavan, Kinavan ; White- 

CeAnn-ovntb, Canniff, Cannifie. 

CeA|iAirj Kerrane, Kirrane ; 
Kearon, Kearons, Kearns .; 
Carr ; Carey. 

CeA]it)Aill, O'CarroU, Carroll, 

6 CeA]ibAin, Carvan, Carvin, 
Kervan ; Kirwan. 

CeAjtbAllAin, O'Carolan, Caro- 
lan, Carrolan, etc. 

CeAtimAT)A, Carmody, Ker- 

CeA|tnACAin, Carnahan, Ker- 
naghan, Kernahan, Kernan, 
Kernon, etc. 

CeA|inAi5, O' Kearney, Carney, 
Kearney, etc. 

6 CoAcpA-oA, Keaty ; Keating, 

Ceile, Kealy ; Wisdom. 

c6ileACAin, Kelaghan, Kele- 
ghan, Kellaghan, Keelaghan, 
Kelihan ; O'Callaghan, Calla- 
ghan, etc. 

6 CeilcACAifi, O'Kelliher, Kel- 
legher, Kelleher, Kelliher, 
Keller, etc. 

C6in, Kean, Keane. 

CeitiTi^i'oiT), Ceinn6iX)i5, 
O' Kennedy, Kennedy. 

6 CetntifeAlAi5, Kinsella, Kin- 
shela, Kinsley, etc. ; 

Ceipin, Cairn, Kearin, Kearn, 
Kereen, Kerin, Kerrin, 
Cairns, Kearns, Kerins, Ker>r 
rins, Kerns ; Carey, etc. 

6 Ceijiifc, Kerrisk, etc. ; Healy, 

O Ceic, Kett. 


C CeiceA|inAi5, Keherny, Ker- 

ney ; Kearney ; Kerns, 

O CeocAin, Keoghane, Keohane, 

6 Ceoinin, 0'Keoneen,Keoneen; 

6 CiA^Ais, Keavy, Keevey. 
6 CiAbAin, Keevane, Keavan. 
O CiAnAi5, O'Keeney, Keaney, 

Keany, Keeney, Keeny. 
O CiATiAin, O'Keenan, Keenan, 

<^ CiA|iA5Ain, Kerigan, Kerrigan, 

Kergan ; Comber, Comer. 
■O CiAjiAin, O'Kieran, Kieran, 

Keiran, Kearon, Kearn, 

Keern, Keirans, Kearons, 

Kerans, Kerens, Kearns, 

Kerns, Cairns ; Comber, 

Comer ; Carey, etc. 
CiA^bA, Kirby, Kerby. 
CiAt»'6A, Keery, Keary, Karey, 

Carey, etc. 
<3 CiA|fotjbAin, O'Kirwan, Kiere- 

van, Kiervan, Kirivan, Kere- 

van, Kerivan, Kirvan, Kir- 
wan, Kirwin, etc. 
■6 CiA|iTriACAin, Irwin, Irvine ; 

CiAjitrtAic, Kerwick, Keeri- 

vick ; Kirby, Kerby. 
6 Cibil, Keville, Kiville. 
6 CiblcACAin, Kevlihan, Kev- 

lean, Keevlin. 
Ciblin, Keevlin, Kevlean ; 

Keville, Kiville. 
C CilleAin, Killane, , Killan, 

Killian, Killion. 
Cillin, Killeen, Killen, Killian 

CineAit, Kinna, Kenna, Ken- 

nah, etc. 
6 CingeAT), King. 
6 CinncriAiriA, Kinnavy, Kin- 

CinTiT)eA|i5Ain, Kindregan, 


O Cimiei-oe, 6 CinneTOix), ' 6 
CiTineiX)t5, O'Kennedy, Ken- 
nedy. " 

O CinnpAolAix), O'Kinnealy, 

Kinnealy, Kinneally, Ken- 
nealy, Kennelly, etc. 

O CinnfeAlAi;^, Kinshela, Kin- 
sella, Kinsley, etc. 

O Cinnf BAmAin, Kingston, King- 

O CiotilACAiTi, Kevlihan, Cooli- 

Ciobvim, O'Kibbon, etc. 

6 CiocA|iAin, Keighron ; Ker- 

CioriAit, 6 CionAOT)A, C 
CioriAoit, Kinna, Kinney, 
Kenna, Kenny. 

6 CionjA, King. 

O CioiAAin, Kirrane, Kerrane, 

Cio|i-oxjbAin, O'Kirwan, Kir- 
wan, Kerivan, etc. 

6 CiofAin, O'Kissane, Kissane ; 

Cifinnc, Keerivick, Kerwick, 

6 CifeAin, Keeshan. 

6 ClAbAij, Clabby. 

6 ClAiiiiin, ClAtriAin, Clavan, 
Claveen, Clavin ; Swords, etc. 

6 ClAoriAin, Clinane ; Conlon. 

6 ClArAirj, Clahane, Clehane. 

C CleijieACAiTi, Cloijicin, 
Clerihan, Clerkan, Clerkin, 
Clarkins ; Clarke, etc. 

6 Cloitiij, O'Clery, O'Cleary, 
Clery, Cleary ; Clarke, etc. 

6 CI0CAHCA15, Clogherty, Clo- 
herty ; Stone. 

6 clocAfAig, O'Cloghessy, 

O'Clohessy,, Clo- 

6 clocACAin, Clogan ; Callaghan 

6 CltiAin, Clune. 

O CluATiAis, Cloney, Cluney, 
Clowney, Clowny, Cloony. 

O CluAriAin, Clunan, Cloonan. 


<3 ClviAfAij, Close. 

O CluniAin, Cluvane, Clovan, 

Cloven ; Coleman ; Clifford. 
CnAiiiiin, Navin, Nevin ; 

Neville ; Bowen. 
O CnAniifije, Kneafsey, Neaph- 

sey, Neecy, Cramsie, Cramp- 

sey ; Boner, Bonner, etc. 
O CnAt, Kenna, etc. 
O CobtAij, Coffey, Cowhey, 

Cowey, Cowhig, etc. 
CoclAin, Coghlan, Coughlan, 

Coughlin, Coghlin, Colin, etc. 
O Co-oIaca, Culloty, Cullity. 
<3 CoT)lACAin, Colleton, Collotan, 

Culleton, Culliton ; Cullington. 
C CogAtiAin, Coghran, Caugh- 

ran ; Cochrane, Cockrane. 
<3 Coi^J-oGAtiAig, Coveney, Ke- 

veny, (?) Keverney. 
CoisgaIais, C015I15, 

O'Coigley, O'Quigley, Cogley, 

Kegley, Quigley, Twigley. 
CoileAin, Collen, Collins. 
Coilgin, Quiligan, Quilligan. 
C Coili^, Cox ; Woods. 
Coinifn, Comyn. 
CoinoAin, Kennane. 
6 Coine6il, Conole, Connole. 
CoinsBAllAij, Kangley, Quin- 

nelly, Kennelly ; Connelly, etc. 
Coin^ill, Quinnell. 
6 Coini'n, Conyeen, Cuneen, 

Cunneen, Cunnien, etc. ; 

Rabbit, etc. 
O Coinleifc, 6 Coinlifc, Cun- 

lisk, Quinlisk, Quinlish ; 

<3 Coinne, Conney, Cunny, 

Ouinny ; Kenny ; Quin, etc. 
O CoinnoACAin, Kinaghan, Kina- 

han, etc. 
Coqibin, O'Currobeen, Cori- 

been, Corbin, Kerbin ; Corbett; 

Kirby, etc. 
6 CoifioAllAm, Curland, Kerlin, 

Kirlin, Kirland, etc. 
6 C01111II, Kirrell. 

6 Coi^iin, Curreen, Currin, 

Creen, etc. 
O Coife, Quish. 
O Coif CI 11, Costine, Costin, 

6 Coinl, Cottle. 
O ColsAti, Colgan, Collagan, 

Culligan, Quilligan, etc. 
6 CollA, Cully, Coll. 
6 Coll AC A, Culloty, Cullit3^ 
O ColrriAin, Colman, Coleman. 
ColpA, 6 ColpcA, Collopy. 
(3 ColcAiti, 6 ColcAfAin, 

O'Colter, Colter, Coalter, 

Coulter, etc. 
O CoiriAin, Coman, Commane, 

Common, Cowman, Cummane, 

Commons ; Hurley, etc. 
<3 CoiiiAlcAin, Coulton, Colton. 
(3 CoiiroAin, CorhgAin, Coan, 

Coen, Cowan, Cowen ; Coyne, 

6 CoiiifAi-oe, O'Curry, Corey, 

Corry, Curry. 
6 ConAill, O'Connell, Connell. 
CotiAin, Conan, Cunnane. 
O CoriAing, Cunning, Gunning. 
CoriAifce, Conarchy. 
ConAi]ie, Connery, Conry ; 

6 CoriAllAin, Connellan, Con- 
Ian, etc. 
6 ConAllcA, Conalty. 
ConAjiAin, Conran, Conron, 

Condron, Condrin. 
O ConbA^A, 6 ConbAiT), Conba, 

Conbay ; Conboy, Conaboy ; 

Corbett, Corbitt. 
6 ConbAin, Cunvane. 
6 Conbomne Burns. 
6 Conbui-oe, Conboy, Conaboy, 

Conwy ; Conway. 
6 ConceAriAinn, O ConceAtin- 

Ainn, O'Concannon, Con- 

cannen, Concannon. 
6 ConcobAif, 6 ConcubAif, 

O'Conor, O'Connor, Connor, 

Connors, etc. 


6 Concol3Ai|i X)OTin, O'Conor 

Con-otibAin, Condon. 
CoTTotiili), Conniff, Conneff, 

Cunniffe, Quinniff ; Conliffe, 

G CoiiJAile, Conneely, Cun- 

neely ; Connelly ; Kennelly, 

O ConsAlAij, Connolly, Con- 
nelly, etc. 
6 ConrheA-OA, Convey ; Conway. 
G ContiACAin, Conaghan ; Cun- 
6 ContiACCAij, Connaghty, 

Conaghty, Conaty, Conotty. 
6 ConriAccAin, Connaghton, 

Connaughton, Connorton, 

6 ConnA5AiTi, Connigan ; Con- 

yngham, Cunningham. 
ConniiiACAin, Kanavaghan ; 

ConnriiAij, Conoo, Cunnoo, 

O Con^iA, 6 ConjiAC, Conry, 
O Con|iAOi, Conroy. 
6 ConitACA, Conrahy ; Conroy. 
O CotibAin, Corbane, Corban, 

Corbin ; Corbett, Corbitt. 
Co^CAin, Corken, Corkin ; 

Corcoran, etc. 
6 Co|ic|AA, Corkery, Corkerry. 
O CojicnAin, Corcoran, Corkeran, 

Corkran, etc. 
O CoiimACAin, Cormocan, Cor- 

mican, Gormican ; Cormack, 

Cormick ; MacCormack, Mac 

CotiitiAic, Cormac, Cormack, 

O Co)it^A, O'Curry, Corra, Corry, 

Corr, Curry ; Weir, etc. 
O Co^tiA-OAin, Corridon, Cordan. 
O CoiiiAA^Ain, Corrigan, Curri- 

gan, etc. 
6 Co|i)iAi-6, Corree, Corrie, 

Corry, Curry.* 

O CoiinAi-oin, Curreen, Curren, 
Currin ; Curran ; Crean, 
Creen, etc. 

O Co^iiiAin, O'Curran, Currain, 
Currane, Curran, Corran, 
Craan, Crain, Crane, Creane, 
Crean ; Crahan, Crehan, 
Creaghan ; Carey, etc. 

O Co|i]ibui-6e, Corboy, Corby, 

6 CojitAiT), Currid. 

O Cf)f Ain, Cussane ; Patterson. 

CofCAi^i, Coscor, Cosker, 
Cusker, Cuskor ; Cosgrave, 

O CofC|\ACAin, Coskeran, Cus- 
kern ; Cosgrave, Cosgrove. 

O CofCiAAit;, Cosgry, Coskery, 
Coskerry, Cuskery, Cosgriff, 
Cosgrive, Cosgreve ; Cos- 
greave, Cosgrave, Cosgrove. 

6 CofTiACAin, Cusnahan, Cus- 

CofcA5Ain, Costigan. 

CitAbAin, O C|\Aili)in, Cravane, 
Craven, Cravin, Creaven. 

O C^Aix)eAin, Cry an. 

C C^Aitrifije, Cramsie, Cramp- 
si e, Crampsey, etc. 

CitAOibe, Creevy, Creevey. 

C^AobAin, Creaven, Creavin. 

CjAeACAin, 6 CjieACAin, Crea- 
ghan, Crehan, Crean ; Creaton 

C^ieAcrriAOil, Craughwell. 

CuiASAin, Cregan. 

6 C|iiocAin, O C^iiocAin, Cre- 
ghan, Creaghan, Creehan, Cre- 
han, Creighan ; Creighton, 
Creaton ; Creen, Crean. 

C-pio-OAin, Creedon, Creed. 

O C|iionA5Ain,Crinigan,Crenegan 

6 C|iionAin, Crennan, Crinion, 

C]iof)lAOic, O C|io5aIIai5 

O'Crowley, Crowley, Croly, 

O C|ioibni, Cribbin, Cribbon, 


C Cpoi-oeAs^iiti, Creegan, Crei- 

gan, Cregan, Creggan. 
C^ioi-oeAiTi, Crean, Creen, etc. 
C|toimtn, Cremeen, Cremen, 

C Cn6in, Crone. 
C^6^n\r\, Cronin, Cronyn, 

*(3 Ct(omlAoic, Crumley. 
<5 C-|iom|itiifc, (?) Crumlish. 
Ciiomtd, Crummy. 
6 C|t6nA5AiTi, Cronekan. Croni- 

C|i6nAin, Cronan, Cronin. 
Ctv6n j;aiI, Crangle. 
CudnJAilo, Cronelly, Cranley. 
C CiiorAij;, Crotty. 
6 CptiA-olAOic, O'Crowley, 

Crowley, Crawley, Croly, 

Cf.tjin-iin, Crimmeen, Cremeen, 

Cremin, Crimmins. 
6 c«ACAin, O'Coughane; Gough. 
CviA5Ain, Coogan, Cog an. 
CtJAin, Quan, Quann, Quaine ; 

Coyne ; Quaid. 
CviAiiA, CuADAC, Cooney. 
C CuATiACAin, Coonaghan, Coon- 

ahan, Coonihan, Counihan ; 

CtiAtiAin, Coonan, Conan. 
(5 C\JAnAt»cAi;c. Coonerty. 
CubtiAin, Cowran. 
CtiiT)ii;ti5, Cuddihy, Cudihy, 

Cuddehy, Quiddihy, Cuddy, 

Cody, etc. 
6 Cuile, Cooley. 
CuileAj^Air, Quilligan, Quili- 

6 CuileAin, O'Cullane, Cullane, 

Cullan, Cullen, Quillan, 

Quillen, Collins. 
6 C\iileAiiiAin. Culloon, Cul- 

houn, Colhoon, Colhoun, 

CuileAtinAin, Cullinane, Cul- 

linan, Quillinan, Culnane, 

Quilnan ; Callanane, Callanan. 

<5 Ctjilin, Cullin, Cullen, etc. 

C«ilinn, Cullen, Quillen, etc. 

Ctiill, Quill ; Woods. 

C Cviimin, Cumin, Cummin, 
Cummins, Cummings, etc. 

Ctiin-olif, Cundlish, Cunlish, 

CtiineAin, Cunnane, Kinane, 
Kinnane, Guinane, Guinnane, 
Guinan, Quinane, Quenan, 
Queenane, etc. 

Cumeos, Kinnock. 

Ctiin^n, Cuneen, Cunion, Cun- 
neen, Cunnien, Cunnion, Kin- 
nian ; Rabbit. 

Cviinn, O'Quin, Quin, Quinn, 
Queen, Coyne. 

CtiiniieACAin, Cunnighan, 

Cunnahan, Cunihan, Kinag- 
han, Kinahan, Kinnighan, 
Kinnan ; Keenan ; Cunning- 
ham, etc. 

CviinneA5Ain, Cunnigan, Kin- 
negan, Kinnighan ; Cunning- 
ham, etc. 

CvjinneAin, Kinnane, Guin- 
nane, Quinane, etc. 

C Cuinfi05An, Gilsenan, Gil- 
shenan, etc. 

Cui|ic, Quirk, Quirke, Querk, 

6 Cuipin, Curreen, Creen, etc. 

C Cviinrtfn, Ciiinn^Ti, Corneen, 
Curneene, Curneen, Cumin, 
Courneen ; Courtney. 

6 CtilACAin, O'Colohan, Cuolo- 
han, Coulihan, etc. 

6 CuTnA|iAin, C\im|iAin, 


C Cu|inAin, Ci^iiTiAni, Cur- 
nane, Cournane ; Courtney. 

Cu|t|iAin, O'Curran, Currain, 
Currane, Curran, etc. 

CtificAin, Curtayne, Curtin, 

"OAboineAnn, Davoran, Da- 
voren, Davern. 

C "OAJriAin, Dinan, Dynan. 


*OAi5re> Deny, Deery. 

O T)Ailt)tte, Dollery. 

*DAimin, O'Devine, Davine, 
Devine, Davin, Devin, Deven, 
Devon, Devins ; Davy, Davis. 

*OAit\t)tie, Derow, Deroe, etc. 

*OAi|te, Adair. 

XJAitjil, Dahill. 

O "OaIacaiti, Dallaghan, Dolag- 
han, etc. 

*OAlACAiti, Dallagher, Dolaher, 
Dooler, Dowler. 

6 •OaIaij, O'Daly, Daly, Daw- 
ley, etc. 

*OAlA-p«Ai-6, Delaroe, Dollery. 

"OAllAin, Dallon, Delane ; 
Delaney, etc. 

"OAtiiAin, Davane, Devane. 

*Oao-oa, Deady. 

O T)A|iA, X)AttA6, Daragh, 
Darra, Darragh, Darrah, 
Darrock ; Oak, Oakes, Oaks. 

O *OAtAil, Dahill. 

6 X>AtlAoic, Dolly. 

6 X)eAt)CAi5, Daffy. 

C "DeA-OAit), O'Dea, Dea, Day, 
Daw, Dee, etc. 

*o6ax)ai5, Deady. 

X)eA5Aix), O'Dea, Dea, Day, 
Daw, Dee ; Godwin, Goodwin. 

•O^A^Ain, Deane, Dean, Deen, 

T)6AmAin, Diaman, Diamon, 
Diamond, Dimond. 

"OBAiiAin, Dearan, Derrane, 

*OeAti5Ain, Dargan, Dergan, 
Dorgan, Dorrigan. 

O "OeATitTiA-OA, Darmody. 

•OeAfniumnAij, Desmond. 

'Oe^\\X)\\e6, Devereux, Devery, 
Derow, Deroe. 

X)eiti5, Derrig, Derrick, Durrig. 

"OeocAin, Deacon. 

'Oe6iiAX)Ain, "OedjiAi-oin, 
"OeotiAin, Adorian, O'Doran 
Dorian, Dorrian, Doran, Dor- 
ian, Durrian. 

C 'OiAJAi-o, O'Dea, Dea, Dee ; 

Godwin, Goodwin. 
"OiAmAin, Diaman, Diamon, 

Diamond, Dimond. 
(3 "OiAtAmA-OA, O'Dermott, Der- 

mody, Darmody, Dermott, 

Darby, etc. 
"Oije, Dea, Dee. 
*Oiocon, Deehan, Dehan, 

"OiomAin, Diaman, Diamon, 

Diamond, Dimond. 
T)!omAfAi5, O'Dempsey, 

T)io|iAin, Dirrane, Durrane. 
"OfofimA, TDioimiAis, Diurm- 

agh ; O'Dermott, Dermott, etc. 
X)iiiin, Direen. 
"Oifcin, Diskiu. 
*OobAilein, Develin, Devlin, 

(3 *OobA]iAiTi, Davoran, Davoren, 

6 X)ocAticAi5, O'Dogherty, 

O'Dougherty, O'Doherty, 

Dogherty, Dougherty, Do- 

herty, etc. 
"DoctiAiT), "OociiAis, Dock- 

eray, Dockery, Dockrey, 

6 "Qo^Aiyt, Dower, Dore. 
6 •Ooit)ilein, 6 *Ooibilin, Deve- 
lin, Devlin, etc. 
*OoiceAiir:Ai5, Deherty, De- 

harty, Doherty. 
6 T)oi5iie- Deery, Derry. 
6 "Oonriin, Devine, Devin, 

Deven, Devins. 
"OoineATiriAij, Denanny, Den- 

nany, Dennan. ^ 

X)oitibin, Derivin, Derwin. 
6 'Oo\]\e\x), 6 "Ooiiiix), Derry. 
6 *Ooi|iinne, Dorney, Darney. 
6 *Ooi|tnin, Dornin, Durnin, 

Durnian, Dornan, etc. 
6 -Doite, O'Diff ; Duffy. 
6 •DomAjAin, Domigan, Dome- 

gan, Dumegan. 


*OoninAill, O'Donnell, Don- 
nell, Daniel. 

"OoTTiriAllAin, Donelan, Don- 
nellan, Donlan, etc. 

"OonnA^Ain, O'Donovan, 


"OonnAbAif, Dooner, Dunner, 

"OonriACAin, Doonican, Duni- 
can, Duncan. 

(3 "OonriASAin, Donnegan, Dun- 
negan, Donegan, Dunigan, 
Dongan, Diingan, Duncan, 

"DonriAiTi, Donnan. 

"OonnArhAin, O'Donovan, 


6 "DonncA-OA, 6 "OonncAiT), 

O'Donoghue, O'Donohue, 

Donaghoe, Donoghue, Dono- 
hoe, Donaghy, Donagh, Dun- 
phy, Dunfy, Dumphy, etc. 

6 "OonncACAis, Duncahy. 

"Oonn-ou^AitcAij, Donarty, 
Donworth, Dunworth, Dun- 
fort, Dimford ; Davenport. 

"OonnjiAiLe, O'Donnelly, Don- 
nelly, Donneely. 

"Oonn^AlAij, O'Donnelly, 

Donnelly, etc. 

6 "Oonnjui^A, Denis, Dennis, 
Denison, Dennison, Denson. 

6 "OortAiT), Durry, (?) Dorr. (?) 

6 "OoittAin, Derivan, Derivin. 

"OoiiCAi-oe, Dorcey, Darkey, 
Darcy ; D'Arcy. 

X)o|ACAiii, Dorgan, Dorrigan, 
(?) Doorigan. 

"OoiinAin, O'Dornan, Dornan, 
Durnan, etc. 

"O^iAB, Drea, Drew ; Drewry, 

"O^iAJriAiT), "OjiAisneAin, 
Drinane, Drinan, Dreinan, 
Drennan ; Thornton. 

*OiiAo-oA, Drudy, Droody, 

"OitAOi, Drea, Drew ; Drewry", 

*6 X)|iAOileAin, Dreelan. 
'Ot\eAX)A, Draddy. 
6 T)|ieAin, Adrien, Adrian, 

Drain, Draine. 
C 'DiAifceoil, O'Driscoll, Dris- 

coll, etc. 
6 *0|AifleAin, Drislane. 
X)iioct:ai5, Drought. 
"Otioici-o, Bridgeman. 
X)tiomA, Dromey, Drummy, 

Drum, Drumm ; Drummond. 
6 "DiAomAin, Droman. 
"OiioriA, Droney. 
X)|itiACAni, Droohan, Drohane, 

6 T)]tuAi-6, Drew; Drewry, Drury. 
6 "Ojiuimin, Drummin. 
'OiiACAin, Doughan, Doohane. 
"OubAjAin, O'Doogan, Doo- 

gan, Dougan, Dugan, Dug- 

gan, etc. 
O "OubAin, O'Dwane, Dwane, 

Duane, Duan, Dune, Doane, 

Dooan, Doon, Down, Dewane, 

Devane, Divane, Divan ; 

Devany ; Devine ; Downes ; 

"OubAnAig, Duany, Devany. 
6 "DubAiicAi^, Duarty, Doorty, 

Dooherty ; Doherty. 
6 "OubAf A, Doocey, Doocie, 

Doocy, Ducey. 
*Ov)bcAin, Doughar, Dougher, 

6 "Dtjbcon, Doughan, Doohan. 
6 •OubcontiA, O'Dooghany, 

Dougheny, Dogheny, Do- 

heny, Deheny, Dahony, 

Dawney, etc. 
*OubT)Al)oi|teAnn, Davoran, 

Davoren, Davern. 
6 T)tib-oA, O'Dowd, O'Doud, 

Dowda, Dowdie, Doody, 

Duddy, Dowd, Doud, etc. 
*Oub-OACAin, 'Otib-OASAin, 

Dowdican, Dudican, 


6 •Owb'OAleite, Dudley. 

6 X>wb-6tiin, O'Dughun, (?) 

Dugan, Duggan. 
X>«t)5Aile, Doyle. 
O •Qu^sAill, O'boyle, Doyle, 

Dowell, Doole, etc. 
O "OubjtifA, Doocey, Doocie, 

Doocy, Ducey. 
O "OublACAin, Doolaghan, Dul- 

laghan, Dolaghan, Dologhan. 
C *Ovil3lA-OAi5, Doolady, Doo- 

O T)«blAir», O'Doolan, O'Dolan, 

Doolan, Dolan ; Dowling ; 

Delaney, Delany. 
<5 *Oul!)lAinn, O'Doolan, Doolan, 

Doolin ; Dowling, etc. 
O "OtiblACCA, 6 *OublACcnA, 

Doolaghty, Dooloughty. 
O X)viblAOic, 6 "Ovibluije, Dow- 
ley, Dooley, Dooly. 
O "OublviACiiA, Dilloughery, 

Deloughery, Delooghery, De- 

louhery, Delohery, Deloorey, 

Delury, Deloury, Delacour ; 

Dilworth, Dillworth. 
C "OubtiAic, Durack, Durick, 

"Oubpof A, Dooris, Doris. 
O "OubflAine, X)xibflAin5e, 

Delaney, Delany, Deleany, 

Laney, etc. 
6 -OubcAis, O'Duffy, Duffy. 

Duhy, Duhig, Dowey, Douey, 

Dooey, Doey, etc. ; Black. 
"Otibui-oe, Devoy, Deevey, 

X)ubtii-6it», O'Dwyer, Dwyer, 

Dwire, etc. 
O "Oubufituile, Dufferly, Door- 
ley, Doorly. 
6 -Ouib, O'Diff, Duff ; Black. 
C X)uibcinn, Deakin, Deegin, 
f tDeegan, etc. 
0^*Ouib-6io|tmA, 6 *OuibT)io]i- 

mAij, Dooyearma, Dyermott, 

Diarmod, Dermott, Dermond; 

O'Dermott ; MacDermott, &c. 

*OuibeArrinA, Devany, De- 

vaney, Devanny, etc. 
C *OtJibeAnnAi5, Devanny, De- 

vaney, Devany, Devenny, 

Divenney, etc. 
*OtJibpinn, Dufftn, Dififtn. 
<3 "OuibjeA-OAin, Dugidan, Degi- 

dan ; Dixon. 
"OuibgeAnnAin, Duigenan, 

Duignan, Dignan, Deignan, 

Duignam, Dignam, etc. 
6 'Ouibginn, Digin, Diggin, 

Digan, Deegin, Deighan, 

Deegan, Duigan ; Dugan, 

Duggan, Duggen. 
-Ouibj^iollA. Duffley, Diffily, 

Diffely. Diffley, Deffely. 

Divilly, Devilly, Devily, 

Deely, Dealy, etc. 
6 "Ouibi-oe, Deevey, Deevy, 

6 "Ovubi-otji, O'Dwyer, O'Deere, 

Dwyer, Deere, Dyer, Diver, 

Divver, Dever, Devers. 
C "Otjibin, O'Devine, Devine, 

Deveen, Devon ; Devany, 

Devaney, etc. 
6 *OuibintifieAct:AJ5, Dunroche, 

*OtiibleACAin, Delahan, Dilla- 

han ; Dillon. 
*0\iibleAtt5A, Delargy, De- 

largey, De Largey. 
"OuiblviAcitA, Dilloughery, 

Deloughery, Delooghery, De- 

louhery, Delohery, Deloorey, 

Delury, Deloury ; Dillworth, 

*Otiibne, Deeny, Deeney, 

Denny, etc. 
"Ouibiiic, Devereux, Devery, 

O *OtiilleAin, Dillane ; Dillon. 
*OtJillin, Dilleen. 
O X)tJineACAiti, Donogher, Dana- 

gher, Deneher, Donaher, 

Danaher, Daniher, Danna- 



'OtiineAC'OA, Dennahy, Den- 

nehy, Dannahy, Danihy, 
: Denehy, Denny, etc. 
X)iJiTiin, Dunion, Dunning, 

Downing, etc. 
"OtJiTin, Dunne, Dunn, Dun, 
. Doyne, Dyne, etc. 
'OtiinncACAij, Duncahy. 
•Oumncinti, Dinkin, Dunkin i 

•OwnneAbAin, Dingavan, Den- 

*OtJinneACAin, Dinahan, Dini- 

han, Denehan, Deenihan. 
6 "DuintieASAin, Dinnegan, 

Denegan, Denigan. 
6 "OuiriTifn, Dinneen, Dineen, 

Dunion, Dunning, Denning, 

"Ouinnfleitje, Dunlevy, Dun- 

leavy, Dunlavy, Dunleevy, 

Dunlea, Dullea, Delea, Delay, 

Delee, etc. 
"Otji^n^ti, P'Durnin, Durnin, 

Durnian, Durnion, Dornin, 

Dornan ; Cuffe. 
<3 "Oiditce, Duffy. 
O "DtjlcAOincij, T>«lconcA, 

Dolohunty, Delahunty, Dela- 

hunt, Delhunty, Dellunty, 

Dulanty, DuUenty, Dulinty. 
*OijnACAin, Dunican, Dooni- 

X)unA"6Ai5, C "OuTiAije, 

Dooney, Downey, Doney, 

Donney, Dunny ; Downing. 
"OutiAiTi, Doonan, Donnan. 
*OiJTi5Aile, *Oijn5AlAi5, 

O'Donnelly, Donnelly, etc. 
C "Ounjuif, Dennis, Dennison, 

C "OiinlAins, Dowling, Dowlin, 

Dooling, Doolin, Doolen, 

Doolan, etc. 
GACcijeAnnA, eActi5ei|tr«, 

eictigeiiin, Ahearne, 

Aherne, Ahearn, Aheran 

Aheron, Ahern, etc. 

6 V-ACcriA, Faulkney ; Faulkner, 

"PACcriAin, Faughnan. 
pAgAin, Fagan, Fagin. 
6 -pASAt^cAis, Whearty. 
6 pAilbe, 6 -pAile, O'Falvy, 

O'Falvey, Falvey, Fealey, 

6 pAittceAllAij, O'Farrelly, 

Farrelly, Farley, etc. 
"Paic, Fahey, Fahy, Fay, Foy. 
O PaIcai-o, Falahee, Falahy, 

6 PaIcaii^, Fallaher. 
6 -pAllAriiAiTi, Falloon, Faloon, 

Faloona, Fallon, etc. 
6 -pAllATTiAiTi, Allan, Allen, 

-pAO-oASAin, Feagan, Fegan, 

Fagan, etc. 
6 -pAoilBAin, Whelan, Phelan, 

pAoileAin, Hyland, etc. 
-pAoilleACAiTi, Wheleghan, 

Wheelahan, Whelahan, Whele- 

han ; Whelan, Phelan, etc. 
PaoIaiti, O'Phelan, Fealan, 

Phelan, Whelan, Philan, 

Fylan, etc. 
6 pAolAin, Heelan, Hillan, Hy- 
land, Whelan, etc. 
PaoIcai-6, Falahee, Falahy, 

-pAolcAiit, Fallaher. 
pAiiACAin, Farran, Farron, 

Farren, Faran, Forran, etc. 
pAfVAnnAin, Farnan, Farnon, 

Farnand ; Farnham. 
-pAtit^Aig, Farry, Forry. 
Pacai-6, 6 -pACAij, Faughy, 

Faghy, Fahey, Fahy, Fay, 

Foy ; Green. 
Pacaticais, Faherty ; Fla- 
feA-OASAiTj, Fedigan. 
peAtiAin, Feran, Feron, Fer- 

ran, Fearon, Fearen, Fearn, 

Fern, Farran, Farren, etc. 


"peAtiA-OAi^, 6 ■peA^iAise, 

O' Ferry, Farry, Ferry. 

"peAjtcAiti, Farragher, Farag- 
her, Farraher, Faraher, Fra- 
her, etc. 

6 "jreAjicAiii, Harragher, Har- 

C peAjt j;aiI, O'Farrell, Farrell, 

. Ferrall, Farrahill, Frahill, 
Fraul, etc. 

"peApJAil, Harrel, Harrell. 

6 "peAftJAile, Farrelly, Frawley, 
Farrell, etc. 

peAt^jviif, peAii^tjf A, Fer- 
gus, Ferris, Farris, Farrissey, 

6 "peAiiriAin, Fernane, Fernan. 

(3 "poic, Fey, Fay ; Hunt. 

"P^icin, Feehin, Fehen, Feen, 
Feane, Fane. 

■peinneA-OA, Feeney, Feeny,etc. 

(3 "piACA, pACAC, Fyfee, Fye, 
Fee ; Hunt ; Vingin. 

fiACAin, Feighan, Feehan, 
Fehane, Feghan, Fehan, 
Feane, Fane ; Fegan, Fagan. 

pAcriA, 6 pACDAc, Feighney, 
Feeheny, Feoghney, Feghany, 
Faheney ; Fenton ; Hunt. 

6 pAc^iA, 6 pACtiAC, Feighry, 
Feighery, Feehery, Feerey, 
Feary ; Hunt. 

"piAic, Fee, Fye, Foy, Fey, 
Fay ; Hunt. 

"piAlAin, Fylan, Fyland, Phi- 
Ian ; Phelan. 

pAfi^AlAi^, Finnelly, Fen- 
nelly, Finley, Fenley, Finlay, 

pATiriACCA, Feenaghty, Fin- 
nerty ; Fenton, etc. 

■piATiTiA, pAnriAix)e, Feeney, 
Feeny, Finney, Finny. 

6 "piAjiAic, Feerick. 

6 -pi-o^eAllAis, Feeley, Feely ; 

"pi-OTie, Finny, Finney, Feeny, 

plibiti, O'Filbin, Filbin, etc. 

"pitie, Feeney, Feeny, etc. 

pTi5in, Finning, Fenning ; 
Fannin, Fanning. 

<3 "pinn, Finn, Fynn, Finne. 

"pinne, Feeney, Feeny, etc. 

pnneACCA, "pinneACCAis, 
Finnaghty, Finaghty, Feena- 
ghty, Fenaghty, Fenaughty, 
Finnerty, Finerty, Fannerty ; 
Fenton, etc. 

6 "pinneACCAis, Hingerty, Hin- 
nerty, Hennerty. 

pnntijeAftn, Finneran. 

p<OT)AbAift, Feore. 

po-OAlJpA, Fury, Furey, (?) 

pOTiAin, O'Finan, Finan, 
Finnan, Fannon ; Fannin, 

*C pon5AtA-OAil, Finnerell. 

"pionriACAin, Fenihan, Fana- 

"pionriACCA, (3 "piomiACCAis, 
Finnaghty, Finaghty. Feen- 
aghty, Fenaghty, Fenaughty, 
{?) Feenaghy, (?) Fanaghey, 
Finnerty, Finerty, Fannerty ; 

"pionriAcuAij, Hinnerty, Hen- 
nerty, Hannerty, Hanaty. 

6 ponnA3:;Ain, Finnigan, Fini- 
gan, Finegan, Fanagan. 

ponriAin, O'Finan, Finan, 
Finnan, Fannon ; Fannin, 

6 "pionriAllAin, Fenelon, Fenlon, 

6 ponngAil, Finnell, Fennell. 

6 ponnJAil, Hannell. 

ponnsAile, Finnell, Fennell. 

6 ponnJAlAis, Finnelly, Fen- 
nelly, Finley, Fenlej'-, Finlay, 
Findley, etc. 

6 ponnjufA, Finnessy, Fen- 

-pionnniACAni, Finnucane, 



p|t5il, O'Freel, Freel, Friel; 

Freal, Frehill, etc. 
C pjijile, Freely, Freehily, Fre- 

6 ptceAllAij, 6 ptcill, 6 

ptcille, 6 -picille, Fihelly, 

Fihily, Fehily, Fehely, Fee- 

hely, Feehily, Feeley, Feely ; 

Field ; Fielding. 
-plAinn, Flang, Flyng, Flynn. 
plAinn, Laing, Layng, Lang. 
plAitbeAiicAis, O'Flaherty, 

Flagherty, Flaherty, Flaverty 
"piAitfeeAiicAij, O'Lafferty, 

O'Laverty, Lafferty, Laverty, 

(3 "piAiteATiiAin, Flahavan, Fla- 

hevan, Flahavin, Flavahan, 

"plAiceAtriAin, Lavan, Lavin. 
'piAicf:'ileAT), Flatley, Flatt- 

ley, Flattery. 
VlAicjeAfA, Lacy, Lacey, 

Leacy ; De Lacy. 
-plAicile, Flatley, Flattley. 
plAitini, Flahive, Flahy, 
plAitnii, Lahive, Lahiff, Laf- 

fey, Laffy, Lahy, etc. 
friAituiifn, Flahavin, Flavin, 

(3 ■plAitniiin, Lavin. 
"plAiciiie, Flattery. 
"piAnriAtJiiA, Flannery. 
6 "plATiriACAin, Flanaghan. 
"piATinAgAiti, O'Flanagan, 

Flanagan, Flanigan, etc. 
"plAnncAT)A, O "plAtinCAIT), 

(3 -plAnnsAil, Flavell. 
6 "piAnnsAile, O'Flannelly, 

Flannelly ; Flannery. 
"piArAi^, Flahy, Flahive. 
plAtAij;, Lahy, Lahey, Laffy, 

Laffey, Lahive, Lahiff. etc. 
■plArAniAin, Flahavan, Flahe- 

van, Flahavin. 
"plAtAiriAin, Lavan, Laven, 


ploirtn, O'Flynn, Flynri> 

Flinn, Flyng, etc. 
'f'loitin, O'Lynn, Lynn, Linn, 

Lind ; Lindsay. > 

"po-olA-OA, O'Foley, Foley. 
'posAtficA, O ■pogAttcAis; 

Fogarty, Fogerty. 
O pojAnuAij, Hogarty, Hogerty 

posAncAis, Hoverty ; Hegartyi 
6 ■po5lA-DA, O'Foley, Foley. 
'Po]c;Ia-6a, Holey. 
(3 "poileAin, Whelan, etc. 
O poileAin, Helen, Hillane; 

Hillan, Hilland, Hylan, Hy- 

land, Whelan, etc. 
6 poi]i|iei-6, (?) Ferry. 
(3 "poijtcceipn, Fortin, Fortune^ 
"pollAiiiAin, Falloon, Fallon, 

Fallen, etc. 
(3 potiATniAm, Farnan, Farnon; 

Farnand, etc. 
(3 "PjiAOCAin, (3 "PiiAOicni, Fre- 

hen ; French. 
(3 'PneACAi|i, Fraher. 
6 PfieACAiii, Raher. 
(3 ■ptieAJ;Aile, Frawley. 
<3 iriABArAil, Frahill, Fraul. 
6 -piii^il, O'Freel, Friel, Freel, 

(3 "Pitijile, Freely. 
6 -ptticil, Frehill, Freehill. 
6 "Piiicilo, Freehily, Frehilly. 
O -puATJA, O'Foody, Foody> 

Foudy, Foddy ; Swift ; Speed. 
(3 -puA-OACAin, Fodaghan ; Swift. 
"puAlAin, Whelan, etc. 
(3 "ptiAlAin, Holland, etc. 
6 puAllACAin, Whoolahan, 

Whoolehan, Wholihane, etc. 
<3 fuAllAij, Whooley, Wholey; 

(3 "puAfiAin, (3 "puAtijiAin, 6 "puAti- 

cAin, Fourhane, Forehane, 

Forehan, Forhan, Foran ; 

Ford, Forde. 
(3 fuA^itiifce, Whoriskey, Whor- 

riskey ; Waters, Watters. 


^tiA]iuifce, Hourisky, Horis- 
ky ; Waters, Watters ; Cold- 
well, Caldwell. 

ptiACAij, Foohy, Fouhy, 
Fuohy, Fowhey. 

5AbAin, Gavan, Gaven, Gavin 

^AbAnri, O'Gowan, Gowan, 
Goan, Gowen, Gowing, Going; 
Smith, Smyth. 

^AbAlAij, Gooley ; Forke. 

j^AblAin, Goolden, Golden, 
Golding, Goulding ; Forkan, 

^A^t*^^"' Gowran. 

6 Sagaih, Gaughan, Gahan. 

5AT)Ain, Goddan ; Godwin, 

5A-6tiA, O'Gara, Gara, Garry, 
Geary, Guiry. 

gAibin, Gavin, Gaven. 

5AibneAin, Guinane, Guinan. 

SAibteACAin, Gavaghan, Ga- 
vahan, Gavacan, Gavagan, 
Gavigan, Gaffikan, Gaughan, 

5AilineAC, Gallinagh. 

5 Allien, Gallin, Gallen. 

Garveagh, Garvey. 
gAittbin, Garvin, Garavin, 

Garwin, Garven, (?) Girvin, 

Girvan ; Garvey. 
gAi^ibeit, (3 5Aittbic, Garvey. 
SAinmleAJAix), O'Gormley, 

Gormley, Grumley, Grimley. 
6 Sa^'^i". ^ J^AllAin, Gallen, 

Gallon, Gollan. 
^AllcobAijA, O'Gallagher, 

Gallagher, Gallaher, Gallog- 

her, Gollagher, etc. 
SaIIcij, Gallahue. 
C 5AllcubAi|i, O'Gallagher, 

Gallagher, Gallaher, etc. 
6 SArhtiA, Gooney, Gaffney ; 

SAmtiAin, Goonane, Goonan ; 

Guning, Gunning ; Caulfield. 
5AiTiiiAitie, Goonery, Goonry. 

O 5AT1A111X), Gaynard ; Gaynor. 
5Aoititi, Guiheen, Gweehin, 

Guihen, Guighan, Guihan, 

Geehan, Gihan, Gihon, Gahan; 

Wynne ; Windham. 
6 5A]tbAin, Garvan, Garavin, 

Garvin, Garven, Garwin, (?) 

6 5acIaoic, Keatley, Keitley, 

6 5eAlA5Ain, Galligan ; White. 
5eAlAin, Gellan, Gellen, Gel- 
O 5eAlbAin, Gallivan, Galvan, 

Galven, Galvin. 
6 S^A^^^in, Gannon. 
SoAttAgA, O'Garriga. 
56A]iAin, Geran, Gearon, 

Guerin, Gearn, Gearns ; 

<3 5eAii5Ain, Gargan, Garagan, 

Gar rig an. 
56i1i)eAnnAi5, SeibeAtitiAis, 

Geaveny, Keaveny, Kevany, 

Keveny, Geaney, Geany, 

Guiney, Guiny, etc. 
geibinn, Gaine, Geane. 
SiAllAin, Geelan, Gealon. 
^ibeAllAin, Gibulawn, Gib- 

lin ; Gibson ; Gibsey, Gipsey. 
^ibne, Gibney, Giboney. 
51I1H, Gilleen, Gillen, Gellen, 

5ini-6e, Guinee, Guinea, 

5iobAllAiti, Gibulawn, Giblin; 

Gibson ; Gibsey, Gipsey. 
5iollAb«ix)e, O'Gilvie, 

O'Gilbie, Ogilby, Gilbey, Gill- 
bee, Gilboy, Gilvoy, etc. 
5iollA5Aiti, Gilligan, Gillgan, 

5iollAir>, Gillane, Gillan, 

Gilland, Gillon, Gillen. 
(5 5iollAiiAiri, Gilleran. 
SiollAtinAC, Ford, Forde. 
5io"^^in, Gannon. 

10 1 

6 5lACAin, Glackan, Glakan. 

O 5lAitTiin, Glavin. 

O 5lAifin, Glasheen. 

5lAifne, Giles, Gyles. 

C 5lAfAin, Glessane, Glissane, 

Glissawn, Gleason, Gleeson. 
5leAT)iiA, Gladdery, Gladdry. 
C 5^'AfAin, Gleesane, Glissane, 

Gleason, Gleeson, etc. 
5l6iAittn, (?) Glorney. 
5^^^^. Agnew. 
.0 5ot5A, Gow ; Smith. 
5;obAiti, Gobin. 
SobAnn, O'Gowan, Gowan, 

Goan, Gowen, Gowing, Going; 

Smith, Smyth. 
5,oT)Ain, Goddan ; Godwin, 

O 5oibin, Gubbins. 
Soi-ofn, Godwin, Goodwin. 
5oilli-6e, 6 5oill<n, Golden, 

Golding, Goulding. 
6 5oi|\eAccA, Geraghty, Ger- 

raghty, Gerity, etc, 
^oinmsiAllA, ^oiitm^tAl- 

IA15, 6 . goiiinijiollA, Gor- 

milly, Gormlej?-. 
5oi|iTnleA5Ai5, 5oi|im- 

fleAJ^Aij, O'Gormley, Gorm- 

ley, Gormilly, Grumley, Grim- 
ley ; Bloomer. 
50IIAIT1, Gullan, Gulan. 
(5 ]5o]iniA5AiT>, Gormagan. 
SotimAin, O'Gorman, Gorman 
^oiim^Ail, SotimJAile, 

Gormaly, Gormilly, Gormley ; 

Gorman ; Grimes. 
5oitm65, Gorman. 
5o|tmfijil, 6 5o|tmfijili5, 

Gormaly, Gormilly, Gormley ; 

6 5ocftAiT), Geoghery, Gohary, 

5tiAT)A, O'Grady, Grady. 
C SfAinne, Greany, Greaney. 
5|tAlAi5, 6 5iiaIIai5, Greally, 

Grealy, Greely. 
Sr^^^A, O'Growney. 

5|iaoIai5, <3 5ttAollAi5, 

Greally, Grealy, Greely. 
5neACAin, Greaghan, Grea- 

han, Grehan, Gregan, Grey- 

han, Grayhan, Greaham, Gra- 
ham, Graham, Graeme, 

Grame, Greame, Greames, 

5|teAX)A, O'Gready, Gready, 

Graddy ; O'Grady, Grady. 
6 5v»ei-6m, Grimes, Graeme, 

6 5|MAbAin, Greaven, Grevin ; 

Greaves, etc. 
5;)iiA"OA, Grady. 
5|AiAlltJif, Grealish ; Greally, 

Grealy, Greely ; Griffin. 
<3 5H1AT1A1T1, Greenan, Grennan, 

<3 5^111 bin, Gribbin, Gribben, 

Sttibtin, 5tifpin, Griffin. 
SttiobcA, Griffey, Griffy, 

Greehy ; Griffith, Griffiths ; 

6 5piocA, Greehy. 
5piobcAin, Greaven, Grevin, 

Griffin ; Griffith, Griffiths ; 

Greaves, Grieves. 
5n\JA5Ain, 5r^5^i"' Croo- 

gan, Grogan, Groggan. 
5uAi|ie, Goorey, Gorey. 
5tJAittitn, Gorham. 
5«aIIacca, Goolden, Golden, 

Goulding, etc. 
6 ^viibin, Gobin, Gubbins. 
S^'^i'o©. Guinee, Guinea, 

6 5ufAin, Gossan, Gosson, GaS- 

son, Gaussen. 
VixlbA^cAij, Haverty. 
(3 h^-olAij, Addley, Addly. 
hAx)mAill, O'Hamill, Hamill, 

Hamell, Hammill, Hammell. 
ViA-onAit), 6 hA-oriAi^, Hiney, 

ViAsAin, O'Hagan, Hagan, 

Haggan, etc. 


6 h-d5Ai|iu, Heggert. 

hA5AticAi5, Agarty, Hagarty, 

Hagerty, Hegarty, Hegerty, 

Heggerty, etc. 
C h-A^AitTTAij. Hearty ; Hegarty. 
h/AjmAill, O'Hamill, Hamill, 

Hamell, Hammill, Hammell. 
hAiciti, O'Hehir, O'Haire, 

O'Hare, Hegher, Hehir, Aher, 

Hair, Hare, Herr. 
h-Ai-oeit, ViAi-Di-oe, Haidee, 

hAix)in, Hadian, Haden, Hay- 
din, Hayden, etc. 
h/AiT)it, Haidee, Haidy. 
hAix)ne, Hiney, Hyney. 
hAilbeAttcAij, Halverty, Hal- 

ferty, Hilferty. 
hAilce, Hally, Halley. 
ViAiljeATiAin, O'Hallinan, 

Hallinan, Hallanan, Hainan. 
h^il5eAfA, Hallissy, Hallis- 

sey, Hallessy. 
hAilin, Hallin, Hallion, Allin, 

6 hAille, Hally. 
hxXilleACAin, Hallaghan, Hal- 

lihane, Hallahan, Hallihan. 
hAilleASAin, Halligan, Hilli- 

hAillin, Hallin, Hallion, 

Allin, Allen. 
6 hAilrhic, Halvey, (?) Hanwick. 
6 hAilpin, 6 hAilpene, Halpin, 

Halpeny, Halfpenny. 
(3 h Aim 61 1151 Ti, ViAniii|i5iTi, 

Mergin, Bergin, Bergen, Ber- 

gan, Berrigan, etc. 
hAinbeic, ViAinbic, Hanvy, 

Hanvey, Hanify, Hanafy, 

Hannify, Hanway, etc. 
ViAinbteAin, C ViAinbtin, 

Hanefan, Hanifan, Hanafin, 

Hanifin, etc. 
ViAincin, Hanneen, Hannin, 

Hannen ; Hannan, Hannon. 
ViAinpeit, OhAinpix),(3h Ain|Mt 

Hanify, Hanafy, Hannify, etc. 

6 hAirjpeAiti, ViAinpin, O 
ViAini]^eAiti, ViAimpin, Hane- 
fan, Hanifan, Hanafin, Hani- 
fin, etc. 

hAiTile, h^inle, bAin- 
lije, hAinlije, Hanley, 
Handly, Hanly, Henly. 

6 hAir>TTii|ie, hAir»Thi|ieAC, 6 
hAiTiTnneAC, Hanberry, Han- 
bery, Hanbury ; Ansberry, 

ViAiTinin, Hannin, Hanneen, 
Hannen ; Hannan, Hannon. 

C ViAinte, Hanify, etc. 

hAi|ieAcr:Ai5, Harrity ; Harty; 

hAijigeATJAin, Hargaden, Har- 
gadon ; Hardiman ; Harman, 

hAiiinieAT)Ai5, liAijinii-oe, 
Harvey, Hervey. 

hAiftne, Harney, Hartney. 

6 ViAitic, O'Hart, O'Harte, 
Hart, Harte. 

hAi|tcneA"OA, Harnedy, Hart- 
nett, Harnett. 

hAi]ic|ii, Hartry, Hartery, 

6 ViAifeA-OA, Hassey, Hassett. 

6 hAitci^i, O'Hehir, O'Haire, 
O'Hare, Hegher, Hehir, Hair, 
Hare, Herr. 

6 hAiteAfA, O'Hahasy, Ha- 
hasy, Hahessy, Ahessy. 

6 ViAllACAin, Hallaghan, Halla- 
han, Hallihan. 

6 liAllASAin, Halligan. 

6 hAllAi-oe, Halley, Hally. 

hAllATriAin, Hallan, Allan, 

6 bAlliritiitAin, O'Halloran, 

O'Hallaran, O'Halleran, 

O'Halleron, Halloran, Hol- 
loran, etc. 

6 ViAlpAti, Halpin, Halpeny, 

hATri|iAin, Haveron, Haveren, 
Havern, Havron, Haffron, 
Heffron, etc. 


6 'hAmAillcin, Hamilton. >' 

6 hAtiAice, Hanify, Hannify, 
etc. '-' 

6 h-Afi (^Aince, Canty. 

hAnsltiim, Anglim. 

6 hAii5lviiTin, Anglin, Anglim. 

6 hAnltiAin, O'Hanlon, Han- 
Ion, Hanlan, etc. 

hAntiACAin, Hanihan, Han- 
nahan ; Hannan. 

hAmiASAin, Hannigan, Hani- 

*<3 hAtiriAiT), Hanna. 

hAnriAin, Hannan, Hannon, 
Hanan, Hanon, etc. 

hAnnltJAin, O'Hanlon, Han- 
Ion, Handlon, Hanlan, etc. 

(3 hAnn]iACAin, O'Hourihane, 
Hourihane, Hourahan, Houri- 
han, Hourican, etc. 

6 hAnn|iA5AiTi, Hourigan. 

O hATiri|iAic, Hanrick, Hand- 
rick, etc. 

C hAnn|iAin, Haran, Haren, 

hAn|iACAiTi, O'Hanrahan, 

Hanrahan, Handrahan. 

liAXn|iACCAi5, Hanratty. 

ViAniiA-uAin, O'Hanrahan, 

O'Hourihane, Hanrahan, 

Hourihane, Hourigan, Hor- 
rigan, Haran, Horan, Horgan, 

O hxNo-OA, O'Hea, Hay, Hayes, 
Hews, Hughes, etc. 

6 hAo-6A5Ain, O'Hegan, Hegan, 
Heagan, Hagan, Hogan, Egan 
Eagan, Eakin, Eakins,Hegans, 
Hagans, Higans, Huggins, &c. 

<3 ViAoileAin, Hylan, Hyland, 

O hAoillBACAin, Hellican, Hele- 
han, Helihan ; O'Higgins, 
Higgins ; Eledigan. 

hAolAin, Heelan, Helen, Hil- 
lane, Hillan, Holian, Hey- 
land, Hiland, Hylan, H3dand, 
Holland, Whelan, etc. 

6 hAoTiACAin, Heanaghan/ 

Henaghan, Heneghan, Hene- 

han, Henihan, Henekan; 

Heenan, etc. 
6 hAon5Uif, Ennes, Ennis, etc; 
hAonjvifA, Hennessy, Hensy, 

Hinsy, Henchy, Hinchy. ' 
hAo|icAi5, Hearty. 
hA|tA5Ain, Horagan, Horgan, 

hA^Ailc, Harold, Harrold. 
hA|i5AT)Ain, Hargaden, Har- 

gadon ; Hardiman ; Harman, 

6 hA|i5Ain, Hargan, Horgan, 

hA|i|iACAin, Horahan, Harran, 

Haran, Horan, etc. 
h AtitiACCAin, Harroughton, 

Haroughton ; Harrington; 

Errington, Irrington. 
6 hA|if»A5Ain, Harrigan, Herri- 

gan, Horrigan, Horrogan, 

Horagan, Horgan, etc. 
6 h-d^icA, 6 ViAjicAij, Harty, 
hAiicA5Ain, O'Hartigan, 

Hartigan, Hartican. 
6 hAiicAin, Hartan, Harten, 

Hartin, Harton, Horton. 
6 hA|ic5Aile, Hartley. 
hAcAiiine, Harney, Hartney. 
h AtAiACAi?;, Harty. 
heACAC, Haugh, Hawe, Hawes 
(3 heACAT)A, heACAi-6, Haghey 

Haughey, Haffy, Hahee, 

Hawey, Hoey. 
6 1ieACAix)in, Haughean,Haugh- 

ian ; Hawkins. 
liGACAin, Haughan, Haghan, 

Haghen ; Hawkins ; Haugh- 

6 heAC-DubAin, Aghoon ; White- 
<3 hGAcpAin, Haughran, Haran. 
6 heActAi]!, Hoctor, Hocter. 
<3 heActiseAiiriA, 6 hCACciseittn, 

Ahearn, Aherin, Aherne. 

Ahern, Hearne, Hearn. etc, 


heA"OAriiAin, Heduvan, Hedi- 

C >ieA-6|tA, O'Hara, O'Harra, 

h6A-D]iOTnAin, Hederman^ 


C h^ApA, Heaphy, Heify, etc. 

heAJjtA, O'Hara, O'Harra, 

hGAJiiAin, O'Haran, Haran, 
Haren, Harran, Harren, etc. 

C heAlAX)Ai5, heAlAi-oe, 6 
heAluijte, h^Altiisce, 
Healy, Heally, Hely, Hayles. 

h^ATTiACAtn, Hevaghan. 

C h^AtriAis, Heavy, Heavey, 
Hevey, Havy, Havey, Hea- 
phy, etc. 

h^ATTiAin, Evans, etc. 

6 h^ATTicAis, Heaphy, Heify, 

h^ATiACAin, Heanaghan, 

Henaghan, Heneghan, Hene- 
han, Henihan, Henekan, 
Heenan ; Bird. 

h^AtiA-OA, Heanue, Heaney, 

h^AnASAin, Hennigan, Hene- 
kan ; Bird. 

h^ATiAis, Heaney, Heany. 

h^ATiAiTi, Henan, Heenan, 
Hennan, Heanen, etc. 

h^ATiTiA, Heany, Heaney, 
Heeny, Heney, etc. ; Bird. 

lieAnTi|\Aic, VieAn|\Aic, Hen- 
rick, Hanrick, Hendrick, 
Handrick, etc. 

heAtiAin, O'Harran, O'Haran, 
O'Hern, Haran, Harran, 
Heran, Herran, Heron, Her- 
ron, Hearn, Heme. 

heAt'Aiti^n, heA|iAtiAin, Her- 
rerin, Herreran. 

C heAjACA-OA, 6 heAtlCAIT), 

Haraghy, Hiraghy, Harrihy, 
Harkey, Horohoe, Horahoe, 
Harroe, Hurroe ; Hore, 
Hoare ; Harris ; Harrison. 

heA|tCAin, Harkan, Harkin, 

Harkins, etc. 
heA|iCAiti, Harragher, Harra- 

6 heAt^SAil, Harrell, Harrel, 

Herald, etc. 
heA|\5Aile, Harrily, Harley, 

Herley, Herly. 
heAttriAin, Hernon, Harnon, 

Hartnane, Hertnan, Hertnon; 

heicci5ei|\n, Ahearn, Aherin, 

Aherne, Ahem, Hearne, 

Hearn, etc. 
C h6ix)eA-6A, Haidy, Haidee. 
hei-oeA5Ain, Hedegan, Hedi- 

gan, Haddigan. 
hei-oeAin, Oh^i-oeAiti, Heden, 

Headen, Haden, Hayden, 

Haydon, etc. 
"h6^i-oi-6, Haidy, Haidee. 
6 hei-oin, h^i-oin, Heden, 

Headen, Hadian, Haydin, 

Hayden, Haydon, etc. 
6 hei-om, O'Heyne, Heines, 

Hynes, Hindes, etc. 
h6i-6in, Haines, Haynes, 

6 hei-oi|ifce6il, O'Driscoll, 

Driscoli, etc. 
6 heiT)neAiT», Hinan, Hynan. 
6 heiT)ni5, Hiney, Hyney. 
h^igcBAiicAis, h^iseAttcAig, 

O'Hegarty, Hegarty, Hegerty, 

Hagarty, Higerty, etc. ; Ho- 

6 heigms, h6i5Tii5, Hegney, 

Heagney, Haigney. 
6 heilseAfAin, Ellison. 
6 heili-oe, heilise, Healy, 

Hely, etc. 
h^itrieACAm, Hevaghan. 
heirhij, Hevey, Heavy, 

Heavey, etc. 
1161111111, Evins, Evens, 

h^irhttiti, Heverine, Heveran, 

Heveron, Hefferin, etc. 


hCineACAin, Heanaghan, 

Henaghan, Henehan, Heni- 

han, Henekan ; Heenan ; 

6 h^ineA-OA, Heanue, Heaney, 

h^iTiij, Heany, Heaney, 

Heeny, etc ; Bird. 
h^inin, Heanen, etc. 
hSinne, Heany, Heaney, 

Heeny, Heney, etc. ; Bird. 
6 h&)]\, O'Hare, Hare, Haire. 
hei-fAC, Erke, Herrick, Her- 

ricks, Harricks. 
heinoATiioin, Ervine, Erwin, 

Irvine, Irwin. 
6 heifleAtiAm, 6 heiflin, Heslin 
ViCocAC, Hough. 
heocA-oA, Howe, Howes, etc. 
heocAjAin, Hoiighegan ; 

VieocAiT), Houghy, Hughey, 

Howie, Howey, Howay, Hoey, 

Huey, Hoye, Hoy, etc. 
heo-OAfA, VieoT)UfA, Hosey, 

Hosie ; Hussey ; O.swell, Os- 
heosAin, Howen, Hone, 

Hoyne, Owen, Owens, Hoy- 

nes, Hoins ; Hynes. 
heoJAriAin, Honan. 
heoJAfA, Hosey ; Hussey. 
lie6ltiii\ 6 hedlufA, Olus. 
6 hlA^iplACA, hlAi^lAiio, 6 

lilAjtlArA, O'Herlihy, Herlihy, 

Herley ; Hurley. 
hlA]inAin, Hearnon, Hernon. 
6 hlA^fAC, Eyres, Ayres. 
hiceAT)A, 6 hlcif)e, O'Hickey, 

Hickey, Hickie. 
C hlpeAnnAni, Hiffernan, Hef- 

fernan, Heffernon, Hefferan, 

C hInneACCAij, Hingerty, Hin- 

nerty, Hennerty, Hannerty, 

lunneiiije, Henery, Henry, 


hlnnpeACCAi j, Hanratty. 

hlnn|AeAin, Henrion. 

hlnjieACCAig, Hanratty. 

h1nfe, Hinchy, Hinchey. 

hlolAin, Hillane, Hillan, Hy- 
land, Holland, Whelan. 

6 hloljiACAin, Eagleton, Eggle- 

hlOTriAi]i, hloniAi]A, O'Hure, 
Heever, Hever, Hoare, 
Howard, Ivors, Ivers, Elvers. 

6 hlomriA, Ellmore. 

hlonjAtcoAil, Harrington. 

C hlomiiAine, Nooney. 

hloniiiAmeAiTi, Nunan, Noo- 

6 hlotiriACCAij, Hinnerty, Hen- 
nerty, Hannerty, Hanatj-. 

VilonnJAil, Hannell. 

C hlonn^Ailo, Hennelly. 

hlonnnA'OAin, h1onn]<Ain, 6 
hlotinAin, Henrion. 

6 hloptiAi-o, Heary, Heery. 

hip, O'Hear, O'Hare, O'Haire, 
Hear, Heare, Hare, Hair, 

6 hlpsil. Hirill, Hirl. 

6 h1|A5ile, Hirrely, Hirley, Her- 

hlccGAllAis, 6 hiccille, 6 
hitille, O'Hihilly. Hilly, 

hO-otiA, O'Hora. 

hOx)|iA5Ain, Hourigan. 

hO-o^Ain, Horan. 

h05Ain, O'Hogan, Hogan. 

hOsAipc, Hogart. 

liOJAii^c, Howard. 

(3 hCjA^icAij, Hogarty, Ho- 
gerty ; Hegarty. 

hOtjApcAij, Hoverty ; He- 

(3 hOj;lAT)A, Holey. 

hO^fAin, Horan. 

11oit)icfn,Hopkin, Hopkins, etc. 

hOiciii, O'Hehir, O'Hare, 
Hegher, Hehir, Haier, Herr, 


O hOileAiti, hOiteAin, 

O'Lyons, Holian, Hyland, 

Whelan, etc. 
C h01t^eACCA15, Hearaghty, 

Heraghty, Heraty ; Harty ; 

Erraught, Erought ; Geragh- 

ty ; Harrington. 
<3 hOifce, Hiskey ; Waters, 

<3 hOif cin, Heskin, Hoskins ; 

Waters, Watters. 
<3 hOifBAin, Hishon. 
<3 hOifin, Russian, Hessian, 

Hession, Hishon. 
<3 hOifcin, Histon, Hestin, 

Hestion, Hasting, Hestings, 

O hOifci]i, Hester. 
hOlAiTi, Holland, Hyland, 

O hOncon, Unehan, Ounihan ; 

O hO\yA, O'Hora. 
O hOt\CAin, Horkan, Harkon, 

Horkin, Harkin, Harkins, 

O hOt^fAi^, Horsey ; Hurst. 
O hOfAin, Hassan, Hasson, 

hUAT)A, Huddy. 
O hUA-oAi j, O'Huadhaigh. 
hUAiTiif)e, hVlAitne, 6 

hUAitnij, Hooney ; Green. 
hUAicnin, Houneen, Huneen, 

Honeen, Gonin; Green, Greene. 
hUAlAiti, Holland. 
O hUAllACAin, O'Houlihan, 

Houlihan, Hoolihan, Holo- 

han ; Wholihane, Wholihan ; 

Holland ; Nolan, etc. 
O hUAllAij, Howley. 
O hUATTiriACAin, Honahan. 
<3 hUA]iJ5iiif, Horish. 
O hUA^iuifce, Hourisky, Horis- 

ky ; Waters, Watters ; Cold- 
well, Caldwell, etc. 
O hubAin, Huban, Hooban, 


O htJ-OAij, Huddy. 

hU5t^6in, Horan. 

hUi-o, O'Hood, Hood. 

hUi-6i|i, Hore, Hoar, Hoare. 

hUi-ot^in, Hearon, Heron, 
Hearn, Heme, Heveran, 

hUileAin, Whelan. 

6 hU|tmolcAi5, Hamilton. 

hUij^e, 6 htlisin, 6 hUisitin, 
O'Higgin, O'Higgins, Hig- 
gins, Higgens. 

huiptxiile, O'Hurley, Hurley. 

hUifce, Hiskey ; Waters, 

hUif cin, Heskin, Hoskins ; 
Waters, Watters. 

hUifBAir), Hishon. 

hUifin, Hussian, Hessian, 
Hession, Hishon. 

6 hUlcACAin, Hultaghan, Hul- 
tahan, Haltigan ; Nolan. 

hUtix)Ail, Harrington. 

<3 hUiATiAi-oe, Hurney. 

6 hU]\tmle, O'Hurley, Hurley. 

OileAbAp-o, OileA^Apx), Elfred, 
Elwood, EUwood. 

OililbeAii, Oliver. 

6 tA^t^A-OA, Lowroo, Lowery, 
Lowry, Lavery. 

6 lAbiAA-OA t)An, Baun-Lavery. 

6 tAb^A-OA ntiAT), Roe-Lavery. 

La13|ia-6a CfeAn, Trin-Lavery 
Tryn- Lavery, Trim- Lavery, 

lAbjiAiib, Lowry, Lowery 

6 Lacaiv), Lahan ; Duck. 

lAclAinn, Lachlin, Laghlin, 
Laghlen, Laughlin. 

lAcrTiA, Loughney. 

6 tACcnAin, Laughnan. Lough- 
nane, Loughnan ; Loughrane, 
Loughran ; Lawton ; Lough- 
Ian, Loughlin, O'Loughlin; 
MacLoughlin ; Loftus. 

6 tACCjiAiii.O'Loughran, Lough- 
rane, Loughran, etc. 


<3 t.Ai"oeAin, Ladden. 

6 tAi-oeAriAin, O tAi-o^eAriAiTi, 

6 l/Ai-o^neAin, Lynan, Ly- 

nam, Lynham, Lyneham, 

Lineham, etc. 
Lai'Oit), Luddy. 
6 Latoij, O'Lee, Lee. 
6 tAi-oin, V. 6 tAijin. 
'LAi'oneAm, tAiseAriAin, 

Lynan, Lynam, Lynham, 

Lyneham, Lineham, etc. 
O tAijin, O'Leyne, O'Lane, 

O'Lyons, Layne, Leyne, 

Lyne, Lane, Leane, Lean, 

Leen, Lyons, etc. 
O LAi^neAin, Lynan, Lynam, 

Lynham, Lyneham. 
'LAi5tiit;, Leeney, Lyons. 
<3 LAiniin, Lavin, Laven, Lavan; 

C tAinn, Laing, Layng, Lang. 
O tAicbeAttcAi^, O'Laflerty, 

O'Laverty, Lafierty, Laverty, 

6 tAiceAf A, 6 LAit^CAfA, Lacy, 

Lacey, Leacy ; De Lacy. 
LAitnii, Lahive, Lahili, La- 

hiffe, Lafiey, Laffy, Lahy, 

Lahey, etc. 
6 LAitniiin, Lavin. 
tAitin, (?) Laheen. 
O lAicthe, Lafiy, Laffey. 
6 Lauiaiti, Lavan. 
6 l-Aoc-OA, Leahy, Leeh}', etc. 
O LAOC|tA, Leahy, Leahey. 
"Lao-oos, O Iagsoj, Leeogue, 

Leogue, League, Luogue, 

Loogue, Logue ; Leech ; 

Molloy, Mulloy. 
O iAo^Aine, O'Leary, Leary, etc. 
<3 Laoit)!^, O'Lee, Lee. 
6 Laoij^iH, Lyle. 
tAomoACAin, Lenihan. 
6 lAom-oA, Leamy. 
6 tApAin, Lapin, I>appin, La- 

phin ; De Lapp, Delap. 
OlAii-o, EUard. 
Lacaij, Lahy, Lahey ; Leahy ; 

Laffy; Laftey, etc.;Guttery,etc. 
6 LeAtiACAin, Lenaghan, Leneg- 

han, Lenahan, Lenehan, 

Lenihan, Lennihan, etc. 
O LeAn-OAin, Lenden, Linden, 

Lindin, Lindon. 
6 LeATiTiAin, Linnane, Lannan, 

Lannen, Lannon, Lennon ; 

Leonard, etc. 
(3 LeAiijiifA, Larrissy, Laracy. 
6 LeAjiriAC, Larney. 
O LcAtAin, Lahan, Laine, Lane. 
C LeAtlobAi|i, O'Lalor, Lalor, 

Lawlor, Lawler. 
6 Lei-oiTi, 6 tei^in, O'Leyne, 

O'Lane, O'Lyons, Leyne, 

Lyne, Lane, Lyons, etc. 
6 teime, Leamy. 
O teocAin, Loghan, Loughan ; 

6 teojAin, Logan, Lagan. 
6 LiA-oAin, O LiA^Ain, Lean, 

Leane, Leen, Lane, etc. 
O tiA-oiiAiTi, Leyden, etc. 
liACAin, O'Lehane, Lyhane, 

Leehane, Lehane, Leyhane, 

Lihane, I-yhan, Leehan, 

Leeane ; Lyons, etc. 
6 ii-oeAT)A, Liddy, Leddy. 
ti"6iti, o "Li^in, Lean, Leane, 

Leen, Lane, etc. 
6 Lio-OAin Liddane, Leddan, 

Lydden, Lyden, Lydon, Ley- 
den, etc. 
C tionACAin, Lenaghan, Lena- 
han, Lenihan, Lennihan. 
6 tioriAin, Lenane, Lannan, 

Lannen ; Leonard. 
"LioTTOAni, Lindon, Linden, 

6 LionnAin, Linnane, Linane, 

Lennon ; Leonard. 
*0 t-ifeAin, Leeson. 
O tocAin, Loghan, Loughan, 

Lohan ; Chatt. 
(3 toclAin, O ' L o u g h 1 a n , 

O'LoughHn.Loughlan; Lough- 

lin ; Loftus. 


6 'LoclAmn. O'Loughlan, 

O'Loughlin, O'Loghlen, Logh- 

lin, Loughlan, Loughlen, 

Loughlin, Laughlin, etc. 
6 tociiAm, O'Loughran, Lough- 

rane, Loughran. 
to-OAin, Ludden, Ladden, 

Leddan, Leyden, etc. 
O togAin, Logan. 
O toi-oeAin, Ludden, Liddane, 

Leddan, Lydden, Lyden, Ly- 

don, Leyden, etc. 
LoTOiT), Luddy. 
C LoingfCACAin, Lynchahaun, 

Lynchahan, Lynchehan ; 

6 t.oin5fi5, Linchey, Linchy, 

Lynchy, Lynch, Lindsy ; 

Loinn, O'Lynn, Lynn, Linn, 

Lind ; Lindsay. 
6 Loinfcij, Linskey, Lynskey. 
(3 lonigneAin, Lerkinan, Lear- 

hinan, Lerhinan, Largan ; 

LoniAin, Loman, Lomand, 

Lomond, Lemon, Lemmon. 
LoTiiAfriA, O LorriAfnAi^, 

O'Lomasney, Lemosney. 
LoriAjAin, Lanigan, Lannigan, 

totiAiTi, Lenane, Lanon, Lan- 

nan, Lannon, Lannen, Lan- 

nin, Lennon ; Leonard. 
LonsACAin, Lonican, Luni- 

can, etc. 
6 ion^Aij;, Long. 
6 ton 5 Am, Longan, Langan, 

I-angin ; Long. 
Lon5AVV5Ain, 6 l.onriAngAni, 

tonnnA^Ain, Lonnergan, 

Lonergan, Londregan, Lon- 

drigan, Landregan, Lan- 

drigan, Lorrigan, etc. 
toiACAui, Lorkan, Lorkin, 

Larkin, Larken, Larkins, etc. 
i6]\-oAin, Lordan. 
to]i5nAni, Largan ; Lardner. 

6 LotcAin, Loghan, Loughan, 
Lohan, etc. 

LtiACAiti, O ttiACjiA, Loughry, 
Loughrey, Lockery ; Rush. 

ttiAin, O'Loan, O'Lone, 
Loane ; Lamb, Lambe. 

6 LtiAnAij, O'Looney, Looney, 
Loony, Lowney. 

O LuAnAin, Lambe. 

O LtJAfAis, Lucey, Lucy. 

6 LubAig, Luby, Looby. 

O LtiCAijAeAin, O bucitAin, 
O'Loughran, Lougheran, 
Laugheran, Lochrane, Lough- 
rane, Loughran, Loughren, 
O'Loran, Loran. 

'Ltiix»eAiTi, Liddane, Ludden, 
Leddan, Lydden, Lydon, Ley- 
den, etc. 

ttiimbiMC, Limerick. 

"LxJineACAiii, Lenihan. 

6 tvnneAgAin, Lenagan, Lene- 
gan, Lenigan, Lanigan, Lyne- 
gan, etc. 

LumgeACAin, Lunican, Loni- 
can, Linighan, Linahan, Line- 
han, Lenihan, etc. 

6 buinseAin, Lingane, Linnane, 
Linane, Lenane, Lynane ; 

O Itiim^, O'Looney, Luny, 
Lunney, Lonney, Loney, 
Looney, Loony. 

bumin, Lunneen, Lineen, Lin- 
neen, Linnen, Lennon ; Leon- 
ard ; Linnegar, Lynegar. 

6 iriACAin, Macken, Mackin. 

O iriACAin, Maghan, Maughan, 
Mahon, Mann ; Vaughan. 

6 iriACAfA, Macassy, Mackessy, 
MacKessy, MacAssie, Maxey. 

6 niAC-oA, Mackey. 

6 iriAccitie, Wolfe. 

6 triA-oASAin, Madigan, Maddi- 

O niA-oAiT), Maddy. 

O niA-OAi-ohi, O inA-OAin,p'Mad- 
den. Madden. 


m,Aicin, Mackin, Macken. 

6 mAi-oin, O'Madden, Madden. 

mAille, O'Malley, O'Meally, 

O'Mealy, Malley, Meally, 

Mealley, Melly, Melia, etc. 
rriAincin, Manihin, Manihan, 

Manahan, Mannix. 
6 ITlAine, Many ; Meany. 
triAinriin, Mannin, Mannion, 

Manion, Manning, Mangin ; 

triAiiicin, Martin. 
O rriAnACAin, Monaghan, Mona- 

han, Manahan, etc. ; Monk, 

mAnACAiji, Monaher. 
C mAnA5Ain,Monegan ; Mangan. 
mAnAnnAin, Marrinan, Mur- 

nane, etc. 
C mATiAttAin.Mannering.Manron. 
rriAncAin, Monaghan, Mona- 

han, Manahan, Manghan ; 

mAnncArn, Montane, Mon- 

tang, Montangue, Mountain, 

Menton, Mintin. 
m ATI 65, Manogue ; Mannix. 
rriAoil Ao-oA, o rriAoil aoi-6, 

Millea, Mullee, Miley, Melay ; 

Malley; Mulloy, Molloy. 
triAoilteATinAcrA, Mulvaner- 

ty ; Blessing. 
rriAOil "beATioin, Mulvennon. 
rriAoil "beA^iAis, Mulberry. 
rriAoil "DtieAnAiTin, o triAoil 

t)tieAnAinn, O'Mulrennin, 

Muirenan, Mulrenin, Mulren- 

nan, Mulrennin, Mulreany, 

<3 rriAOil "Di^eAnn-OAiTi, Mul- 

6 triAOil t)t\i5-oe, Mulbreedy, 

Mulbride, Mullbride, Mill- 
bride, Mulready, Murready ; 

rriAOil Cei|te, Mulkerry, Mul- 

cair, Mulhare, Wilhere, Wil- 


mAoil CiAHAin, Mulkieran 
Mulkearn, Mulkern, Mul- 
kerrin, Mulheeran, Mulheran, 
Mulherrin, Mulherron, Mul- 
hern, Mulkearns, Mulkerns, 

mAOil-oeitig, Mulderg, Mul- 
derrig ; Reid ; Reddington ; 

6 triAoileACAin, Melican, Milli- 
can, Milliken, Millikin ; Mul- 
ligan ; Diamond, Diamon. 

6 niAOileAclAinn, MacLaugh- 
lin, MacLoughlin, etc. ; 
O'Loughlan, O'Loughlin, etc. 

6 triAOileASAin, Milligan, Milli- 
gen, Millican, Melican ; Mul- 

O mAOileAin, Moylan, Millane, 
Millan, Miland, Moylin, Mul- 
len, etc. 

6 TTlAoileATiAis, Mullany, Mul- 

6 rriAOil eA]ACA, Melarkey, Mul- 
larkey, Malarky. 

rriAOil GA^iriA, MacLarney. 

6 niAoilei-oij, Mulleady, Mel- 
ledy, Meleady, Meledy, 
Melody, Malady. 

O rjlAOil eniiin, Mullavin, Mal- 
lavin, M'Lavin. 

6 rriAOil eoni, O'Malone, 

6 niAoilvitm, Mullin, Mullins. 

O ITIAO1I 5cit*1C, 6 niAOll $11A1C, 

Mullerick, Millerick. 
rriAoilin, Moylan, Mulleen, 

Mullin. Millen, Millin, etc. 
6 ITlAOil lofA, Mellowes. 
6 mAOilirieA-DA, Mulvagh, Mul- 

O niAOil rilCAUA, Mulvany, Mul- 

vanny, Mulvenna, Mulvenny, 

C tnA0ilriiiAT)Ai5, Mulvey. 
6 rtiAoii tiiicil, o triAoil ttucil, 

Mulvihill, Melville, Mitchell, 

Michael, etc. 


C rriAoilniin, Mullveen, Mul- 
veen, Mulvin, Molvin, Melvin. 

TTiAoil -peA-OAiii, Mullpeters. 

tnAOil|AeATiA, Mulreany, 

<3 mAOilt^iAbAij, Mulreavy, Mil- 

o niAoii uiAjAin, o rrjAoii 
KiAin, Mulryan, Mulroyan, 
Mulrine, Mulrain, O'Ryan, 

rriAoil 6eAclAiTiti, MacLaugh- 
lin, MacLoughlin, etc ; 
O'Loughlan, O'Loughlin. 

O triAoil-pceije, Mustay, M'Stay, 

6 triAoil Sionog, Mulshinogue. 

O rriAolACAin, Molohan, Mallag- 
han ; Mulligan. 

rriAolAjAin, Mullagan, Mulli- 
gan, Mulgan ; Molyneux ; Bald- 
win, etc. 

O rriAolAin, O'Mullane, Mullane, 
Mulhane, Melane, Millane, 
Millan, Mullan, Mullen, Mullon 
Mollan, Moylan, Mullins, etc. 

mAolAinbte, Mullanphy, 


rriAoiAit, 6 iriAolAicce, 
mAolAitjein, Mullahy ; Mul- 
loy, Molloy. 

niAolAlAi-D, Mullally, Mul- 
laly, Mulally, Lally. 

rriAolAni^AiT), Mullanphy, 


6 rriAol An ttluAit), Molyneux. 

C iriAol AoT)A, O'Mealue ; 
O'Malley,; Mallew, Melay, 
Millea, Miley, Mullee ; Mulloy, 
Molloy ; Malley. 

triAol Ao-oos, Loague, Logue; 
Mulloy, Molloy. 

6 TTlAol AoiT), Mullee ; Mulloy. 

6 niAolAtAHCAij, Mulhartagh. 

6 triAoltbAin, Mulvane. 

O mAolbloJAin, Mullowne, 


C niAolcAifil, Mulcashel ; 

Mountcashel ; Cashel. 

mAolcAllAnn, Mulhallen, 

Mulhollan, Mulholn, Mulhol- 

land, Maholland, Holland, &c. 
rriAolcAOin, Mulkeen, Mul- 

queen, Mulquin. 
C triAol CAOine, Mulqueeny, 

6 triAol Cacaij, Mulcahy. 
6 rriAol C At All, Mulhall. 
6 mAOlclAOin, Mulkeen, Mu- 

iriAol tACAin, Mulhatton. 
6 mAolcltJice, Muckley ; Mul- 
cahy ; Stone. 
6 rtlAol Colni, 6 rriAol ColuiTn, 

Malcolm, Mulholm, Mulhol- 

lum, Maholm, Mahollum. 
6 triAolcomA-o, Mulumy, Mo- 

6 rriAol ConAi|te, Mulconry, 

Conry ; Conroy. 
O triAolc-tiAOibe, Mulcreevy, 

Mulgrievy, Mulgrave, Mul- 

grew, Mulgroo, Rice. 
O niAotciioin, Mulchrone, Mul- 

crone, Mulcroan, Mulcroon. 
O niAol C]\6^r^e, Mulcrowney. 
6 rriAol-oorhnAis, Muldowney, 

Muldooney, Downey, Daw- 

6 rriAol-oorhnAi^, Malowny, 

Molowny, Mullowney, Mol- 

lony, Moloney, Molony, etc. 
mAol-oo-ftAiX), Muldarry, Mul- 

derry, Meelderry. 
6 mAol-ovnb, Maliffe. 
6 iriAol-oviin, Muldoon, Muldon, 

6 mAol^^A^Ail Mulfaal, Mac 

Faal, MacFall, MacPaul, 

Paul, etc. 
6 triAolpAbAil, Mulavil, Mula- 

vill ; Melville ; Lawell, Lavelle. 
rriAol -pAccTiA, Mulloughney, 

Mologhney, Mollowney, Mol- 

lony, Moloney. 
6 rriAol ^aIai-o, Mullally, Mul- 

laly, Mulally, Lally. 


rriAol -pACAttcAis, Mulhartagh. 
rriAoipo^niAiti, mAoipos" 

TTiAiti, Milford ; Palmer. 
mAolJAOite, Mulgeehy ; Mac 

Gee, Magee ; Wynne. 
rriAolstJAlA, Mulooly, Mul- 

iriAolTriAJnA, Mulvany, Mul- 

TTlAol ttlAO-oog, Mullavogue ; 

Mulloy, Molloy. 
rriAol rhAt»cAiTi, Martin. 
6 mAoltiioc6i|t, O mAolrhoc- 

6i|\5e, triAoltiioiceiitje, 

Early, Earley, Eardley. 
iriAolmonA, Mulmona ; Moss. 
O mAolmuAix), Milmo, Milmoe. 
rriAolnitiATo, O'Molloy, Mol- 
loy, Mulloy, Meloy, etc. 
rriAol l1"lui|ie, MuUery, Mulry; 

Miles, Myles. 
mAol -pA-o^Ais, O'Mulpat- 

rick, (?) Fitzpatrick. 
iriAolntiAix), Mulroe, Mulroy, 

Mulry, Mulrow, Melroy, Mil- 

roy ; Munroe, Monroe. 
triAolnuAin, Mulroon, Mel- 

iriAoltAUAriATO, Mulrooney, 

Mulrony, Murroney, Moroo- 

ney, Moroney, etc. 
6 triAolctiile, Tully ; Flood. 
6 TTlAonAis, Meany, Meeny, 

Mooney, Moany, Money, etc. 
mAotiAin, Moonan, Moynan, 

TTlAonsAile, Munnelly, Mon- 

nelly, Monley, Manley. 
6 iriAotASAm, Meehegan, Me- 

hegan, Mehigan. 
TTlAocAin, Meehan. 
mA|iCACAin, Markahan, Mar- 

kan ; Markham, Marcum, &c ; 

mAticAij, Markey ; Ryder, 
6 tTiAjiAnnAin. O niAtiriAin, 

Marrinan, . Marinane, Marnane, 

Marnan, Mornan ; Warren. 

tnA|tcAiTi, Martin, Marten. 

6 rriAtJAiiinA, O'Mahony, 

Mahony, Mahon, Maughan ; 

O meACAiti, O'Meagher, Meag- 
her, Magher, Maher. 

6 meA-ot^A, O'Meara, O'Mara, 
Meara, Mara. 

meAllAij, Melly ; Malley. 

O meAllAiTi, O'Mellon, Mellan, 
Mellon, Mallan. Mallen ; Mul- 
len, etc. 

O meA|iA, O'Meara, O'Mara, 
Meara, Mara. 

tn eA^iAX) Ai 5, 6 meAtiAi-oe, 
Mariga, Maree, Marry, 


meAtiAin, Meran, Mearn, 
Marren, Marron. 

meAiA-OA, Mariga, Maree, 
Marry, Merry. 

6 meAttlAij, Marley. 

ITiei-oitt, Myres, Myers, Mey- 
ers, etc. 

6 meitAgin, Mergin, Merrigan. 

6 niei|tleACAin, Merlehan. 

6 meittnin, Mernin. 

meifcill, Meskell, Miskell, 
Mescall, Mescel ; Maxwell. 

6 miA-oACAin, O'Meehan, 

O'Meehon, Meeghan, Meig- 
han, Meghan, Myhane, My- 
han, Mehan, Meehan, etc. 

6 tniA-oAgAin, Meegan. 

6 miA-OAi^, Mee, Mea, May. 

O miAriAiTi, Meenan. 

6 rf^^c■c^\e, Wolfe. 

O mi-6i|i, Meere, Miers, Mears, 
Meares, Myers, etc. 

O mioriACAin, Minahane, Mina- 
han ; Moynihan ; Monahan, 

mi|t, Meere, Miers, Mears, 
Meares, Myers, etc. 

mitiin, Mireen. 

6 miti-oin, 6 ITJitin, O'Meehin, 
Meehin, Meehen, Meehan. 

mocAi-oein, MacKean. 


O niocAm, Moghan. Mohan, 

Moughan, Moohan, Moan, 

Moen, Mowen, Mahon, Moon, 

Maughan, Voghane, Vaugh- 

O iTiocoiiA, 6 mocoiitje, Early, 

E?.rley, Eardley. 
lilocrA, Moughty. 
O rrlojjiAin, O'Moran, Moran. 
■O ITioijiin, Moreen, Morin, 

Moren ; Moran. 
O rnoitiTDe, IMahedy, Mahady. 
O monjAbAir!, Mongavan, Mun- 

gavan, Mungavin. 
O inonjAij, Mongey, Mungay, 

O n"lor!j;Am, Mongan, Mangan, 

Mangin, Mongon ; Mannion ; 

Manning, etc. 
O n)6]\hrt, O'Moran, Moran. 
O moiA-oA, O'More, O'Moore, 

Morey, More, Moore. 
O moniit!AtiAn5, Mnrroney, 

Morooney, Moroney. 
O tnocAits Moher ; Moore. 
O motlA, 6 moclAig, Mohilly, 

O llVviA-OAij;, Moody. 
intiAHAin, Moonan. 
O rniij^i6in, O'Moran, Moran. 
O mtii^e, Moy. 
O mtiir;iii, Moher. 
O 1T!uiiiiTieACAiTi, Mynahan, 

Minahan, Moynihan, Moyna- 

han, Moynan, etc. ; Muns- 

O tlluniinij, Mcyney, Mooney. 
O mumeACAin, Menahan, Mene- 

han, Meenehan, Monahan, fire; 

O m\iine65, Manogue, Minogue, 

Minnock, Mannix. 
O muingeAin, Mingane, Meen- 

han, Meenin ; Mangan. 
O nit!i|AceA|tcAi5, Moriarty, Mur- 

tagh, Murtaugh. 
O mi5i|ieAf)Ai j, O mtn|ti-6e, 

Murry, Murray, Murrihy. 

O tlliiijioA^Ain, Murrigan, Mur- 
ricane, Merrigan, Maragan ; 

6 muinoAin, Murranc, Murran, 
Murrin, Murren, MoiTin ; 

6 niui|i5eAfA, Morissy, Morris- 
sey, Morrissy ; Morris ; Mor- 
rison, etc. 

O TTltniigeAfAin, Morrison, 

Briceson, Bryson ; Price. 

6 ini!)|i5;i-p, Morris, Morice, etc. 

O m\ii|iin, Mnrrin, Murren, Mor- 
rin ; Moran. 

O tlHiijAij^te, Murrihy, Murry, 

6 muiimeACAin, Murnaghan. 

iritii]Att5ile, Murhilla, Mur- 
ley ; Hurley. 

6 mtiiicAT)A, O'Muracha, O'Mur- 
phy , Murchoe, Murphy, Morphy 

O i u|icAin, Morahan, Morohan, 
Murchan, Morkan, Morkin, 
Murkin ; Morgan ; Morran, 
Morrin, Moran. 

6 r.VutASAil, Morell. 

O mvip5Aile, Morrolly, Marrilly, 
Morlcy, Marley. 

O mujiriAni, Murna,ne, Murnain, 
Murnan, Mornan ; Warren. 

6 muni-tiile, Murhilla, Murley, 
Morrolly, Morley ; Hurley. 

O riAAn, Nawn. 

6 tlAOToeATiAin, Nynane, Nee- 
nan, Neenin ; Nunan, Noonan. 

6 11a|ia-6ai^, Nary, Neary, Nery. 

tlACAn, Nawn. 

O tlGACCAiri, O'Naughton, Nagh- 
ten, Naghton, Naughtan, 
Naughten, Naughton, Nocton, 
Natton, etc. ; Norton. 

6 11eiT)e, V. O niAT). 

O neigiU, O'Nial, Nehill, Ni- 
hill, Nyhill. 

O neill, O'Neill, O'Neal, Neill, 
Neale, etc. 

O neorAllAi5, Nohally, Nohilly, 


6 tliAX), O'Knee, Nee, Knee ; 
Needham ; Neville. 

O ni 0-665, Newcombe. 

O niAllA5Aiii, Nelligan. 

O niAllAin, Nilan, Nelan, 
Neilan, Nealon, Neylan, 
Neylon, Nilon, Niland, Nei- 
land, Neyland, Neelan, Nee- 
land, Neelands, etc. 

O riiAtAin, Neehan, N5'-hane. 

O ntJA-oAii, Noone ; Noonan ; 

O tlAti-OAC, Noud, Nowd,Knowd. 

O ntiAllACAin, Nolan. 

6 rixiAllAin, O'Nowlan, O'Nolan. 
Nowlan, Nolan, Noland, &c. 

6 UtiAriAin, Noonane, Noonan, 
Nunan, Newnan ; Noone. 

O tKicAin, Newton. 

O pAiTDni, Payton. 

pe^ATAin, 6 piocAin, 6 
picGAin, Peton, Paton, Patten, 
Patton, Payton, Peyton. 

O pjieic, O'Pray, Pray, Prey. 

6 p|AiofAin, Price. 

6 Piioir\nci5o, Prunty, Brunty. 

TxAlJAiACAig, O'Rafterty, Raf- 
ferty, Raverty, Ravery. 

O RasaiII, O UasaiII. O'Rahill, 
Rahill, Reihill, Ryle, Ryall, 
Rail, Rail, Riall, Real, Reel, 

6 UA5A1II15, O RajaIIais, 
O'Reilly, O'Reilev, O'Rielly, 
O'Realley, Reilly, Rielly, 
Really, Realy, Reely, Riley, 

TIA5AIIA15, Reilly, Rawley, 
Rally ; Raleigh, Rawleigh. 

6 RAi^ill, O RAi?;ill, Reighill, 
Reihill, Rail, Rails, etc. 

RA151II, Reekie. 

6 RA151II15, O'Reilly, Reilly, 
Reily, etc. 

RA151II15, Rigley. 

6 RAijne, O RAijne, Ryney, 
Reyney, Reany, Rainey, 
Raney, etc. 

6 RAi5ne, Rigney. 

6 RAitfeeAjicA, Ravery. 

6 RAitucA]t€Aij;, O'Rafferty, 

Rafterty, Raverty, Ravery. 
O RAirile, O'Rahilly, Rahilly ; 

O'Reilly, Reilly. 
*0 RAitne, Raheny, Ranny. 
O RA05A1II, Real, Reel, Riall, 

RaojaHaij, O'Realley, 

Really, Realy, Reely, Reilly , etc. 
ReAli)ACAin, Roughan, Rohan, 

Rowan, etc. 
O ReACAit*, Raher. 

ReACCAt)Al|t, 6 ReACCAbAlf, 

Rafter, Wrafter, Raftiss. 
O ReACCAb^A, Raftery. 
6 ReACCAgAin, Raghtigan, 

Ractigan, Ratican, Ratigan, 

Rattigan, Rhategan, Rhati- 

gan, etc. 
6 ReAccAi^e, Raftery. 
C RBACcnin, Raghneen, Roch- 

neen, Roughneen ; Rochford. 
6 ReAX)A, Ready, Readdy, 

O ReA5Ain, O'Regan, Regan. 
O ReATiriACAiTi, O'R e n a h a n, 

Ranaghan, Reneghan, Reni- 

han, Rinaghan, Rinahan, 

Rinihan, Ranahan, Renahan, 

Renehan, Ronaghan ; Ferns, 

Perrons, etc. 
O RenDjii, Rodgers, Rogers. 
6 Reisill, O'Reilly, Reilly, 

Ryle, etc. 
6 Reisin, O'Regan, Regan. 
RiAbAij, Reavey, R a v y , 

Reigh, Rea, Ray. 
RiA-OA, Reidy, Ready, Readdy. 
6 RiAjAin, O'Regan, Regan. 
O RiAin, O'Ryan, Ryan. 
6 RinieAT)A, Reeves. 
O Rinn, Rinn, Rynn, Ring, 

Reen, Wrynn, Wren, Wrenn. 

O Rl05bA|\T)Am, O Ri0|\T>A1T1, 

O'Riordan, Riordan, Reardan, 
Reardon, etc. 


6 TlobACAin, Roughan, Roohan, 
Ruhan, Rohan, Rowan. 

TloV)A|tt;Ai5, Roarty. 

Ro-oACAin, Rodaughan, Rudi- 
han, Rudican, Redahan, 
Redehan ; Redington, Red- 

O Ro-OAis, Roddy, Ruddy, 
Reddy, etc. 

TloT)AiTi, Rodan, Roden, 
Rodin, Rodden, Rudden, 
Ruddon, Reddan, Reddin. 

noJAllAij, Rowley, Rawley ; 

6 Roi-oeACAin, Redahan, Rede- 
han ; Redington, etc. 

(3 RoiT)i5, Reddy. 

RoileACAin, Relehan, Relihan 

RoitleAin, Roland, Rowland; 

Ron Am, Ronane, Ronayne, 

Rof riA, Rossney. 

RotlAin, Roland, Rowland ; 

RtJA-OACAin Roughan, Roo- 
han, Rohan, Rowan ; Rogan. 

6 RtiA-oAgAin, Rogan. 

R«AX)Ain, Ruane, Rouane, 
Roane, Ruan, Roan, Roon, 
Rowan, Rewan, Royan ; 

RuAT)|iAic, Roragh, Rorke, 
Rourke, etc. 

RuAi-6, Rowe, Roe ; Ormond. 

RuAi-oin, Rouine, Rowen, 
Royan ; Ruane ; O'Ryan, 

6 RtiAiT)ni, Rory ; Rogers, 

O Rt)Ait*c, O'Rourke, O'Roarke, 
O' Rorke, Rourke, Roarke, 
Rorke, etc. 

RUAtlA-OA, 6 RtJAtlAlX), ROO- 

noo, Rowney, Rooney, Roney, 
O RtiAr»Ai-6in, Runian, Ruineen, 
Rooneen ; Rooney. 

6 RviAr»AT)Ain, RwATiAiti, Roy- 

nane, Roonane, R o o n a n , 

Ronane, Ronan. 
6 Rtj-ogufA, (?) Roughasy. 
Ruibin, Ribbon. 
6 Ruif, Rush. 
6 SAtAin, Savin ; Savage. 
SAriijiAiT), Summers, Som- 

mers, Somers. 
6 SAotiAi-6e, 6 SAO|\tAi5, O 

SAottiAi-oe, Seerey, Seery ; 

Freeman ; Earner. 
Cfbt3|i, Osborne. 
6 ScAlAise, Scally, Skally, 

ScATiriAil, O'Scannell, Scan- 

6 ScATinlAin, Scanlan, Scanlon, 

Scandlon, etc. 
SCAt5Ail, Scahill, Skahill, 

6 SceACAin, Skehan, Skeahan, 

6 SceAllAin, Scallan, Scullane, 

Scinsin, Skinnion ; Delahide, 

6 Scoi-peA-6, Scurry. 
<3 ScolAi-oe, 6 ScolAije, Scully. 
ScollAin, Scullane, Scullion, 

Skoolin ; Scally, Skally ; 

Scuijie, 6 Scui^tix), Sc^^f■|1A, 

6 SeAcriAif , Shaughness, 

Shaughnessy, etc. 
6 SeAcriAfAij, O'Shaughnessy, 

O'Shoughnessy, O'Shannessy, 

O'Shanesy, Shaughnessy, * 

Shannessy, etc. 
SeA-DACAin, O'Sheahan, Shea- 

han, Shahan, Shean, Shane, 

SeAS-OA, O'Shea, O'Shee, 

Shea, Shee. 
SBAlbAij, Shalvey, Shallow, 

Shalloe, Shally, Shelloe, Shel- 

lew.Shelly, Shealy, Sheily, etc. 


6 SeATiACAin, Shanaghan, 

Shanahan, Shanihan, Shanan, 

Shannon, etc. 
*0 SeATiACAiti, Shanagher. 
SeAriAij, Shannagh, Shanny. 
C SeAtiAin, O'Shannon, Shanan, 

Shanon, Shannon. 
SeATiCAin, Shanahan, etc. 
SeAjAbAin, Sharvin, Sherwin. 
O SeA^CAij, Sharkey. 
C SeA^coiX), Sharket, Sharkett. 
O SeA-ptAAij, Sharry, Sherry. 
O SeAfriAin, Shasnan ; Sexton. 
O SeAfrA, Cheasty. 
O Seit)leAin, 6 Seiblin, Shev- 

hn, Shovhn, ShoveUn. 
Seijin, Shine. 
SeitieAX)Ain, Sheridan, Sher- 

ridan, etc. 
O SeiceACAin, Hyde. 
6 SiA-OAil, 6 SiAJAil, O'Shiel, 

Shiel, Sheil, Shiels, Sheils, 

Shields, Sheilds, Shiells, 

Shiles, Sheals, etc. 
O SibleAin, 6 SibliAin, ShevHn, 

O Sfx)eACAiTi, O'Sheehan, Shee- 

han, Sheahan, etc. 
SiTTOile, Singleton. 


Shughrue, Shegrue, Sugrue, 
Segrue, Sugrew. 

Sio-OA, Sheedy ; Silk. 

SiQ-OACAiTi, O'Sheehan, 
O'Sheahan, Sheehan, Shea- 
han, Sheean, Sheen, Shean, 

SiojtiA-oA, 6 Sio5|tAiT), Seer- 
ey, Seery. 

SioriACAin, Shinnahan ; Fox. 

6 SiOTiAtj, Shinny, Shunny, 
Shinnick, Shinwick ; Fox, &c. 

SiOTiAin, Shinnan, Sheenan, 

Siorrouile, Singleton. 

SiotiriAij, Shunny, Shinagh, 
Shinnick, Shinnock, Shin- 
wick ; Fox. 

Sio-pAX)Ain, Shirdan, Shurdan, 
Sheridan, etc. 

6 SiOTiAin, Sheeran. 

SiofTiAin, Sexton. 

SiofcA, Cheasty. 

O SiotcAin, V. SiOT)ACAin. 

Sini-OBAin, Sheridan, Sherri- 
dan, etc. 

Sit-in, Sherin, Sheeren, Shir- 
ran, Sheeran. 

Sicij, Sheehy. 

O SlACAittiA, 6 SlActtA, Slattery. 

Sleilaiti, Slevin, Sleavin, 
Sleevin, Slevan, Slavin, (?) 

O SltlA^A-OAlj, 6 SlxiA5A1T)e, 

Slowey, Sloey, Sloy ; Molloy, 

O SltIA5A-6A1T1, 6 SlUA5A1X)1Tl, 

O SlviAJAin, O SluAi5in, 
Sloane, Sloan, Slown, Slone, 
Sloyan, Sloyne. 

O SmeAlAin, O SmolAin, Smal- 
len, Smollan, Smollen, Smul- 

O SniA-OAis, Snee. 

SoclACAin, Soghlahan. 

O S0CIA15, Soughly, Suckley. 

O SomACAin, O'Summahan, 

O'Summachan, Somahan, 

Sumahean, etc. ; Sommers, 
Summers, Somers ; Summerly; 
Somerville, Summerville, &c. 

6 So|tACAin, Soraghan, Sorog- 
han, Sorahan, Soran. 

6 SpeAlAin, Spellane, Spillane, 
SpoUane, Spollan, Spalane, 
Splaine, Smallen, Smollan, 
Smullen ; Spelman, Spellman, 

O SpeAl5«fA, SpiljeAfA, 
Spelessy, Spellissy, Spillessy, 

O SpiolAin, SpolAin, Spil- 
lane, Spollane, Spollan, etc. 

SttAiteAin, Strachan, Strag- 
han, Strahan, Strain, etc. 

*0 S|tiAHAin, Sreenan. 


■O StAuiteAin, 6 SittiCAin, Shry- 
hane, Sruffaun, Strohane, 
Strachan, Straghan, Strahan, 
Strain ; By water ; Ryan. 

O SceA-pAin, Stephens. 

Scoipin, Storan. 

O StiAi-p-o, 6 StiAiyvT:, Sword, 
Seward, Swords. 

O Stiilane, O'Sevnagh, Sweeny, 

O StiilcAlDAin, O' Sullivan, Sulli- 
van, Sullevan, etc. 

O SiJileACAin, Sullahan, Stiile- 
han ; Sullivan. 

6 Stulij, Sewell, Suel, etc. 

O StiilleA^Ain, O'Sullivan, Sul- 
livan, Sullevan, etc. 

O CA-D^Ain, Tag an, Teigan, 
Teegan, Teg an. 

O CAiclij, Tally, Tully, Tilly. 

O Uait)5, Teige, Teigue, Tague, 
Teague, Tigue, Tighe, Tyghe, 
Tye, Tee. 

O CaiIcij, Talty, Taulty. 

6 T^Aitlij, Tally, Tully, Tilly. 

O CAlcAiti, Toler. 

O UAlcAtiAin, Tolleran. 

O CAriAi-oin, Tannian, Tannion, 

O CAiiAin, Toran, Torran, Thorn, 
Tarrant, Torrans, Torrance, 
Torrens, Torrins, Torrance, 
Torrence ; Thornton. 

O CAjtpA, O CAIipAIT), O CA]V 

PA15, Tarpey, Torpy. 
CAiAfnAin, Tarsnane. 
O CeACAin, Teaghan, Teahan, 

Teehan, Tehane, Tehan. 
6 UcAnsAriA, Tangney, Tagney. 
C CeitriiTi, Tyne, Tynne. 
6 CenhneAin, Tynan, Tinan, 

Tynnan, Tivnane, Tivnan, 

Tevnane, Tevnan, (?) Tivane, 

O Ueirhnin, Tinin, Tinan, Tynan 
UeiteACAin, Teaghan, Teahan, 

CijeAtiriAis, O'Tierney, Tier- 

ney, Terney ; Tiernan ; Lord, 

6 CigeAjtriAin, Tiernan, Ternan ; 

Ciob|tAix)e, Tubridy, Tubrit. 
6 CiorriAin, Timmin, Timmins, 

Timmons, Tymmons, Tym- 

6 CiotTiAnAis, Timony, Tym- 

O CntirAil, O CnucsAil, Newell, 

Newill, Newells, Knowels, 

Coj-OA, Towey, Tuffy. 
O CoiiniTi, Timmin, Timmins, 

Timmons, etc. 
O Col Am, Tolin. 
6 CorriAiii, Toman, Tumman, 

Tummon, etc. 
6 CorriAif, Thomas. 
O CorriAlrAij, Tomilty, Tumel- 

ty, Tumilty, Tumblety, etc. 
6 CorhriAin, Toner. 
6 CorhnjiA, Tonra, Tonry. 
CoTri|\Aiii, Toner, Tonra, Tonry. 
O ConnAi5, Tunny. 
O CotAAin, Toran, Torran, 

Thoran, Thorn, Tarrant, 

Torrans, Torrens, Torrins, 

Torrence ; Thornton. 
6 CotiniAT)A, O Co|tmAi5, Tor- 

mey, Tarmey. 
6 Coi^tiA, Torney, Turney. 
6 CojApA, O Uo^pAij, Torpy. 
O C^Aisti^, Trahey, Trehy, 

C|teAli)Ai|t, Trevor, Trower, 

Trevors ; Travors, Travers. 
O UjieArhAin, Troy. 
O CtieAfAig, Trassy, Tressy, 

Tracy, Tracey, Treacy. 
O U-tieox)Ain, Trodden, Troddyn. 
O €11015^15, Trehy ; Troy ; 

O CtiAic, Toy, Toye. 
6 CtiAltAin, Toulhan. 
O CtiAmA, O'Twomey, O'Too- 

mey, Twomey, Toomey, 

Twoomey, Tuomy, Twomey. 


O CtiAniAin, Tooman, Tumman, 

Tummon, Toman, (?) Turn- 
pane, (?) Toompane. 
O UtiA|itiif, O CuAittiifc, Turish, 

Toorish, Tourisk ; (?) Tidins ; 

Waters, Walters. 
O CuACAis, Twohy, Twoohy, 

Tuohy, Touhy, Toohy, Tuhy, 

Tooey, Towey. 
O CtiAtAi5, Tuohig, Twohig, 

Touhig, Towhig, Toohig, &c. 
6 CtiAUAis, Tutty. 
O UtiACAil, O' Toole, Toughill, 

Tuohill, Twohill, Toohill, 

Tohall, Tohill, Towell, Toole, 

Toal, Toale, etc. 
O C-UACAil, Tu thill, Tothill, 

Tuttell, Tuttle, etc. 
O CtiAtAlAiii, Toulhan, Toolan, 

Toland, Tolan, Tolin, Toolis, 

O CtiAtcAiii, Tougher, Taugher, 

Togher, Tooher, Toher, Tooker, 


O CUAtJAll, V. O CUACAll. 

6 CviAcJAile, (?) Tooley. 
O Cuile, TuUy ; Flood. 
6 Utiimlin, Timjin, Timblin. 
O Ctiine, O'Thina, Tunny, Tun- 
ney; Flood. 

Pat)hai5, Patrick. 

pAgAn, Paine, Payne, Poyne, 
Pyne, etc. 

pA5An, Fyans, Foynes. 

pAi-oin, Padin, Paden, Padden, 
Pattin, Patten, Patton, etc. 

pAilif, Palles, Pallas. 

pAinin, Panneen, Fannin, Fan- 
ning, etc. 

pAi]icein, Parker. 

pAiriA]!, Palmer. 

PaoI, Powell. 

pAOji, Poer, Power. 

Pa|ica|i, Parker. 

pAiiriAil, Parnell. 

pAciin, Paton, Patton, Patten. 

peAcoc, peAcos, Peacock, Pea- 

peA5vim, Pegum. 
IDBAiiineil, Parnell. 
peA|AAil, Parill, Parle. 
peAjioiT), Parrott, Perrott. 
peiriT), pel CI -6, Petit, Petite, 

Pettitt, Petty ; Little. 
piA|tAf, Pierce, Pierse, Pearse, 

piA|^6iT), Perrott. 
pic, Pike, Pyke. 
pilin, Pilhn, Pillon. 
piobAijie, piobAji, piobA]AC, 

Piper, Pyper, Pipper, Pepper, 

piocoi-o, P10561X), Pickett, 

Pigott, Piggott. 
piombiioc, Pembroke. 
pioTi-OA|i, Pindar, Pinder, Pen- 
der, etc. 

PlOn-OAjASAf, piOTTOA115|tAf, 

Pendergast, Pindergast, Pren- 

dergast, etc. 
piojioiT), Perrott. 
piocvin, Fitton, Fetton. 
pieAtnoTiTi, pleimeAtin, Fle- 

mon, Fleming, etc. 
ploin5ceiT), pltjinceix), 

pitnngceiT), Plunket, Plun- 

poll, Powell, Powel. 
p6ilei-o, Paulett, Powlett, Pol- 

p 61 tin, Polin, Pollen, Poland. 
p6\\\x:e\]\, Porter, 
poipcinseil, Portabello. 
polAUT), Pollard, 
poloc, Pollock, Pollick, etc. 
ponnf, Pointz, Punch, 
pojicuil, Purtell, Purtill, Purtle. 
p6]iciip, Porter. 
pocA|i, Potter. 
ppAiJGAf, Price. 
PticAfcun, Preston. 
Plu'oT)Ail, Pryall, Priall, Priel, 

PltionnfA, puionnfAC, French. 


'PHiofci^n, Preston, 

P|iif, Pryse, Price, etc. 

P|ioinTitiol, Prendeville, Prin- 
deville, etc. ; Bransfield. 

P|t6infdif, Francey, Francis. 

P|txiifeil, Purcell. 

p^AiJc, Prout, Proud. 

pviT)A|tlAi5, Powderly. 

jOtJinfe, Punch. 

ptn^feil, Purcell, Purcill, Pur- 

■RA-otilb, Rafe, Ralph. 

TlAgAT), RAJ;Ar, Raggett. 

■Raj Air, Wright. 

•RA^riAll, Randall, Randell, 
Reynalds, Reynolds, Renolds, 
Ranolds, Rannals, etc. 

RAsnAyi-o, Raynard, Reynard, 
Renard, Rynard, etc. 

UA5T161X), Reynolds, etc. 

RA1I615, Rawleigh, Raleigh, 
Rawley, etc. 

UAincin, Rankin, Renkin, Ren- 

RAifC|iic, Restrick. 

RaIaij;, Raleigh, Rawleigh, 

RAmfAij, Ramsay, Ramsey. 

RAtiTDAl, Randell, Randall. 

ReAmoiin, Raymond, Redmond, 

R-ei-o, Read, Reade, Reede, 
Reid, etc. 

RiAbAC, Reagh, Reigh, Rea. 

RiAp, Rafe, Ralph. 

Ri-obaI, Riddell, Riddle. 

RiobAtiT), Robert, Roberts. 

RiocAfix), RiocA|fo, Rickard. 

RiotdaI, Ruddell, Ruddle. 

■Rif, Rice, Royce. 

Robvifcxin, Robxjfun, Robert- 
son, Robinson. 

Ro-olAnn, Rowland. 

Rox)nionn, Rodmont, Rod- 
mund ; Redmon, Redmont. 

Ro-oulb, Rolfe, Rolph. 

tiorbeAl, Reville. 

RoibeAti-o, Robert, Roberts. 
RoifccAC, Rostig, Roche, 

Rof, Rose. 
RofAC, Ross. 
RofAiceA|i, Rossiter, etc. 
RofCAtAX), Rochford. 
Rofcijn, Rochford. 
RtiAT), Rowe, Roe. 
Rticfcon, Ruckston, Ruxton. 
Rinfeil, Russell. 
Rtiitleif, Rviitlif, Rutledge, 

Ruthledge, Routhledge, etc. 
Rtic, Ruth, Routh, Roth,Rothe. 

SAbAifce, Savage. 
SAbAoif, -SAbAoif, Savage. 
SA5Af, Size, Seix, Sex. 
SAileAfrAji, St. Ledger, Ledger, 

Lister, Lyster, etc. 
SAiligei]!, SAilineitt, SAilingein, 

Sallinger, Sellinger, St. Leger, 

Ledger, etc. 
SAinfeil, Sarsrield. 
SAipseATic, Sergeant, Sargeant, 

Sargent, etc. 
SAi^Afeil, Sarseil, SarsSeld. 
SAifeil, Sausheil, Sarsfield. 
SaI, Sail, Saul. 
SAmfun, Samson, Sampson. 
SAn-OAitt, SAn-OAji, Sanders, 

SattoaI, Sandall, Sandell. 
SAobAl, Sev/ell, Suel, etc. 
SAobA|fo, Seaward, Seward. 
SAOgAji, Sayer, Sear, Sayers, 

SAOtnAft, Semore, Seymore, Se- 

mour, Seymour, etc. 
SAorhA|i, Seaver. 
ScAmcijn, SceAimicin, Scama- 

ton, Scampton. 
ScBA-pAc, Skerrett. 
SceirheAlciJn, Skivington, Skef- 

fington, Skiffington, etc. 
Sci-Qij, Skiddy. 
Scillin5, Scillmn, SkiUing, 



Scinein, Skinner. 

Scit^ei-o, Skerrett. 

Scoptil, Scuf&l, Scholefield, &c. 

ScolAyv-o, Scolard, ScoUard. 

SC011I65, Scurlock, Shirlock, 
Shearlock, Sherlock. 

Scoc, Scott. 

Sx)onx>un, S-oonn-ovin, Sdundon, 

Sbac, Jack, Jacke ; Jackman. 

SeA-OAC, Sbasac, Shaw. 

SeApiiAiT), Jaffrey, Jeffrey, etc. 

SeAmbAti, SeAmbAjif, SeAtn- 
bt^AC, Chambers, Chamber- 

SeAm|t65, Shamrock ; Ham- 

SeATTitif, James. 

SeAt^log, Shearlock, Sherlock. 

SeAftltif, Charles. 

SeAiimAti, Sharman, Sherman, 

SeAt*cAin, Shorten. 

SbajicaI, Shortall. 

Seinicin, Jenkin, Jenkins, Jin- 
kins, etc. 

Seoj, SeoJAC, Joy, Joyce. 

SeoJAf, Joyce. 

Se6i5, Shoye, Joie, Joy, Joyce. 

SeoigeAC, SeoigeAC, Joy, Joyce. 

seoitife, George. 

Seonf, Jones. 

Seo|\cuf, Shortis, Shortice. 

SeofAC, Joyce. 

SiACUf, Jacques. 

SibcA^, Chivers, Chevers, Chee- 

Si sin, Siggin, Siggins. 

Simicin, Simkin, Smipkin, Sim- 
kins, Simpkins. 

Sinclei|i, Sinclair, etc. 

Sinicin, Shinkwin, 

Siomcoc, Sionicos, Simcox. 

SionriAC, Shinnagh, Shinnock, 
etc. ; Fox, Foxe. 

Sionoi-o, Sinott, Synott, Sin- 
nott, Synnott. 

Sionviiii, Shinnor, Shinnors ; 
Sinnott, Synnott, etc. 

SifBAl, Chisel, Chissell, Chis- 

Sic^MC, San try. 
Suiineiti, Joyner. 
S1UIC, Chute. 

Siiiii-OAn, Siij|tcAn, Jurdan, Jor- 
dan, etc. 
Sloctnn, Slocum, Slocum, Slo- 

SmeA|\c, Smart, Smartt. 
Smi-oic, Smithwick. 
Smi-oij, Smi-oije, Smiddy 

Smifc, SmifceAC, Smeeth 

Smiddy ; Smithwick. 
.Soiniui|i, Shinnor, Shinnors 

Sinnott, Sj^nnott, etc. 
Soijiceil, Shorthall, Shortall, 

Shorten, Shortle, Surtill. 
SpAineAC, Spain. 
Spei|iin5, Spearing, Spearin. 
Spt^Ac, Spratt. 
ScAC, Stack. 
SrApo]iT:, Stafford. 
ScAncAiiT», ScAnpAiiT), Stancard, 

ScAt^CAiT), Starkie, Starkey. 
Scibin, Steven, Steen, Steene, 

Stevens, Stephens. 
SciobAjiT), SciobA|tc, SciubA^c, 

Steward, Stewart, Stuart. 
Scoc, Stokes, Stoakes. 
Scoibin, Stubbin, Stubbins. 
Scon-oun, Scotimaun, ScunT)iin, 

Staunton, Stundon, Sdundon. 
ScuT)A|tc, Studdert. 
SctiAirife, L'Estrange, Strange. 
Sc^iAoic, SciiAOicf, Stritch. 
SC110T15, Sc|Aonn5, Strong, 

Stronge, Strange. 
SuAn, Swaine, Swayne, Swan, 

SuAcmAn, Sweetman. 
Sinlinsein, Sellinger, St. Ledger, 

SuingeAii, Singen, Singin, St. 

Suipeil, Suppell, Supple. 


SiJifre, Suche, Zouche. 
Swicfeitt, Switzer. 
SucAf, Soutar, Souter, Sutter, 
Sutor, etc. 

CAillivuft, Taylour, Taylor, etc. 

CaIatit:, Tallant, Tallent. 

CAlboiT), Talbot. 

UAlun, Tallon. 

CAnncAiiT), Tankard, Tancard. 

'CAnm]\, Tanner. 

CAOiling, Teeling. 

Caiiatic, Tarrant. 

Cau, Taff, Taafie. 

Cinclei|t, Tinckler, Tinkler. 

CijAiAl, Tyrrell. 

Cui, Tew. 

Civiir, Tuite. 

Coc, Toke, Tooke, Tuke. 

Coibin, Tobyn, Tobin. 

Coimicin, Tomkin, Tomkins. 

Coimin, Timmin, Timmins, 
Timmons, etc. 

CoitiTO, Terry. 

Com, Thorn. 

ComAf, Thomas. 

CoiiAnrA, Tarrant ; Thornton. 

Conboi-o, Turbett, Turbit. 

Co^noi-p, Turnour, Turnor, Tur- 

Cotintiil, Thornhill. 

Cot^fCAn, Tristan, Tristram. 

Ut^AibeAttf, Travers, Travors, 

Ct^eAnlATTiAC, Armstrong. 

C|AeAnnc, CiieAnr, Trant. 

Ciieo, Troy. 

lZ\y^A.l, Tyrrell. 

C-pinnfe, Cttinfe; Trench. 

CttiiJ, Trew. 
C|iii4mAn, Trueman. 
CiJinlei5, Townley. 
'Cvt\\\^■6, Terry. 
Ct:iiix)A|A, Thunder. 
CvirjluiT), Townley, 
CtijiAOin, Torran, Torrans, Tor- 
rens ; Torry, Terry, etc. 

tlA and its compounds, v. o. 

tlACAti, Vaughan. 

VlAT)A, Wade, Waide. 

Uat)16c, tlAX)l65, Woodlock. 

ClgAn, Ougan, Oogan, Ogan, 
Wogan, Vogan. 

ttAi-oin, Wadden, Wadding. 

tlAifleit;, Wesley, Wellesley. 

llAitne, Green. 

tlAlx)|AAn, Waldron. 

llAfOun, tlAfcun, Weston. 

tlicfceiT), Wixted. 

Ui-oeAf, Wise, Wyse. 

tlilir, Willis, Wills. 

VJileAtnoiT), Uilmic, Wilmot, 
Wilmott, Willmit, etc. 

tlinsil. Winkle, Windle, Wing- 

tlingfeil, Wingfield. 

tlinr)feAX)iJn, Nugent. 

UinfeAnn, Vincent. 

tlifeifi, Ussher, Usher. 

tlli^, Wolfe. Woulfe. 

UlrAc, Ultagh ; Dunleavy, Dun- 

UlcACAn, Dunleavy, Dunlevy. 

UnpitAiT), Humfrey, Umphre5^ 
Humphries, etc. 

tlpcun, Upton. 



Woulfe, P« - Irish names and surnames 


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